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The best!

Very filling( need a small amount), excellent taste, subtle, satisfying, no aftertaste, an easy quick meal of high nutritional quality


a tasty addition to soups, easy way to add dark greens to the diet, need to be soaked for short time before cooking


excellent addition to soups, slightly sweet, lots of fiber!


lovely! delicious! healthy! :)

so lovely

this tea has a great depth that you will appreciate. it’s so refreshing and relaxing. highly recommend if you’re on the fence!


Opened the package, washed the pot and haven’t stopped cooking with it. A joy for my K-soups and stews. Wish I had gotten the bigger pot

Black Misugaru Review

I really appreciated the written instructions on how to make this drink but they also included a Youtube video as well which I loved. I made the Black Misugaru cold drink with plant-based milk according to the Youtube video and it came out great. I did not add sweetener as I wanted to taste it as is and personally I loved it. Great product and I would definitely order again.

Great for cooking, easy to clean

My ttukbaegi pot arrived quickly (faster than stated) and has been an absolute joy to cook with! It's super easy to clean as well, I will definitely recommend to friends and family.


These broths make cooking so much easier and convenient!

Great quality

Bought these for my sons upcoming wedding. The ducks are beautifully handcrafted. Quality is excellent. Customer service outstanding. Can’t wait to present these ducks at their wedding shower.

Original Misugaru

So far I've only tried the original. And I'm enjoying it! I am first generation Korean and my parents (who immigrated to the US) also loved it and gave their approval! We really appreciated that this product does not have added sugars.
I like the misugaru both ways:
1) w/ Water, ice, and no sugar/honey.
2) w/ Milk, ice, and honey.


While I was growing up, I knew I had some kind of stomach problem, but I never imagined this product would solve it like a magic wand 🪄 when you use it daily, you may not know how it work. You may even question if it actually works.
I’d say, try it when your stomach feel little bit uncomfortable like when you are stressed and your stomach isn’t digesting or bloated.
You will see that uncomfortableness would go away within an hour or so since you consume the product.
Because this product was new to me and I’d only take one to check when I actually needed, and id experienced improvements and good results. now I take it everyday and my weird stomach problem is gone like I never had one before!
Addition to that, it tastes good too!

Great lunchbox!

I saw this lunchbox on a Youtuber's channel and decided to search it up, which led me to this website. I'm very glad I purchased it! It was nicely protected in the box it came in. The entire thing itself is small, but in a good way, as the containers fit a good amount of food in them. I do agree with the previous review that says this lunchbox might not be for you if you want to pack big meals, though. The containers are leak-proof, easy to clean, and heat up nicely in the microwave (I always make sure to remove the tops before microwaving!). Very happy with this purchase. 10/10 would recommend!

Original Misugaro

Love it it’s no sugar added and plain and healthy

Impressive pot!

I love using this Ttukbaegi! Especially when trying to impress others, I like to cook/ show stews in this pot! Very nice! I would warn that the small Ttukbaegi is small, and feeds about 2 people, so beware if feeding more people!

Kimchi container

Timely shipping and great container. Perfect size for frig.

Tastes amazing!

Super tasty and I can tell that there is a difference!


We love this. We got the small and make steamed eggs every weekend. We will probably get the larger size for stews too!

5 stars

This is our go-to gochugaru for making kimchi :)


We love our new chopstick and spoon set. They are just what we were looking for!


So far I’ve tried the black misugaru and love it. I was looking for a misugaru that doesn’t have sugar added to it like most prepackaged ones in the market. I like mine warm, mixed with hot water and a little bit of steamed oat milk....delish!

I take this every couple of days to keep me energized. Pleasantly surprised by the taste. Love the ginseng!

Great for snack or breakfast

Use in smoothie and taste is good!

Strong flavor - quality

Tasty ginseng that’s not sweet

Good sauce

Great flavor