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The bowls were a gift and the receiver absolutely loves them!

[Modori] Dodam Pot
Akiza (Fayetteville, NC)
Cookware of my dreams

I just love it…the aesthetic and its quality are superb

Bowl of soup spoon is strangely small..

why oh why aren't the chopsticks sold alone? You have to buy the SET? In order to get the chopsticks, I bought the set and the bowl of the soup spoon is maddeningly small. Isn't Korea a soup culture? When you look at the metal chopstick and spoon sets, the spoon is appropriately sized for guk. Not here. Tiny spoon, you'll be eating soup for hours. The chopsticks are strangely light and have no heft to them. They look a lot like the ones sold in stores for $6 for a dozen. But I'll trust that they are different.

Great Service & Product!

The recipient loved the gift and was impressed by the ginseng. Also, Daniel was quick to ship & respond to my questions. I will purchase with Gochujar again!

[CJ Healthcare] Condition
E.S. (San Diego, CA)

Great customer service. Liked the taste of the product. The product came quickly and worked well.

Yes, the tea finally made it to the correct address. We received our first taste of this tea as a gift from Korea and we liked it. That is why we shopped the internet until we found your website. Thank you for making such a wonderful tea.

Best evening wind down tea

I’ve tried both varieties. I prefer the premium because it does not contain sugar. Great flavor and very calming, plus it’s healthy for you.

Quick shipping (Highlight 3-4)

The product arrived promptly in great condition. It is a beautiful well made pot. However, It is smaller expected so be sure to order the large one. I like that the highlight is flat and can be used on electric stoves.

Love the chopsticks and spoon set!

These are great! They are so light weight. The color was exactly as I expected!

Exactly what I hoped for!

I finally pulled the trigger after a year, but I wish I just ordered these sooner! I was worried that these might be too small but they are just perfect.


was looking for traditional herbs for Samgyetang and these packs are perfect for the soup!!!

[Tackaon] Goyou Noodle Bowl
Elizabeth J. (Chicago, IL)

Bought as a gift- color and size were just right.
A big hit

Kudos to rice scientists!

Not only is this rice absolutely delicious, it maintains a wonderful texture. One can almost savor every grain.

[Deoyeon] Ready Miyeok-guk (Seaweed Soup)
Paulette S. (Middle Island, NY)
Delicious soup

This seaweed soup is a terrific afternoon energy booster, Quick and easy, healthy, and delicious!

Convenient and Beautiful!

I have been eyeing the Sodam cookware set for at least a year after seeing one of my favorite youtubers use it. I recently moved out of town on my own and thought this is the perfect time to buy, and how right I was! I use the mini pot at least once a day to cook single serving soups, boil eggs or make my favorite ramen. Its the perfect size to feed one person without wasting food (i usually cook in for multiple servings which leads to having more food than I can eat before spoiling). All in all i love this product and I hope the Sodam set expands to more products, I currently have the set and 2 additional items.

Korean protein shake

Not sure what the nutritional profile is, but once I shook it with the protein shaker, it tastes like a protein shake. I like that there's no added sugar or artificial sweetness like most American protein shake products.

Great quality

I really like the flavor and that the Premium version has no sugar. It warmed me up the instant I drank it. It's pretty pricey though.


베스트 상품 케이팝 아이돌 닮앗어요 50파운드 감량한 베스트 상품!!!

Excellent quality; visible branding

The chopsticks are very well made and have a pleasant weight.

I don’t think I would have bought these if I knew they have an etched brand name on the thicker end.

Of course now that I look at the extremely detailed item description, I see that this was made quite clear, so I can’t deduct a star for that :)

Overall these are definitely worth the price.

Stunningly beautiful. Moreso than I thought possible.

I have 2 sets of your beautiful chopsticks and love them, but for my best friend I wanted to gift her with something extravagant. I purchased your artistic top of the line Galaxy chopstick/spoon set, and last night Denise opened her gift in front of 6 other people. There was a hush in the room, as everyone stared and needed to touch them. I cannot stop thinking about them. These wooden chopsticks have a patina that is so deep, that they look like they were carved from stone and polished like jewels.

So wonderful to get that deep taste

I haven`t had luck making yukgaejang, I got the tablets added so I can make yukgajang. It turned out much better than previous attempts with the tablets.

[CKD] Lacto-Fit ProBiotics SLIM
Rene W. (Dallas, TX)

Great product!

[Kisoondo] Traditional Gochujang Paste
Dr. D. (North Las Vegas, NV)
Things happen

Very well packaged, no chance of fracture, but the foil that seals in the paste had come off and the paste was all over the bottle. But half a bottle is better than none I guess


I love love love this spoon to death. The quality and craftsmanship will last forever with proper maintenance and care. This has replaced my wooden spoon purchased at Hmart and it does not compare. Im soo glad they have offered to sell this set straight from Korea. Thank you soo much and i really appreciate the care and attention that was put into this package sent to california.

I have used other lock n lock products - This one has a good quality feel to it and the colour is nice, shape is compact for carrying in a backpack. The main concern is that the seal on the yellow plastic lid is not very secure but I have yet to use it with liquid. It is very expensive, but I was unable to get it from a website outside Korea.