[The Salt] 3-Year-Aged Korean Sea Salt (Great for Kimchi)

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[The Salt] 3-Year-Aged Korean Sea Salt - For Kimchi

Premium-Grade Salt, Great for Kimchi

[The Salt] 3-Year-Aged Korean Sea Salt (Great for Kimchi)

Introducing a premium sea salt from Korea, a natural mineral-rich salt harvested off the pristine islands of Shinan County (신안군).

The Shinan shores are clean mudflats which receive continuous currents of fresh ocean air, abundant sunshine, and pristine seawater from the Pacific Ocean - all factors creating one of the best environments for sea salt production in all of Korea.

In fact, Shinan-gun's mudflats have earned the prestigious designation of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

The uniqueness of Shinan sea salt lies in its low sodium chloride content, making it less salty than regular dining salt, and its elevated sulfuric acid ion content.

It also contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, and various healthy minerals.

That’s why Shinan salt is used by major Korean food conglomerates such as CJ, Daesang, and Nongshim to make their mass-market food products.

Did you know that this Shinan salt is aged (stored) for 3 years?

After harvesting, the salt is left to hung in a cool, dry area for 3 years. Over time, the salt crystals release residual moisture that contains bitter-tasting trace minerals.

When moisture dissipates, the bitter taste diminishes.

It takes a full three years to completely eliminate this bitterness, resulting in a better tasting salt.

Note: Many Koreans prefer Shinan Sea Salt when making Kimchi.

Unlike imported sea salt, which can cause Kimchi to ripen too quickly and taste overly sour, Shinan salt, with its lower sodium chloride content, helps to maintain the right level of sourness through a steady, slower fermentation pace.

Available in 500g and 1 kg bags.

If you enjoy making Kimchi, you’ll need coarse salt when salting the cabbage.

Consider trying this Korean sea salt from Shinan to better preserve the flavor and taste of Kimchi through its different stages of fermentation.

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Product Highlights

  • Natural sea salt harvested from the pristine waters of Shinan Island, Korea
  • Aged for three years to eliminate trace moisture and any bitter taste found in sea salt
  • Ideal for crafting kimchi, this salt boasts a lower sodium chloride content, ensuring a gradual and consistent fermentation process.
  • Available in 500g or 1kg bag

[The Salt] 3-Year-Aged Korean Sea Salt (Shinan Island)


3-Year-Aged Mineral Sea Salt

After harvesting, the salt is left to dry in a cool area over the course of 3 years

This legnthy process removes any bitter taste from the salt by evaporating trace moisture & minerals


Shinan Island: Our Premium Sea Salt

Harvested from the crystal-clear waters of the Pacific Ocean, Shinan's Sea Salt rests on mudflats, naturally drying and capturing the invigorating essence of the ocean air.

The mud-flats and salterns in Shinan-gun have earned the prestigious designation of UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.


This natural salt is collected using eco-friendly, traditional Korean methods

Screenshot 2024-01-29 at 10.42.42 AM.png__PID:2ed20d64-ba71-4222-b0bd-8c54dcb27269

As trace moisture evaporates, any lingering bitter taste is removed

Residual moisture within the salt crystals gradually dissipates as it's stored in a cool, dry area for 3 years

During this evaporation process, bitter-tasting trace minerals also dissipate

It takes about 3 years for all bitterness to be removed from Shinan sea salt


Shinan Sea Salt has a lower sodium chloride content, resulting in a milder salty flavor compared to other sea salts.

It's excellent for salting or fermenting foods - great for Kimchi!

Shinan salt also contains higher levels of natural calcium, potassium, magnesium, and other healthy minerals - surpassing even the renowned French Guerande Salt.


What is the texture?

Coarse texture

Customer Photos: Crafting Cucumber Kimchi (오이김치)

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Customer Photos: Crafting Ponytail Kimchi (총각김치)

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Available in 500g (above) or 1kg size


Detailed information:

Salt type: Sea Salt (천일염)

Ingredients list: 100% Sea Salt (Shinan)

Size: 500g or 1kg

Produced in Korea

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