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[Kisoondo] Traditional Gochujang Paste
Dr. D. (North Las Vegas, NV)
Things happen

Very well packaged, no chance of fracture, but the foil that seals in the paste had come off and the paste was all over the bottle. But half a bottle is better than none I guess


I love love love this spoon to death. The quality and craftsmanship will last forever with proper maintenance and care. This has replaced my wooden spoon purchased at Hmart and it does not compare. Im soo glad they have offered to sell this set straight from Korea. Thank you soo much and i really appreciate the care and attention that was put into this package sent to california.

I have used other lock n lock products - This one has a good quality feel to it and the colour is nice, shape is compact for carrying in a backpack. The main concern is that the seal on the yellow plastic lid is not very secure but I have yet to use it with liquid. It is very expensive, but I was unable to get it from a website outside Korea.


I am new to Korean food and this was delicious!!

[Jinmi] Jajangmyeon Chunjang Paste
Lynn (Wading River, NY)

Very easy to make and delicious to eat. Just follow the Tube video if you are unfamiliar with how to make. You will love!

Wow, quite delicious!

This misugaru is great. Love the nutty, chocolate-y flavor. You can really taste the high level of quality. We mix it with oat milk (we're plant-based) and a kiss of maple syrup in a blender bottle. The shipping didn't even take that long (from South Korea to the eastern US). We'll most likely purchase again 鉂わ笍 臧愳偓頃╇媹雼!

Great addition!

Perfectly proportioned, easy to use, great for adding to soups for added depth.

My favourite gochujang

I sometimes find the regular gochujang flavor a little too strong for making cold noodles sauce, so I was really glad I found this strawberry flavored one. It is very pricey but other online shops in the US are often out of stock. I could not go back to using regular grocery store gochujang after having this one from Kisoondo, so expensive or not, I am stocking up...

Love it

Helps vagina clean and does not itch ! Removed some discharge too

[Tackaon] Arbre Banchan Plate
O C. (Kingston, NY)
A wonderful piece

The Banchan Plate is beautiful, useful and a great addition to my simple kitchen.

Great products!

High quality products, and I appreciate the instruction notes. Thank you!

excellent tea

takes a loooong time to receive, ( I'm still waiting for my second order fir weeks) but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the product.

Burnt Taste

These are definitely crunchy, but they taste very burnt, stale, and definitely aren't worth the very high cost. I could have not burnt them in my own kitchen using my stove for way less money. Highly not recommended, unless you like a strong charred taste.

Love the oil.

Oil goes on smooth. I mix a drop of the oil with my moisturizer & I get that additional confidence.
Oh, and the customer service us great. I will definitely be ordering more items from Gochujar because of the quality and customer service

Beautiful dinners

Korean foods are special and taste even better in beautiful dishes! I love how wonderful my table looks with the Jeju Hansik sets.

[Neoflam] FIKA Cookware Pans (7 Types)
Steph P. (Ann Arbor, MI)
Perfect little pan

Love making rolled eggs! Would make a nice gift.

[Modori] Korean Sodam Grill Pan
Cydnee O. (Sunnyvale, CA)
Love this pan

I absolutely love this vendor and this pan. The pan arrived fast, packaged well and has been a joy to cook in and super easy clean up. I have this entire set and got the whole thing from this vendor and have been super happy with everything. I would highly recommend!!

[Modori] Korean Sodam Cookware Set
melkua g. (Saint Paul, MN)

The cookware sets are so perfect and beautiful I loved it, I can wait to order more soon.

Great tea: A Review for a Tea snob

I am a tea snob, I get all of my tea locally sourced from different areas in Chinese, Japan ect. I rarely get bag tea because if you don't know begged teas is usual the trash for lack of a better term. BUt bagged tea is great for the office when I don't want to ring a pot, gawain, ect to the office. So I bought this bagged tea. OMG. It is as good as the fine delicate green tea I get for quite a price. The color and aroma are top notch and there is no bitterness. Repurchasing. Thank you.

Perfect size and great quality!

At first I thought it would be too small but after actually filling them up it turns each container is the perfect size. The bag keeps my warm food at a good temperature too. My only thing is that due to the type of meals I pack, I think I would have benefited from a different model where one container is slightly larger than the others. Also, I use my own cutlery since the chopsticks provided feel short in my hands. Other than that the containers snap shut tight and feel sturdy. It is also adorable to look at!

Childhood Happiness!

I remember drinking this with my dad as a kid and now as an adult I appreciate the taste even more. This is truly a high quality Misugaru and I am running out so quickly! Highly recommend!

I love this tea!

My friends judged me for ordering this tea from Korea and not Amazon. I wanted authentic Ssanghwa tea and this particular tea was the right choice. The intense flavor of spices and the warmth it created in my chest was amazing. I had covid and wanted to see if it would help with congestion and it did. Thank you so much for sending this so fast and I loved the note inside!

Well made! So convenient

This container is much nicer than the jars I had been using. I make kimchi for me + five kids, so I make two or three cabbages at a time. The jars were taking up too much space in my fridge but this container fits very nicely! I like that it is not plastic.

[Arto Baegi] Ttukbaegi Pan
Christine (Walnut Creek, CA)
Best pan for bibimbap

I bought this to try to see if it could help me create the sizzling crispy rice that we always have at Korean restaurants in their dolsot bibimbap. While I have other clay pots, this one was the perfect size and helped me to make the best bibimbap. Just ordered another one!

[Modori] Korean Sodam Cookware Set
Christine (Walnut Creek, CA)
Best purchase, ever.

My penchant for hoarding kitchenware has made my kitchen a hot mess. This stacking cookware set is perfect for our family of 2 (but certainly can accommodate more!) quality of cookware is amazing, and functionality is genius.