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[Kisoondo] Strawberry Gochujang Paste
LESLIE K. (Olympia, WA)

Delicious, depth of flavor. we use it on everything, including broiled salmon This is a clean healthy product which we love.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

These are great for eating out. No more single use chopsticks and spoons. I've been throwing them in my purse wrapped in a cotton napkin, and they've held up great.

Such a treat to use.

I have used these everyday since I
got them a few weeks ago because they're not only smooth, light, balanced, warm, and beautiful but easy to clean. Sometimes I feel like metal chopsticks cut into my hands, and of course metal spoons get hot. Not a problem with these.

Great fermentation container!

We ordered two- one for kimchi and the other for sauerkraut, both are in use now are there no bad smells in the fridge We're also noticing that kimchi stays crisp longer thanks to the air valve. Would definitely recommend them!


I’ll admit, I was skeptical. But I trusted my gut and purchased this set.

Every single bite is so perfect. The spoon is so intuitive, it feels like an extension of your arm.

This is the kind of utensil that improves the meal it’s used to eat.

Highly recommend

I tried it out on a whim...

I was looking for something to drink as a meal replacement, or just something to supplement my diet. I saw a video on this product, and on a whim, thought I would give it a try. I was skeptical when I read that the Original tastes similar to Cheerios and the Black version tastes similar to Peanut Butter, but I can confirm that these statements are very true. I must say that these products (added with milk) is very tasty meal replacement and I will definitely being drinking this in the future. I recommend these items for a delicious alternative
for meal replacements.

Grown an getting sexy back

I did these pills an in the first 30 days lost 12 pounds an got energy level up. When taken as directed snacking an sugar no longer exist. These cut your appetite way back an because u see results u want to keep goin. All it takes is to order an go for what u know!!!

[Gaeul Hyanggi] Organic Doenjang (500g)
Yunmi K. (Cincinnati, OH)
The only organic doenjang in a glass jar!

This is the only organic doenjang in a glass jar that I can find. It was worth the extra money to ship it straight from Korea. I feel better about knowing this doenjang does not have added chemicals and preservatives. It does a stronger musty taste compared to store bought, but I’ll take it over chemicals!

Awesome Product and Quick Delivery

We absolutely love it. It is more expensive than we would like, but we still pay up for this product that is made, packaged and delivered with care, skill and authenticity.

BB Collagen

I am new with Korea's BB Collagen since I've been using different collagen before and I'm seeing now the result is more faster than the x brand that I'm using before. It also helps me regulate my sleep since I'm working at night. In addition, the taste of the powder is strawberry with a little bit of sour taste which is good since I love sour food. Thank you BB collagen you're a life saver!

Wedding Ducks

I highly recommend this company for your Korean culture needs.
Easy online ordering, easy payment options. My order of Wedding Ducks were very prompt, with emails tell me of there progress. I couldn’t believe how great of service they have.

excellent design

I finally have my very own ttukbaegi pot! I love the small size and beautiful finish. Perfect for single person.


All thanks to Kisoondo for this highly addictive gochujang. I have to hide it from my brother in law who puts it on and in literally everything! Delicious!

aroma therapy

Yangpyeong Sanghwe sesame oil has an intoxicating aroma and exceptional flavor. Why use grocery store sesame oil when you can enjoy a treasure like this? Absolutely lovely!

[Kisoondo] Traditional Gochujang Paste
Crystal E. (McMinnville, OR)
Frequently Used Favorite

When we first started using gochujang we purchased from a local grocery store (US) and didn't pay any attention to the fact it was made in China. When we read, and started making recipes from, Joanne Lee Molinaro's book Korean Vegan, did we learn about the Korean made gochujang and her preference for it. So we bought it and WOW what a difference. It was a game changer for sure. The flavor profile is much more complex, earthy, and flavorsome. We found the Kisoondo gochujang on Amazon but they have been out so I ordered direct from Gochujar. Order processing was fast and the note that came with it from Daniel and team was the best part and made my day (I kept the note). I can't say enough things about Kisoondo quality and Korean gochujang overall - the best! We make a gochujang marinade on repeat for gochujang tofu with pan fried green onions, nuts, and rice - it's my Happy Meal.

So happy!

When my sister and I visited Korea, this matcha was one of the best we tried! She definitely regretted not buying some to bring back to the States. I was so happy that I found it here to order! The shipping was super fast and I loved that the note was handwritten (I bought as a birthday gift for my sister). Definitely will order again!

Compact, high-quality lunch containers

Compact, high-quality lunch containers in neat carrying case. I am so glad I got the larger size which since they are quite small, but with the portion size control, I've already lost several pounds!

This is the best thing I have EVER Had

Ok hyperbolic, but, its a cold rainy day here in August! I said hey ley try thay soybean latte, it was amazing. Smooth creamy slight sweet ate it with a few Japnese snacks.

Really brilliant for all decor types, uses. Love the aesthetic and ability to stack/store. My only complaints are one item broke after falling lightly about 2" off my drying rack & if you wash in the dishwasher you must pre-wash all items off (the only reason they don't get a perfect review!).

Gochujar's service was exceptional - I wish there were an option to leave separate reviews. Service would be 5/5 without a doubt.
Pros: beautiful... doubles as serving dishes & goes well with other Modori items (or neutral enough to go with any decor), space-saving, the handle great - so common sense and functional, materials (non-toxic)

- I could not get the frying pan to work well for the life of me. Anything that I put in stuck to the pan. Daniel was really great and quickly offered + shipped me a replacement. Same issue. I took to other homes with different heating (gas/induction/electric) really hoping I was doing something wrong & tested at all different temps... the oil always pooled in one side of the pans and kept not only sticking but burning. Even the replacement upon first use had this issues and had an egg stick.
- non of the items were truly non-stick and took more oil than I would have liked for ceramic/non-stick advertised products
- life of the product: I believe the manufacturer recommends to replace after 1 year which is probably accurate based on use and wear

More preference-based:
-(not an issue if you use only wood cooking utensils) any metal utensil will scrape the cookware
- (not an issue if you hand wash) listed as being able to use in the dishwasher, I did. Anything you do not pre-wash off the items will still be there after cleaning in the dishwasher
- wish the lids were dishwasher safe!

Again, Daniel and crew were super fast to reply to my concerns and offered help quickly.

New life comin

The customer service was top if the chart from the start. This product has given me my self esteem back an my will to succeed with my health is back on track after times of failing to make a difference

The product seems to have given me strength to recover.

I think 6-year-old red ginseng is good for you. The price is very high and prevents repeated use. $1.50 is not enough to encourage repurchases.

[CKD] Lacto-Fit ProBiotics GOLD
G. Y. (New York, NY)

I ordered this product (2) because I had tried it in the past from a friend & I felt it helped with my bloating & bowel movements. It was very difficult to find in any stores in the New York City area, including the Korean grocery stores. The taste is similar to pixie sticks from my childhood. It took several weeks to arrive which was not a problem. The only issue I have with the product was my error…When I first tried this product & had one packet left, it was the Lacto-Fit 5X!!! I didn’t notice the 5X (which is an upgrade) until after I received the new order. I didn’t see an option for 5X. I will continue to use the 2 containers I purchased & in the future look for the 5X upgraded version.

Ginseng Hard Candy

Taste pretty good. Would recommend.

Perfect for commuting college student!

The lunchbox arrived in perfect condition and was carefully packed. Even came with a lovely note from the staff! I bought this one instead of the bigger square lunchbox since I need to moderate my meals. I love that the lunchbox comes in an insulated bag. I managed to put both my lunch and commuting snacks in the boxes and I love that the closure is a snap lid. It feels so much more secure than the usual bento box, plus I don't have to worry about spilling if I bring a saucy dish. A+!