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Fantastic delicious tea

The quality and taste are unmatched! I will be buying more soon as gifts and for myself!

Great job with all!

We sent to one of our main clients and it made for a great relationship building gift for the Lunar New Year. Thank you!

[Hyesung Doki] Traditional Ttukbaegi
Steven M. (Champlin, MN)
Medium Ttukbaegi purchased.

Product and customer service is excellent. The Ttukbaegi is well made. I am located in USA and ordered two. They were well packed but one was broken in the mail system. The company replaced it right away after I contacted them. Highly recommended.

Ssanghwa tea

Good quality. what is the green label vs. Brown label? I got brown label before. any discount coupon i can have. Thanks, Tak Chang

White pan

I am thrilled overjoyed with the gorgeousness of this pan and its incredible non stick capability. A joy to cook with and cleans in a snap.

Multigrain rice

Beautiful purple color wonderful complexity of texture and taste

Happy with purchase!

I splurged for the 3-4 people classic and glad I did because the 1-2 people size was small. Tested boiling without lid and water didn't boil over as stated. Quality seems good. Bought as a gift for someone too. Wish it came with a serving plate though...I would purchase another one if it did.

I ordered this tea for my husband. It is working very well. He is happy with it, and plans to reorder.

Love this set! Perfect for side dishes like kimchi

crunchy treat

I love these satisfying, crunchy, slightly sweet treats for snacking especially while I’m traveling. The extra nutrition is a bonus too!

Worth the price

I don't live in an area where gochujang is easily available so I usually buy whatever brand I can get my hands on. I got a jar of this (along with the strawberry flavor) for my birthday and it is SO good! Nice level of spice, great depth of flavor, works for all the usual uses. My new favorite is to spread on toast with avocado and sesame seeds. Will definitely buy again!

So good!

Received a jar of this and the original flavor for my birthday and I was a little hesitant to try strawberry, but it's so good! Not sweet but adds a great depth of flavor. I've used it for marinating meats like salmon and steak and even just spread on toast with avocado in addition to all the standard uses. Will definitely buy again!


Very delicate especially delicious rice

Hobak tea

Absolutely delicious flavor

Citrus tea

Love the color, consistency, delicious taste for jam and tea

[Samlip] Mini Yakgwa Cookies
Mi S. (Fairfield, CA)

Our family’s favorite cookie donuts! Sized just right for delicious light snack.

Sized just right for gentle, effective facial cleansing!

Simply the best…..

I don’t write reviews very often but want to share that this strawberry gochugang is worth every penny of the steep price. The flavor is rich, complex and delicious. I used it to make Eric Kim’s (from the New York Times) Gochugang Cookies. My husband can’t get enough of them. I wouldn’t hesitate to order more or recommend to others.

exquisite baby gift

I purchased this for a neighbor. Who can resist this adorable set? I love that it is GOTS certified. Truly a beautiful set to welcome a precious baby.

beautiful oil

I use this clean oil to combat winter dry skin. It absorbs quickly leaving my skin refreshed. The scent is heavenly, reminds me of a summer garden.

Omija berries

This is by far the best omija brand I have purchased it took time for me to get used to the flavors but once you get the hang of it it's no problem it's nice with sugar and honey but I like my omija tea without any

[Mini] Korean BBQ Grill
Joshua K. (Honolulu, HI)
Quality product

This mini Korean BBQ grill is the best compact and great for a two person get together for dinner lunch anytime if the day completely satisfied with my order

[Modori] Ceramic Modular Dish Set (7-pieces)
C.N.S. (North Hollywood, CA)

absolutely love this! although smaller than expected, i love how compact it is. the owner even wrote a personalized note which i very much appreciate. will truly come back to buy more korean kitchenware from here!

In a league of its own...

Most of the gochugaru available in the US, even in Korean groceries, is from chilis grown outside of Korea, on large commercial scales. This is an artisanal product, grown and processed in Korea from Korean seed. It is like the difference between using pre-ground store-bought pepper and whole Lapchong peppercorns. Buy as much as you can afford, store it well sealed in the freezer, and it will transform your Korean cooking.

The Best!

This is my and my mother's favorite collagen. I gave some to my mother only a week ago, and she's already asking for more!