[Gaeul Hyanggi] Organic Doenjang Paste (500g)


[Gaeul-Hyanggi] Organic Soybean Paste

Made from 100% Organic Soybeans

[Gaeul Hyanggi] Organic Doenjang Paste

Gaeul Hyanggi's Organic Doenjang Paste is best described as that "original country-side" flavor. This means that the doenjang has a rich pungent flavor but is not overly salty!

Many homecooks prefer a less salty flavor - as they enjoy the natural richness of fermented soybeans. We think this doenjang is good choice for first-timers and young children.

Gaeul Hyanngi makes this Doenjang with only two ingredients: organic-certified soybeans and sea salt. It's made the traditional way - with no artificial preservatives, chemicals or additives. To bring out a deep, umami flavor, the mashed soybeans (meju bricks) are aged in traditional Korean pots for at least one year.

If you've tried Doenjang Stew before but felt that it tasted too rich or salty, this may be the one for you!

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Real Doenjang!

Product Highlights

  • Made with two ingredients - organic soybeans & sea salt (zero additives or chemicals)
  • Fermented in large hanggari pots for 1 year - for deep, umami flavor
  • Less salty than regular Doenjang with deep umami flavor - great for making dressing, sauces or marinades
  • Available in large 500g glass jar
How's it made?

1. Korean Organic-Certified Soybeans are boiled in large iron cauldrons. The cooked beans are then mashed and molded into bricks (meju)

2. Once the bricks turn firm, they are left to dry on rice straws for 3 weeks - this is when healthy bacterias develop and the fermentation process begins.

3. The meju bricks are now ready to be stacked and stored in large Hanggari pots - along with sea salt - to ferment again and transform into doenjang paste.

Product In Brief

Full Ingredients List

Organic Soybeans (98%)

Sea Salt (2%)

    Storage Tips

    Before opening, store in cool, dry area.

    After opening, store in refrigerator

      What to make

      Doenjang Jjigae

      Use to make marinades or sauces

      Stir-fry (recipe below)

        About the Brand

        Gaeul Hyanggi is an artisanal brand from Yangpyong (Gyeonggi-do Province) that specializes in traditional Korean soy sauce and pastes. The owner, Park Ae Kyung (above), believes in organic, sustainable farming and started her operations in 1997.

          Doenjang Marinade Sauces (5 Types)

          Spice up your Doenjang and use it as a meat marinade, veggie dip or stir-fry sauce.

          [All Purpose Doenjang]

          How to use: Meat Marinade, Stir-fry Sauce, Rice-Bowl Sauce, Dipping Sauce

          How to make: Mix Doenjang (8T), Minced Spring Onions (2T), Honey (1.5T), Sesame Seeds (1T), Mirim (1T), Minced Garlic (1T), Water (3T)

          [Bell Pepper Doenjang]

          How to use: Namul Marinade, Veggie Drip (Eat within 3-4 days)

          How to make: Mince Bell Pepper (1 Whole Pepper). Then mix with Doenjang (8T), Honey (1T), Water (5T)

          [Yuja Doenjang] 

          How to use: Stir-fry Sauce, Braising Sauce

          How to make: Mix Doenjang (8T), Minced Spring Onion (3T), Minced Onion (3T), Yuja Marmalade (1T), Diced Chili Pepper (1T), Minced Garlic (1 teaspoon), Rice Water (1/2 Cup)

          [Tofu Doenjang] 

          How to use: Mapo-Tofu Sauce, Spread over Rice (Eat within 3-4 days of making)

          How to make: Squeeze, drain and smash tofu into small pieces (Use 1/2 Block). The mix with Doenjang (10T), Minced Spring Onion (2T), Honey (1T), Minced Garlic (1 teaspoon), Rice Water (1 Cup)

          [Cheonyang Chili Doenjang] 

          How to use: Veggie Wrap Sauce, Bibimbap Sauce, Meat Marinade

          How to make: Dice Green Cheongyang Chili Peppers (3 Whole), Red Chili Peppers (3 Whole) and an Onion (1 Whole). Mix with Minced Spring Onion (1 Stalk) and Minced Garlic (1 clove), Doenjang (10T), Honey (2T), Sesame Seeds (1T).

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          About The Brand

          Gaeul Hyanggi is an artisanal brand from Yangpeyong (Gyeonggi-do Province) that specializes in traditional Korean soy sauce and pastes. The artisan, Park Ae Kyung (above), believes in organic, sustainable farming and started her operations back in 1997. Since then, her traditional soy sauce and pastes have gained mass popularity. They are sold now in premium department stores.

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