[Kitchen Style] Handmade Banchan Plates (3-Piece Set)


[Kitchen Style] Handmade Banchan Plates

Handmade, For聽Banchan Plating

[Kitchen Style]聽Handmade聽Banchan Plates

The best part about Korean meals is聽the banchans!

A key聽aspect of banchan culture is the presentation itself.

Typically, banchans are served on small plates, so that you can sample a variety聽of聽them.

Today, we聽showcase Kitchen Style's Handmade Banchan Plates

They are beautifully designed and hand-made by local ceramic artisans in Korea (not mass produced in a factory).

The plates聽have a slight convexed bottom - like聽a bowl - which draws聽food聽to the聽center and provides a clean聽visual.

We personally love聽these plates because they're fit for everyday use.

Easy to clean, durable and best of all, they stack easily聽into your cabinets.

If you cook Korean food on a regular basis, consider adding a set of banchan plates to your kitchenware.

1 set聽includes聽3 plates.

Available in 2 sizes - small or large.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Holly N. (Murrieta, CA)

I've been looking for some small Banchan plates/bowls but none of the American style dishes were right. These are the perfect size!

Shabana S. (Chelmsford, ENG)
Simply stunning

Absolutely adore these banchan plates. Excellent quality and design, very much looking forward to using them!

Product Highlights

  • Beautiful, handmade banchan plates
  • Unique design - convexed bottom to make it easy to center-align foods
  • Made to serve banchans beautifully
  • Available in two sizes - small & large (1 set comes with 3 plates) 
  • Made in Korea

[Kitchen Style] Handmade Banchan Plates (3-pc set)

Simple design, natural aesthetic

The black specks are formed from the iron deposits in the natural, ceramic clay

Makes for a beautiful, natural look 

Small base, wide diameter

Gives banchans a centered & orderly look

Available in 2 Sizes

Small size: diameter (11cm)

Large size: diameter (13 cm)

Small Banchan Plates

Dimensions: 11 cm (diameter) x 4.5 cm (total height) x 1.5 cm (base height)

Material: Ceramic

Made in Korea

Large Banchan Plates

Dimensions: 13 cm (diameter) x 5 cm (total height) x 2 cm (base height)

Material: Ceramic

Made in Korea

Product Notice

This is a handmade product

As a result, there may be minor imperfections like small dents or discolored spots

These do not qualify the item as "damaged"

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