[Kitchen Style] Handmade Rice & Soup Bowls (Set of 2)


Kitchen Style - Handmade Rice & Soup Bowls

Beautiful, Earthy & Minimal

[Kitchen Style] Handmade Rice & Soup Bowl

Today, we offer two bowls that may become the "workhorse" of your Korean Kitchen.

This is Kitchen Style's Handmade Rice & Soup Bowls.

The bowl's design is simple & modest - no flashy patterns or distinct lines.

These everyday bowls are made with a special refined, Korean clay (고백자).

The clay naturally contains specks of iron, which transform into black dots when blazed at high temperatures. They gave the bowl a rustic, natural look.

We find ourselves reaching for these bowls the most.

The bowls are stackable, easy-to-wash and not fragile. 

We couldn't recommend it enough.

Available type: Rice Bowl or Soup Bowl

Comes in a set of 2.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sophie (Shenyang, LN)

I bought three sets of this soup and rice bowls. When I received them three bowls broken. The owner sent new three for replacement. The bowls are simple & modest.

A.R. (Cambridge, MA)

I like these: they're as pretty as they are in the photos, and they are robust and well-sized. I'm using them every day.

Product Highlights

  • Beautiful, handmade rice & soup bowls
  • Simple, minimal design with no color - perfect for everyday use
  • Handmade by Korean artisans - not bulk-made in factories 
  • Available in sets of 2
  • Made in Korea

[Kitchen Style] Handmade Rice Bowl & Soup Bowl

Handmade Rice Bowl

Handmade Soup Bowl

Simple design, natural aesthetic

The black specks are formed by the iron deposits in the natural clay

Makes for a beautiful, natural aesthetic

Rice Bowl (shown)

Rice Bowl (shown)

Soup Bowl (shown)

 - Product Details -

Rice bowl (left): diameter (12 cm)

Soup bowl (right): diameter (15 cm)

Handmade Rice Bowl

Dimensions: 12 cm (diameter) x 7 cm (height)

Material: Ceramic

Made in Korea

Handmade Soup Bowl

Dimensions: 15 cm (diameter) x 7.5 cm (height)

Material: Ceramic

Made in Korea

Product Notice

This is a handmade product

As a result, there may be minor imperfections like small dents or discolored spots

These do not qualify the item as "damaged"

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