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Incha Samgyetang herbal soup bags

These ingredients are the real deal. I cooked it with five hormone free Akikawa (秋川) chicken thighs and red dates from the western regions. After drinking the soup I felt an impulse to immediately stand up and sing Arirang. Did some research on the names of these herbs, not that I am about to forage for them on some slope of Paektu. They are all herbs that increase your circulation and rev up your energy. To my surprise this ginseng is not the usual Panax but only a close relative. No matter, now I will live to a hundred. I think pregnant ladies should probably wait until after they deliver before they take this soup.
▪️ 黄芪, 황기 hwang-gi,Mongolian milk vetch
▪️ 刺楸, 엄나무 eomnamu,prickly castor
▪️ 无梗五加, 오가피 나무 ogapinamu,Siberian ginseng
▪️ 当归, 당귀 danggwi,angelica
▪️ 川芎, 천궁 cheongung,lovage
▪️ 北枳椇, 헛개나무 heosgaenamu,raisin tree
▪️ 红枣, 대추 daechu,jujube

Was skeptical...

I wasn't sure if the fluid dynamics actually promoted better heat circulation in this ttukbaegi. But after using it and testing it, I'm so glad it works. I am probably going to buy more soon....

Perfect for two

I love this grill. I use this every week at least once. I've been cooking tons of samgyupsal, marinated chicken, galbi, and a ton of veggies. The oil draining for this grill is great. The outlining oil catch is perfect to keep the grill from pooling too much oil, and the spout makes it easy to drain it quickly.

Elegant and Practical

I just love the elegant and functional shape of these flatware. The way the outline of the spoon's bowl tapers into its neck is so subtle and beautiful.

Best seaweed!

It is true! This is a very high-quality seaweed! Taste, texture, source are all excellent! Worth every penny, buying more right now.


Love it. Product arrived quickly and in great condition. Have used it a few times and does the job in style. Glad I went with the larger size

Love it!

I got my pot in a record time to Germany. From Korea with love!! Daniel included such a lovely note. Thank you!! I used my pot the same day I got it food tasted even better 🤤


Perfect and gorgeous. I want to buy all their products!!!! They look like sculpture fine art.


Perfect and gorgeous. Superior craftsmanship. Very very happy.

Best of its kind!

I bought this for my mom who made soup with it and declared it the best! She’s tried multiple brands that are available in Korean supermarkets in America and says this one really is the best and has no comparison! Also, this product was bought during a pandemic and delayed delivery was advised; however it arrived within the usual shipping times and even better than few domestic shippers. Highly impressed!


I couldn't believe how flavorful this miyeokguk turned out! I've grown up eating this soup, made the traditional way, and I didn't think it'd be possible to replicate those flavors from a just-add-water pack, but it was delicious! Deep, rich flavor with little bits of meat throughout. My husband couldn't tell that I hadn't spent time stewing a scratch-made soup. Highly recommend!

[Kim's Red Ginseng] Korean Red Ginseng Candy (2 Varieties)

My dad has a little bit of a sweet tooth so I was happy to find something rare and made with good quality ingredients for his birthday.
He loved his birthday treat along with some other Gochujar items like tea. Makes for a wonderful and unique gift!

Beautiful box

Such an intricate and beautiful box. I am in love with my midnight blue color.


Love our new chopstick and spoon set. I have been looking for authentic Korean brassware. Thank you!

Original Tom's Farm Almonds

Original almonds that arrived within a week. Very expensive at $29.99 per bag so better to get from Amazon. They don't have all the flavors available.

Great for Portioning Out Meals!

Absolutely love the design of this dish and how it makes it easy to portion out what you're eating.
Great quality and versatile design.

Organic Glutinous Rice Powder Review

I used this as the primary ingredient to make tteokbokki from scratch. I was very happy to find that it was possible to purchase organic glutinous rice powder - I have never seen it in any Korean grocery store where I live, and the closest one is about 1.5 hours away from me.

I have to admit, when I used this and followed a recipe on the web it did NOT turn out the first time and I ended up wasting about half the bag of rice powder so I was upset. I think it was due to the recipe I used not being descriptive enough as well as my unfamiliarity with making garetteok from scratch. Most recipes say to make your own rice powder or use frozen (both of which contain additional moisture), so if you use this to make garetteok keep in mind you should only add enough boiling water so that the rice powder barely sticks together - however much that is - like adding just enough water so that pie dough just comes together. My second batch (which I halved in case it didn't turn out either) came out well. I made an excellent batch of tteokbokki using the tteok, the Haetnim Maeul gochugaru and the Kisoondo Strawberry gochujang. It was very lightly sweet, deliciously spicy and savory. The rice cakes were tender and pleasantly chewy.

I also make kimchi from scratch, so the next batch I made I will use the rice powder for the paste (our local farmers are still harvesting nappa cabbage so I should be able to make another batch soon).

Chestnut Flavor - Intake Morning Porridge Review

I really liked the flavor, I am a big fan of chestnut and it's difficult to find ANYTHING chestnut flavored where I live. The porridge was lightly sweet (not overly so), it has some nice bits of chestnut (and rice I think) so it's not a puree, which I prefer. I like the portion and calorie control of having the packets, and at under 100 kcal (the chestnut is 80 kcal per packet) it tastes delicious and isn't overly indulgent for a small meal/meal replacement.

The only reason I withdrew a star is because I was looking around on the web to see if it was possible to purchase elsewhere, and another site had completely translated the ingredients for the chestnut porridge, which included MILK. I had assumed that there was milk in the korean milk flavor and the banana milk flavor, but there was no indication on this website that the chestnut flavor had milk. While not allergic to milk, I avoid it because I have an immune response (systemic inflammation) to casein (a milk protein). I have no idea if any of the other flavors contain milk, but I would caution anyone who avoids milk to ASK for a specific flavor's full ingredient list before you purchase.

Black Misugaru Review

I just finished making a warm black misugaru latte, and it is delicious! I would say the most dominant flavor is the black sesame, so if you like that flavor you would like the black misugaru. I used the recommended amount of liquid (250 mL) made of about 220 mL of homemade sprouted almond milk, added ~30 mLs of coconut water, warmed that on the stove. I then mixed 2Tbsp misugaru (recipe on the page said 4 but I thought it might be too much for me - I was right and prefer adding less misugaru) with a little honey to make a paste, added a little of the heated milk mixture and stirred to thin, then added the rest of the milk and frothed with a handheld frother. I would say it was a little too sweet the way I made it, so I will probably omit the honey next time. It makes a delicious and filling drink and I look forward to making an iced version once the weather warms up.

Great for both Korean and Western dishes...

I purchased the large and small plates with the intent to use it for “ban chan”. These are not only great, aesthetically, they work perfectly for Korean and for western cuisine.

The dishes came in right before new year’s and the family enjoyed using it as part of our charcuterie setting.

Samgyetang Broth

Excellent broth. Kit does not come with broth bags which I recommend.


Just delicious! I can't believe it took me this long to find this wonderful rice. From the aroma to the taste its all around wonderful.

Hands down best mixed rice

I LOVE this rice!! It's totally worth the wait. Its nutty and earthy and just down right delicious. Prior to finding this I had to mix my own mixed rice (taking white, black, barley etc.) those days are now over. This is the only multi-rice I will eat going forward!!

Great ttukbaegi!

I just received my ttukbaegi and I absolutely love it! I just made kimchi jigae in it and loved how it kept the stew piping hot. I am very happy with my purchase and was surprised how fast the shipping was from Korea to NY 👍🏽

Arrived and gifted

So far very satisfied. Ordered for daughter's holiday gift. Came in time nicely packaged and a generous amount. Four stars because she hasn't used it yet but she may post a review when she does.