[Modori] Korean Sodam Cookware Set


[Modori] Sodam Cookware Set

Stackable, Non-Stick, Aesthetics - All in One!

[Modori] Korean Sodam Cookware Set

Today, we are very excited to present Modori’s Sodam Cookware Set.

This Cooking Ware Set has exploded in popularity with Korea – quickly becoming the go-to cooking ware for Korean Cooking Youtubers + food stylists.

Why is it so popular?

First, it’s beautiful!

The ceramic cooking ware is all-white, making ingredients clearly visible when cooking and eating.

There’s no need to transfer the food to a serving dish when it looks this pretty in the pot/pan -  simply place it in the middle of your dining table.

The second feature is that it’s stackable.

How many times have you fiddled around in your cabinet - trying to store a large frying pan?

This whole set can be stacked vertically and neatly – fits perfectly into any cabinet.

Plus, the handle is detachable.

Yes, that’s right – the handle is more like a clamp that can safely grip any one of the 3 cooking pots/pans.

What's it made of? 

The Ceramic Cooking Ware is made of 98% pure aluminum alloy and natural mineral sand (crystalline silicon) – giving it a high-strength, high-thermal conductivity properties.

Plus, it has 5 layers of Advanced Non Stick Coating – which is certified free of toxic substances (lead-free, cadmium-free).

The surface of the cooking ware does NOT absorb liquid when braising, boiling or washing (prevents 99% of any liquid absorption).

The 5 layers of Non-Stick coating also result in much more thermal conductivity (5x more than normal non-stick frying pan).

You’ll see the cooking ware heat up very quickly. In fact, there’s no need to cook on higher than medium-low heat with these pans/pots.

Can I use it on my stove? 

This cooking ware set can be used on various stove-tops: Induction Cooker, Gas Stove, Heating Plate, Oven.

(Note: It should not be used in the microwave).

Plus the pots and pans can be washed in the dishwasher. Read more below for more details on usage & cleaning.

So what does it come with?

Modori Sodam Cookware Set comes with the following:

- Modori Signature 18 cm Cooking Pot + Lid
- Modori Signature 22 cm Cooking Pot
- Modori Signature 24 cm Frying Pan
- Multifunctional Handle

If you’re looking for a great gift for yourself – or friends – consider this beautiful & stackable Korean cookingware set!

It’ll excite just about anyone to whip-up more Korean dishes!

Customer Reviews

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Yumeng Z. (Jersey City, NJ)
Nice Pot

Really nice pot. Truly non-stick. Also could be used as bowls and it's really convenient.

Product Highlights

  • Aesthetically pleasing & highly functional + space saving (easy to stack and store in cabinets)
  • 5 Layered, Ceramic Non-Stick Coating (5x higher thermal conductivity than regular non-stick pans)
  • Suitable on various stoves: gas stove, induction cooker, oven (+ dishwasher safe!)
  • Includes 2 pots,1 lid and 1 frying pan. 
  • Works beautifully as a home-warming or birthday gift! 

- [Modori] Sodam Cookware Set -

- It's Stackable.

Can Stack & Store In Small Spaces!

- It's Multi Functional.

Take it straight from the stove to the table.

(Use it as serving ware!)

- 5-Layers of Non-Stick.

Xtrema™ Non-Stick Technology (5 Layers)



Usage Notes

Remove the handle when cooking - and only reattach when moving the pot/pan.

Avoid keeping the handle on a HOT pot/pan for an extended period of time!

To extend the life of the non-stick coating, avoid heating without anything inside of it.

Okay to use on gas stoves, induction cookers, IH cookers, black ceramic cookers & traditional ovens (but not exceeding 300°C).

When stirring the pot/pan, use safe utensils (like wooden utensils, heat resistant silicone, etc).

Important Notice!

Any nonstick cooking ware has a finite lifespan.

Lifespan will vary depending on usage & care.

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