[Modori] Korean Sodam Grill Pan


[Modori] Sodam Grill Pan

Non-Stick Searing, Rounded Grill

[Modori] Korean Sodam Grill Pan

Modori has released two items for its Sodam Cookware Set.

One of which is this Sodam Grill Pan.

It’s a circular, non-stick grill pan for searing steaks, toasting breads and grilling vegetables.

A perfect pan for steak nights and weekend brunch!

When grilling meats, the grease will drip off the meat and collect into the lanes - making for a cleaner taste and finish.

The grill pan is large (27cm) - enough area to fit an entire brunch menu.

Best of all, it's beautiful enough to use as serving ware.

After you're done cooking, move the pan from the stove directly to the table (no need for extra plates)!

When cleaning up, this circular grill pan will stack as the bottom piece in the Sodam Cookware Set - so storage is simple & easy.

And yes, this grill pan has the same 5-layers of Advanced Non-Stick Coating as others in the Sodam Cookware Set.

If you enjoy grilling meats or vegetables at home, consider adding this Grill Pan to your Sodam Cookware Set!

(Note: This Sodam Grill Pan does not come with a separate lid)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
E.P. (Grantsburg, WI)
Great Pan

A lovely grill pan for someone who doesn't have a grill but still wants the effect.

Marie C. (Québec, QC)
Favorite Modori item

I recently bought this and the Sodam cookware set. I love them both, but this particular item has been my favorite to use. Great size, food does not stick and it's very useful to grill‚ anything, really! And like the cookware set, it is esthetically perfect. Thanks!

Cydnee O. (Sunnyvale, CA)
Love this pan

I absolutely love this vendor and this pan. The pan arrived fast, packaged well and has been a joy to cook in and super easy clean up. I have this entire set and got the whole thing from this vendor and have been super happy with everything. I would highly recommend!!

Product Highlights

  • Sodam Grill Pan (27cm) - add to your Sodam Cookware Collection!
  • Use it for making brunch or during steak nights - get a nice sear on meats & vegetables
  • Sodam Grill Pan is spacious - can fit an entire meal, also use directly as serving ware!
  • No seasoning required, 5-layers of non-stick!

- [Modori] Korean Sodam Grill Pan -

Introducing... Sodam Grill Pan (27cm)

A non-stick grill pan for searing steaks & grilling vegetables at home

Add to your Sodam Cookware Set Collection

Make appetizing grill marks on your meats, morning toast and sliced vegetables!

The grease will drip off meats and collect into the lanes!

Use to grill meats, toast breads or sear vegetables

Perfect for steak nights or weekend brunch!

Check Point! 

The raised ridges get very hot - great for searing meats and vegetables

 The pan is also very spacious (27 cm) - use it as both cooking & serving ware


Move easily with Modori's detachable handle

(Modori's detachable handle is not included - order separately)

Detailed Information

Inner Diameter: 27 cm | Height 4 cm

Material: Aluminium (Ceramic Coating)

Weight: 1004g

Made in Korea

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