[BB LAB] The Collagen Powder S (30 Packets)


[BB LAB] The Collagen Powder S - 30 Packets

Micro-Sized Fish Collagen, Fast Absorption!

[BB LAB]聽The Collagen Powder S (30 Packets)

Today we introduce a mega-hit collagen powder by BB LAB!

This product became the "must-have"聽collagen product in Korea聽(selling 18+ million packets in 2020).

Collagen is an essential protein in your body -聽 it's what keeps your skin from sagging, providing that supple look.

It also聽helps to maintain flexibility for your bones and connective tissues.聽

However, starting from your mid-20s, the amount of collagen that your body produces begins to decrease by roughly ~1% every year.

Women - especially - experience a dramatic reduction in collagen after menopause.

That's why many women in Korea take collage supplements - to decrease the signs of aging skin.

When it comes to collagen supplements, a key thing to check is the size of the collagen molecules - a smaller size means fast absorption and easy digestion

BB Lab's Collagen Powder S is聽derived聽from fish and is聽micro-sized (1000 Dalton).

This is in contrast to animal-based collagen products (~300,000 DA) or gelatin-based collagen from animals (~50,000 DA)

BB Lab's Collagen Powder S is hydrolyzed to a micro-size (1000 Dalton weight) for maximum bioavailability and efficacy.

That's great - but how the flavor. Does it tasty fishy?

No, not at all! It has a tart grapefruit taste!

Each packet delivers聽1200mg of collagen to your body - it's a great聽supplement for skincare as you age.

Take 1 packet a day - straight, or with a gulp of water.

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Product Highlights

  • BB Lab's Signature Collagen Powder!
  • Micro-sized fish collagen (1000 Da) - for quick absorption and easy digestion
  • Simple usage: take once a day straight - without water
  • 1 packet contains 1,200 mg of collagen
  • 1 container has 30 packets (~1 month supply)
How is it advertised in Korea? 

We translated the main points for you below! 

BB LAB's The Collagen Powder

Micro-sized Fish Collagen

Contains 30 packets (~1 month supply)

The Collagen Powder S delivers your daily collagen needs!

One packet contains high amounts of micro-sized collagen (fish-derived) that absorbs quickly!

A single packet contains 1200mg of premium-grade, fish collagen!

Best of all, it has a tart grapefruit taste - it's not all fishy or gamey (easy to consume daily!)

Take once-a-day

No need for water - take it straight!

Tear along the Easy-Cut line 

Point #1

Collage Powder S has a very high absorption rate!

Our fish collagen powder is only 1000 Da (Dalton)  in molecular weight - which means rapid absorption and easy digestion!

1 packet contains 1200 mg of fish collagen

From face to body, the collagen will get absorbed across your whole body.

The key metric is absorption rate!

Why is fish collagen better?

Collagen derived from land animals are much larger in size (~300,000 Da) - so your body does not absorb as much.

Similarly, collagen derived from gelatin is also large in size (50,000 Da).

However, collagen derived from fish are micro-sized (1,000 DA) - leading to rapid absorption. 

The smaller the molecular size, the faster the absorption.

Look for this metric when comparing products!

Point #2

This Collage Powder S formula also contains Vitamin C!

Vitamin C plays a vital role in skin health by  stimulating the synthesis of collagen in your body!

1 packet contains 30 mg of Vitamin C.

Point #3

The formula also contains other premium grade, skin-care ingredients!

1 packet also includes...

Elastin - a protein similar to collagen that's found naturally in skin, that makes your skin feel "tight" and "bouncy"

Hyaluronic acid - a molecule that occurs naturally in the skin, which binds to water to plum up your skin and give it that dewy, glowy effect

Point #4

Collagen Powder doesn't have to taste bad!

BB Lab's The Collagen Powder S has a delicious citrus, grapefruit flavor - it's easy to consume.

Say NO to collagen that tastes gamey or fishy!

Take packets straight without water - but it's fine to consume with water or sparkling water.

Why do I need to take collagen?

Collagen is secreted by cells throughout your body - especially in the skin, bones and connective tissues. 

Collagen helps to keep the skin looking young by reducing wrinkles and dryness. It also helps increase muscle mass, prevent bone loss and relieve joint pain.

Starting from your mid-20s, the amount of collagen that your body produces begins to decrease by roughly ~1% every year. 

Women experience a dramatic reduction in collagen after menopause.

By the age of 60, a considerable decline in collagen production is normal.

Micro-collagen powder absorbs quickly into the body, to revitalize your skin and bones - decreasing the signs/symptoms of aging!

Product Information

Full ingredients list:

Micro Fish Collagen, Crystalline Glucose Powder, Dextrin, Glycerin, Sugar, 7-Berry Powder [Dextrin, 7-Berry Extract {Blackberry Extract, Black Currant Extract, Blueberry Extract, Strawberry Extract, Raspberry Extract}], Grapefruit Extract Powder [Dextrin, Grapefruit Extract], Beetroot Extract Powder, Vitamin C, DL Malic Acid, Grapefruit Powder (Dextrin, Mixed Fragrance, Gum Arabic), L-Proline, Orange Aroma (Orange Juice, Dextrin, Lactose, Mixed Fragrance, Pectin), Enzyme-Modified Stevia, Silicone Dioxide,  Nicotinic Acid Amide, Hyaluronic acid mixture (Dextrin, Hyaluronic Acid), Elastine Hydrolyzate, Sucralose, Vitamin A mixture (Dextrin, Gum Arabic, Corn Starch Powder, Vitamin A Acetate Mixture, DL-伪 -Tocopherol, Probiotics, Dried Enzymes

Nutritional Value (% daily value):

Sodium 3mg (0%), Carbohydrates 1g (0%), Sugar 1g (1%), Fat 0g (0%), Transfat 0g, Saturated Fats 0g (0%), Cholesterol 0mg (0%), Protein 1g (2%), Vitamin C 30mg (30%)

This product was rated a 4.7 out of 5 stars on Korean e-commerce site
(1,666+ customer reviews)

Product faq

Take one packet per day.
Consume anytime - before or after meals. 

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About The Brand

BB Lab is a Korean brand that focuses on improving and maintaining inner beauty. They produce daily essential nutrients that can be consumed easily, anytime. Their signature product lines include collagen (for skin health) and probiotics (for gut health). 

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