[Clean Ttukbaegi] Premium Ttukbaegi Pot


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0% Absorption, Premium-Grade

[Clean Ttukbaegi] Premium Ttukbaegi Pot

Ttukbaegi is an essential piece of cookingware聽for Korean homecooking.

If you've been to a Korean BBQ restaurant before, you've probably seen it. The dark-brown pot that served to your table piping hot. It's used to serve stews like doenjang jjigae or banchans like Korean steamed eggs (Gyeran Jjim). Korean restaurants love to use Ttukbaegis as it keeps stews聽hot for the entire meal.聽

Clean Ttukbaegi is the premier Ttukbaegi brand in Korea. Their pots have won numerous awards for聽excellence in design, material and durability. They have 4 key selling points that聽separate it from other Ttukbaegis on the market:

(#1) First, Clean Ttukbaegi has a 0% absorption rate. What does that mean? With聽regular Ttukbaegis, microscopic holes and fissures develop in the clay after time from normal usage. Dish聽soap and residual water creep into these fissures and release when cooking -聽that's why you聽see foam bubbles聽rise when boiling water. However, Clean Ttukbaegi聽is made with special clay that has a very high density. It prevents any liquids from being absorbed into the material.聽

(#2) Traditionally, Ttukbaegis were heated over a fire or gas stove. Most have a small circular ridge聽on the bottom which creates a gap between the heat source and the pot. But聽this gap causes inefficient heating when cooking over a flat electric cooking top - which is聽in most聽modern kitchens.聽To address this problem, the company聽has聽created their "Highlight Ttukbaegis" which have no ridge.聽They make聽direct contact with the electric cooking tops for聽quick and even heating. (However, please note that聽both versions do not work on聽induction stovetops).

(#3)聽Clean Ttukbaegi does not overflow. Typically, one has to be close-by when聽boiling stew in a Ttukbaegi. The liquid tends to overflow when its boiling hard. However, the design of the Clean Ttukbaegi directs the external heat in an outward direction - preventing liquids from overflowing.

(#4) Finally, the Clean Ttuekbaegi retains heat better than others. The results from comparative tests shown below.聽

If you enjoy cooking Korean stews, this is a great buy! In the past, we have purchased many cheap Ttukbaegis. Typically - after a few months - the bottom of the pots burn out and 'smoke' the foods - no good! Instead, we recommend buying a high-quality pot from the start!

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
L.K. (Clarksburg, MD)
Great pot!

Use mine all the time. Size is smaller than expected but still wonderful to use.

J.N. (Vancouver, BC)
Fantastic pot!

This is an extremely high quality and beautiful product! I would highly recommend this to anyone and if you are on the fence about it, definitely get it. It is awesome for rice cooking as well!

Jason N.
Fantastic pot!

This is an extremely high quality and beautiful product! I would highly recommend this to anyone and if you are on the fence about it, definitely get it. It is awesome for rice cooking as well!

Lygaia (Burgthann, BY)
wonderful pot

This pot is outstanding. I yet only owned two rather simple Korean pots that can only be used on the gas stove. They are fine but you are a little limited if you want to also use a pot on an electric oven.
Apart from that practical aspect the pot is also wonderful concerning the handling and preparing of the food. The heat evenly heats the whole pot without getting too warm in single places. Also you can cook soups and stews at rather high temperatures and they never boil over. It is also easy to clean and the pot itself is made of high quality material. I have meanwhile prepared three different soups and stews and they all turned out perfect.

Bek (Kitchener, ON)

SO Happy, Product is Wonderful! top quality, beautiful and stylish. I have to mentioned that the customer service is out of this world, so impressed with this company, highly recommend and will purchase from them again in the future

Product Highlights

  • 0% absorption rate - clean, healthy and trustworthy
  • Specially designed to prevent overflow when cooking
  • High retention of heat - keeps food very hot for the entirety of the meal
  • Safe to use in microwave and conventional oven.
  • Available in two sizes: Single Size & Family Size
 Point #1 - 0% Absorption Rate

This is a picture of a regular Ttukbaegi. You'll see white foam surface from the leftover dishwasher soap stuck in the cracks and gaps of the clay.

This is the Ttukbaegi made by Clean Ttukbaegi. It has 0% absorption rate - due to its high mass density. Thus, no white foam when boiling water. 

This is their official patent certification for creating 0% absorption clay material

 Point #2 - No Overflow
Point #3 - Retains Heat well

Even when surrounded by ice, the Clean Ttukbaegi retains heat well!

TypeTime Required to Boil10 minutes after boiling20 minutes after boiling30 minutes after boiling
Regular Ttukbaegi6 minutes 24 secs70.8掳 C56.9掳 C48.5掳 C
Clean Ttukbaegi 漏5 minutes 4 secs71.2掳 C57.5掳 C49.3掳 C
How is it marketed in Korea?
Available in 2 versions

Choose a version depending on your kitchen cooktop.

1. If you own a gas cooktop, 

Buy the Classic Version 

The bottom has a white circular ridge that lifts the pot off the surface

2. If you own a electric or coil cooktop,

Buy the Highlight Version

The bottom has no ridge -  sits flat on top of the cooking surface

(Note: Both do not heat on induction cooktops)

Available in 2 sizes

Single Size (for 1-2 people)

Dimensions + Weight
(Body Diameter x Bottom Diameter x Height)

 Classic: 138 x 102 x 72 mm, 800 grams
Highlight: 139 x 102 x 77 mm, 820 grams

 Classic volume: 750 ml 
Highlight volume: 750 ml 

Family Size (3-4 people)

Dimensions + Weight
(Body Diameter x Bottom Diameter x Height)

Classic: 162 x 131 x 78 mm, 1030 grams
Highlight: 161 x 131 x 76 mm, 1210 grams

Classic volume: 1140 ml
Highlight volume: 1100 ml

Product faq

Q: Do I need to season this? Or do any pre-steps before cooking with it?

No - it has already been pre-seasoned. You can use right away. 

Q: Does it come with a lid?
Q: How do I wash this?
Q: Can I place this in the microwave?
Q: Can I place this in the oven?
Q: I have an induction stovetop - is that ok?
Q: Is there anything I should be careful with?
Q: Where is this made?

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About The Brand

Clean Ttukbaegi is a manufacturer of Korean Ttukbaegi pots. Their Clean Ttukbaegi line have become one of the best-selling, premium Ttukbaegis in Korea. Its now widely used in Korean restaurants. 

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