[Nothyang] 1 Person Essentials Korean Yugi Set (6 Pieces)


[Nothyang] 1-Person Korean Essentials Yugi Set

Traditional Yugi, Premium Quality

[Nothyang]聽1 Person聽Essentials Yugi Set聽

We are very excited to introduce Nothyang to Gochujar!聽

Nothyang was聽distinguished as聽the #1 Top Winner in "2020 Korea Best Brands" for Yugi Brassware.

They are a premium Yugi brand from Korea and their products have featured in hit Korean Netflix/TV series like Itaewon Class, Private Lives (靷儩頇) and 2 Days & 1 Night (2氚1鞚).

Let's start with their Signature 1-Person聽Essentials聽Korean Yugi Set!

This full set includes 6 Yugi pieces - everything you need to plate a beautiful Hansik meal: Rice Bowl (1), Rice Bowl Lid (1), Soup Bowl (1), Chopsticks (1), Spoon (1), Chopstick Holder (1).

What separates Korean聽Yugi (also known as Bangjja) from other brozenware is the alloy ratio between copper and tin. Yugi聽uses an exact ratio聽of 78% copper and 22% tin.聽

Because of this difference,聽Yugi bowls and plates have a beautiful, natural聽golden sheen that gets brighter over time (usage) - as well as self-sterilizing properties!

Yugi kills and prevents viruses, bacteria and microorganisms聽from growing on its surface.

This is why聽Yugi was used to serve the Korean Royal聽Family during the聽dynasty days.聽

In recent years,聽Yugi has made a comeback in the modern Korean kitchen. It's back in vogue ... and become聽a popular gift for newlyweds and solo-livers.

If you're new to Yugi, consider jump-starting your collection with this beautiful 1-Person Essentials Set.

It will make your Korean dishes look extra appetizing!

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Product Highlights

  • Beautifully-designed, 1-Person Essentials Korean Yugi Set
  • This Full Yugi Set contains 6 pieces - great starter!
  • Nothyang was awarded the Top Winner in "2020 Korea Best Brands" for Yugi Brassware
  • Nothyang's Yugi products was featured on Netflix K-dramas like Itaewon Class (2020) & Her Private Life (2020)
  • This is an unforgettable gift for newlyweds, housewarming gifts or for yourself!
  • Made in Korea by artisans (not factory made!) | Yugi brassware will last a lifetime
Nothyang's 1-Person Essentials Set

Comes with: Rice Bowl, Rice Lid, Soup Bowl & Chopstick Set (w/ holder)

The Rice Bowl Lid can be used as a small banchan plate...

What's included in the set?

This set includes a total of 6 Yugi Pieces:

1. Rice Bowl x 1

2. Soup Bowl x 1

3. Rice Bowl Lid x 1

4. Spoon x 1

5. Chopsticks x 1

6. Chopstick Holder x 1

Special Yugi Scrubs

This set comes with 2 Special Yugi Scrubs

Start with the COARSE scrub to remove stains

Note: Use the front-side (the red, coarse side) when scrubbing.

Continue with the FINE scrub if stain is stubborn!

Note: Use the front-side (the grey, fine side) when scrubbing.

Show me how its made

A look into Nothyang's Yugi making process (no sound)

Add to Your Yugi Collection

Serve this 1-Person Essentials Set with... Yugi Ramen & Soup Bowl!

Serve this 1-Person Essentials Set with a... Yugi Salad Bowl!

Serve this 1-Person Essentials Set with... Rectangular Yugi Plate!

Serve this 1-Person Essentials Set with a... Yugi Flower Plate!


1. Each piece is handmade

Nothyang makes each Yugi piece by hand - via manual processes

As a result, there may be subtle differences in size and look (i.e. minor scratches/blemishes/stains).

Note: These minor imperfections do not qualify the product as "damaged'.

2. DOn't use stainless steel scrubbers/wool

Instead, use a regular 3M Dishwashing Sponges when washing (use the dark-green, coarse side).

Or use Nothyang's Special Yugi Scrubs...


Before first use, soak the Yugi in lukewarm water - with vinegar.

(Use a ratio of 2 Cups Water to 1 Tablespoon vinegar)

Soak it for 30 mins - 1 hour (not any longer).

Then rinse off, with soap & water.

Finally, dry it off completely with a towel.

4. I See STAINS On MY YUGI - what is this?

It's because the Yugi was stored with moisture on it (i.e. water droplets).

Remove the stain by scrubbing...

Use the backside of a dry 3M Dishwasher Sponge (the coarse, dark green side). 

Or use Nothyang's Special Yugi Scrub.

Important: Both the Yugi Ware & the Scrub should be dry when scrubbing.

The stain will come off as a fine black powder. 

Rinse it off with water and dry it off completely with a kitchen towel.

As you use (and clean) your Yugi ware  more often - its golden sheen will get brighter!


Nothyang was selected #1 Top Winner in "2020 Korea Best Brands" for Yugi Brassware

Nothyang uses the most premium grade copper available in Korea

Korean Yugi is made by hammering a precise mix of exactly 78% Copper and 22% Tin

Yugi has self-sterilizing properties - it kills bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms.

It also retains temperatures well - plate hot foods and the dishes will stay hot.

Scoop-on cold foods, and the plates will stay cold!


Q: Does the Yugi lose its golden color over time?
Q: I smell a slight metallic smell - how do I get rid of it?
Q: Can I use my Yugiware in the microwave - or over direct heat?
Q: How do I take care of my Yugiware?
Q: I see a stain on my Yugi - how do I remove this?
Q: I neglected my Yugi - and now it's darkened in color. How do I get that golden sheen again?

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About The Brand

Nothyang was selected #1 Top Winner in 2020 Korea Best Brands for Yugi Brassware. Their yugi products are made 100% in Korea with exceptional craftsmanship - building on decades of experience and history. Nothyang's products are sold in premium shops and even featured on hit Korean Netflix/TV series like Itaewon Class, Her Private Life and 1 Night & 2 days.

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