[Clean Ttukbaegi] Premium Ttukbaegi Bowl


[Clean Ttukbaegi] Soup Bowl

0% Absorption, Premium-grade

[Clean Ttukbaegi] Premium Ttukbaegi Bowl

A few weeks ago, we introduced the Ttukbaegi Pot. Today, we follow up with Ttukbaegi Bowls! These earthenware bowls are made by the same reputable company - Clean Ttukbaegi - and have all of the key properties like the 0% absorption clay (more details below).

Ttukbaegi Bowls are used by Korean restaurants as servingware for soups or stews. The bowls retain heat well and do not cool-down quickly, even after being taken off the heat. It will arrive at the customer table bubbling hot - making for an more exciting dining experience.

While you may not own a restaurant, you may want to bring that dining experience to your home. These Ttukbaegi bowls are perfect for serving (or reheating) soups or stews in individual portions - as opposed to sharing from one group Ttukbaegi pot.

Buy a few for a dinner party or get one for yourself. It's hard to beat a late-night Shin Ramen served in a hot-hot Ttukbaegi bowl!

Customer Reviews

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June N. (Modesto, CA)
Love it

Very well made

Product Highlights

  • 0% absorption rate - clean, healthy and trustworthy
  • Specially designed to prevent overflow when cooking
  • High retention of heat - keeps food very hot for the entirety of the meal
  • Safe to use in microwave and conventional oven.
  • Available in one size - 1190 ml


Dimensions: Top (18.4 cm) X Bottom (12.9 cm) X Height (7.4 cm)

Volume 1,190 ml 

Weight: 870 g

What soups should I serve in this? 




What's Special about Clean Ttukbaegi©? 

 Point #1 - 0% Absorption Rate

This is a picture of a regular Ttukbaegi. You'll see white foam surface from the leftover dishwasher soap stuck in the cracks and gaps of the clay.

This is the Ttukbaegi made by Clean Ttukbaegi. It has 0% absorption rate - due to its high mass density. Thus, no white foam when boiling water. 

This is their official patent certification for creating 0% absorption clay material

 Point #2 - No Overflow
Point #3 - Retains Heat well

Even when surrounded by ice, the Clean Ttukbaegi retains heat well!

TypeTime Required to Boil10 minutes after boiling20 minutes after boiling30 minutes after boiling
Regular Ttukbaegi6 minutes 24 secs70.8° C56.9° C48.5° C
Clean Ttukbaegi ©5 minutes 4 secs71.2° C57.5° C49.3° C

Product faq

Q: Do I need to season this? Or do any pre-steps before cooking with it?

No - it has already been pre-seasoned. You can use right away. 

Q: For the Ttukbaegi Pot, there was an option for Classic or Highlight version - is there no option for this bowl?
Q: I have a gas stovetop. Is that ok?
Q: I have a electric stovetop. Is that ok?
Q: I have an induction stovetop - is that ok?
Q: How do I wash this?
Q: Can I place this in the oven?
Q: Is there anything I should be careful with?
Q: Where is this made?

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About The Brand

Clean Ttukbaegi is a manufacturer of Korean Ttukbaegi pots. Their Clean Ttukbaegi line have become one of the best-selling, premium Ttukbaegis in Korea. Its now widely used in Korean restaurants. 

That's it folks!