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Great pot!

Use mine all the time. Size is smaller than expected but still wonderful to use.


The lid fits perfectly with the 22 cm Sodam Cooking Pot that was part of the Sodam Cookware Set. As usual, shipping was quick, and the lid looks gorgeous just like the rest of the Sodam Cookware Set. Merry Christmas everyone.

Beautiful set

I鈥檝e been eyeing this set for awhile now and am so glad I purchased through Gochujar. Shipping was faster than expected and items were packaged very well. I鈥檝e only made one dish with the pot so far and it was great! Highly recommended!

[Modori] Korean Sodam Pot Lid (22cm)
Vickie S. (Chantilly, VA)
Perfect lid for that 22 cm for the modori

My merchandise arrived intact. Perfect lid for the 22 cm modori cookware I鈥檓 glad I got it to cover my food when it鈥檚 at the table. Gorgeous like the pot. I just love it. Thank you Daniel and happy holidays.

[Modori] Korean Sodam Cookware Set
Vickie S. (Chantilly, VA)
Modori cookware set cream color 12/5/21

This was my dream come true to get this cookware. I was going to go to Korean to get cookware but I was watching Daniel YouTube channel that鈥檚 how I saw the site to purchase Korean cookware and other merchandise My purchases arrived in great condition and fast. These cookware are gorgeous, sleek looking, easy to clean, cook and bring it to the table. LA PIERRE DE R脡SISTANCE is the detachable handle. I just love everything about this cookware. I have it displayed in my kitchen glass cabinet. Daniel thank you for making Korean cookware and other merchandise accessible to us here in the US. I have more items to purchase after the holidays.

[Modori] Korean Sodam Cookware Set
Terry P. (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
Great Pans! Buy you won't be disappointed!

I love my pans!! I use them almost eveyday. It's a beautiful set! I bought the cream color & it is very easy to clean. I am very, very happy with my purchase!

Very good customer service

The shipment was really fast and I am really excited to try it ^^. Also the cute little note was so nice, will purchase again :)

[Modori] Korean Sodam Cookware Set
Christine B. (Albuquerque, NM)
Definitely worth the price :)

Originally heard about this cookware set from one of my favorite Korean YouTube cooks. Its aesthetic caught my eye. Waited a few months to purchase the set, but it was sold out and was placed on the waitlist. As soon as the set returned to stock I was contacted by Daniel at Gochujar and I immediately got my hands on them. Very nice nonstick quality and easy to clean. It鈥檚 a great investment if you鈥檙e looking for a high quality nonstick pot that will look cute in your kitchen

Exceeded Expectations!

Hello everyone .... I LOVE my MODORI SODAM Cookware Set. Not only was it well packaged (arriving with No scratches), but shipping was surprisingly fast considering that there are shipping containers anchored and unable to unload their cargo in the ports of Southern California at the time of review. I LOVE its AESTHETIC, even heat conduction; and its non-stick quality which makes it easy to clean. The cookware set's stack-ability along with its removable handle minimizes the amount of storage space needed. I would highly recommend this cookware to those who are still thinking of whether or not to invest in this cookware. Thank you Daniel from Gochujar for making this cookware available to those of us who lives outside of Korea. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. Stay safe everyone.


I like these: they're as pretty as they are in the photos, and they are robust and well-sized. I'm using them every day.

[CKD] Lacto-Fit ProBiotics GOLD
Olga T. (Yekaterinburg, SVE)
Amazing experience

This was my first experience ordering from this site and I'll surely do that again. Ordered from Russia and it took about 2,5 weeks to arrive, which is incredibly fast. The package was secure from any damage. I don't think I even spotted one dent. Also, the personal note was very sweet. Thank you!

The product tastes amazing and it's very convenient. Highly recommend!

excellent quality

the shrimp are very tasty and fresh!

[Modori] Korean Sodam Cookware Set
John P. (Auckland, AUK)
Exactly how I thought they'd be!

Very happy with it! Have been able to let go of other pots and pans and primarily use these. Great for both storage and cooking! Make sure you prepare them properly the first time (youtube it). Was a bit wary of getting them all the way to NZ but no problems at all. Hope to see more Modori products on the list soon, Gochujar!


Product arrived early .This is the first time I鈥檓 using this collagen it鈥檚 really tasty will order soon .taste wise it鈥檚 really tasty and easy to use just take 2 packets powder that鈥檚 it . I don鈥檛 feel any heavy in stomach I liked it .

[Modori] Korean Sodam Cookware Set
mike V.d.A. (Miami, FL)
Worth every Penny

Believe the hype. These pans are exceptional. Beautiful as they are functional and I love the removable handle. Truly nonstick and a breeze to clean.

[Modori] Korean Sodam Cookware Set
Minnie (Riverwood, NSW)

This set is to die for! Aesthetically, it's so beautiful. Suits a simple, scandi style. Easy to store and not much oil needed when cooking!
The seller is also very helpful! Fast and efficient transaction!

[Modori] Korean Sodam Pot Lid (22cm)
Karina E. (San Mateo, CA)
Must buy lid

I had to get the lid to match the set, so happy I did as it keep the food nice and warm for an hour after being served! Its a must buy for sure.

[Modori] Korean Sodam Cookware Set
Karina E. (San Mateo, CA)
Great pan set

Very easy to use, heats evenly, and easy to clean. Also a very nice attractive design to use for serving. Great for anyone living in an apartment as they take no room for storage.

[Lock & Lock] 3-Story Dosirak Lunchbox
Cheyenne C. (Kingston, WA)

I literally LOVE this lunchbox, it's super convenient and easy to use! I can cook and fit my food in all of the compartments, I also love the chopsticks that come with it! They are convenient and plus they're really cute. Anyway, if you are skeptical of getting this product, just do it! It's literally sooo cute and convenient! Have a good day!<3

[Modori] Korean Sodam Cookware Set
Jess N. (Toronto, ON)
Happy :)

Incredibly pleased with the product, I can fit them all into my cabinet which is extremely space saving. The shipping was surprisingly fast, I received my order in only a week or so. Overall superb service from the Gochujar team. I haven't used it for long enough but it is holding up to what's advertised. Hope Gochujar will expand their product selections because this will be my go to for Korean kitchenware :)

[Modori] Korean Sodam Cookware Set
Sam S. (South Portland, ME)
Wonderful product

I received my Modori cookware set quickly after being notified that it was back in stock. The set cooks well and looks beautiful in my kitchen.

Good gift for a

I purchased the sample box so I could try each flavor, I think I鈥檝e gone through maybe half the box already and the teas have been very interesting. I really enjoy drinking traditional teas, but was curious about some other blends available and the packaging for this one caught my eye. I don鈥檛 really taste the notes that鈥檚 each bag is suppose to have and the teas aren鈥檛 very strong but are very fragrant

Customer Service

Edit......Read my previous review on this chopstick set and customer service. Edit on the Great Customer Service - it was Daniel and KT :) Just noticed I got your name wrong apologies, especially considering how Great your customer service is:)

[Modori] Korean Sodam Cookware Set
Ingo B. (R眉sselsheim am Main, HE)
This set is perfect.

We use this set in the morning, at lunch time, and in the evening. It can be used basically for everything (fish, meat, vegetables, etc). I am very impressed of the smart functions. 1. It is stackable which saves a lot of space. 2. The handle is removable, so it can not get hot during cooking. Also, it saves space. And 3rd, the Lid can be turned, so it can be used as a soup bowl. Altogether, it is a recommendation and rates 5 stars. In Germany I had to pay a little tax fee, when receiving the package. But this is normal.


I NEVER leave reviews, I think this is my first. I received the Matte 4 person set and as soon as I opened a set I let out a gasp. I thought I would like them but I had no idea that I would think they were AMAZING! They really are Fantastic in every way, they feel good, the weight is great, and they are beautiful. The manufacturer confirmed they are 18/10 stainless steel (food grade) which is very important for a eating utensil. I am so pleased with this purchase and the customer service from gochujar. They responded quickly to my questions - one response took a little longer because they took the time to contact the manufacturer for the answer - that's Great Service. If you're on the fence about getting these....Get Them, you won't be disappointed. Shipment takes about 3 weeks to get to the USA but that is expected. I give Gochujar 5 stars for Great customer service and for offering fine quality merchandise. I would not hesitate to do business here again. Additionally, the note from Gochujar - David and KT, thanking me for my purchase - brought a smile to my face:)