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Its amazing!

The set is very high quality and really beautiful!

Good but not great

Struggled with how to rate this because it's not that the rice is bad, but for that price markup the Golden Queen wins hands down. I didn't find the taste of this rice to be anything special, though the bottle container is handy.

Love it.

I love it drinking this in the morning with some oat milk. Very nice.

Better than the Cocoa

This one had a sweeter taste than the cocoa misugaru. It's nice in the morning with some oat milk.

Tastes great

This worked great on my machine - just as advertised. Love giving it to customers.


I got this for my brother as a Christmas gift and he loves coffee but has stopped drinking caffeine! I was so excited to find these decaf drip coffee bags! He loves them, and the coffee tastes awesome! Highly recommend! (-:

really nice bowl set. the bronze really retains the heat to keep the food hot.

Luv it

on vacation and finally tried out the Clean Ttukbaegi, LUV it. easy to use and exciting to watch the steam escape! the breakfast rice with bacon, sweet potato, etc. came out perfect...Thank you


I love the support of the pillow! The relaxing cypress smell from it eases stress of the day and or mind for me.

Very rich and flavorful but smooth as well. Very good coffee I would recommend

Flavorful coffee for 1

Upon opening the drip packet, the bag was so aromatic. The drips were very flavorful and each bag very distinct and perfect in its own. It is, however only good for 1 cup. Just for my own fun, I tried to see if the flavor will still hold by the 2nd cup, but after I filled up my 1st cup, the 2nd was just all water and light brown. This is normal and expected–It is a single pour (1 cup) drip bag after all :)

Awesome Kimchi containers!

I love the great quality of these containers! They are perfect for my kimchi needs. They were even great to take to a potluck at work. They are very durable, so I can enjoy them for many years to come. Thank you so much for selling such a faulous product.


Simple design and large enough to hold any bowl dish. Love them.

On my second bottle

This product is excellent! This is my second time buying this ginseng, and it's a staple in my life now; I'll just rebuy it whenever I finish this bottle. I also appreciated the excellent communication about my most recent order, as Daniel was going to ship it later, and let me know exactly what was happening.

They are beautiful today I will use them, excellent quality thank you very much


I served my family the Jeju Pork Noodles twice and both times they were amazed at how it was restaurant quality! The broth is rich and porky but not as heavy as Japanese tonkatsu broth. I followed the instructions and added the broth while the noodles were boiling. The noodles were light and retained a little chewiness- perfect! I will purchase this again.

I really love my Soil Baker Jeju Hansik Set !! The handmade craftsmanship and minimalistic silhouette of the pieces are absolutely stunning. You can tell they are sturdy, but I appreciate that they are still quite lightweight. The size of each piece is so versatile that it allows me to use them for both my Korean cooking and western dishes. The stackable feature allows me to save so much room in my kitchen cabinet and I absolutely adore them !

Great product

I've been looking for a long time for a lunch box that fits me perfectly (I have specific demands). When I looked at the dosirak I thought I would give a try. When I recieved the product I knew I won't be disappointed (also I really liked the small note from Daniel and Katie that was attached to the delivery :D). The product is smaller than what it seems on the pictures but it does contain a large amount of food. As a uni student it's also impotant for me how to take with me and the bag fits well in my bag. If I take only two boxes, I can also fit a sandwich. I'm not asain, so I don't always eat with chopsticks and I can't fit a fork but it's a minor problem that shouldn't affect the use of the dosirak. Overall I highly recommend the product (might purchase it again in the near future).

I was hesitant of the taste of this at first, but I ended up really liking it. It is a mix of a herbal taste and fruity together. I only took once a day, but I did find myself a bit more energized. I think I will order again and try a couple a day to see what happens.

Absolutely loved this tea! Barely had it for about two weeks and am almost out, definitely a good buy!

This was delicious

I was so excited to try this brown reis Hey this was

Love them , very much. Thank you. Zauca

Perfection in Hot Sauce

Starts out with a tart vinegar taste, quickly gives to a pepper taste, and leave the tongue blissfully on fire. PERFECTION.

Beautiful and well constructed

This plate arrived very quickly and very well packed with a hand written note from Daniel and Katie. The plate is a beautiful clean and simple white, and the construction feels very firm and sturdy. I have enjoyed making dinner and filling the plate with a variety of sides, allowing me to manage my dinner portions as well as saving leftovers for bento lunch the next day.


Tastes amazing and refreshing, love during the cold winter in the morning and at night. Sweet and light citrus flavour (but not too sweet or tarte).