[Bangyudang] Cacao Misugaru Powder

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[Bangyudang] Cacao Misugaru

On-the-Go Breakfast

[Bangyudang] Cacao Misugaru

We're back with more misugaru - this time with cacao!

Bangyudang's Cacao Misugaru is made with real cacao - directly imported from Spain!

The raw cacao is dried, roasted and ground into a fine powder. The misguaru blend contains: Cacao (20%), Barley (50%), Brown Rice (15%) and Soybeans (15%).

So what does it taste like?

No sugar or sweeteners have been added to the raw cacao beans (i.e. unprocessed).

It has as a dark chocolate, slightly-bitter flavor - without any sweetness.

Raw cacao is highly nutritious and exceptionally rich in antioxidants - it helps to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.

That's why its being used as an ingredient for this special misugaru.

For a healthy breakfast shake, we recommend mixing a few scoops of this Cacao Misugaru with honey and milk (exact ratio listed below).

Customer Reviews

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Isaivani M. (Montreal, QC)

This is quite nice. Just need to make sure you are mixing it in warm/hot water or milk. I use plan-based milk and it nice to drink on a winter day :)

C. (Chapel Hill, NC)
Wow, quite delicious!

This misugaru is great. Love the nutty, chocolate-y flavor. You can really taste the high level of quality. We mix it with oat milk (we're plant-based) and a kiss of maple syrup in a blender bottle. The shipping didn't even take that long (from South Korea to the eastern US). We'll most likely purchase again ❤️ 감사합니다!

Mar (Sacramento, CA)

I got this as part of the set of 3, definitely worth it. I'll be ordering again when I finish this batch!

Maika S. (Singapore)
Cocoa Misugaru

I bought 4 flavours at one go: Original, Black, Cocoa & Sweet Pumpkin. All are so delicious! :) The cocoa here really enhances the nutty flavour and gives the drink more depth. Out of all the flavours, I think this is the one that you can get away with if you just wanna mix with water instead of milk. For the Original & Black, I would always mix with milk cos I think that improves the flavour, but it's not necessary for this. I've only ever drank this hot (as a hot chocolate during the evenings mostly), but I'm interested to see how it will be if drank cold. The addition of the cocoa makes a 'safer; option too, if you're worried you won't like the 'grain' taste. But the cocoa also gives me more ideas for smoothie pairings - might try this mixed with a bit of banana & milk one day, I think it would be great!

MA (Trenton, ON)

I purchased this as part of the 3-colour bundle. One day when making a glass, I noticed that I had a bag of dried cherries sitting on the counter next to the blender, so I threw in a handful instead of adding sweetener. The result was great! The cherry flavour went well with the chocolate, and, of course, you can still taste the multigrain flavour. Now I always use cherries with this flavour of misugaru!

Product Highlights

  • Mix of roasted and finely ground grains
  • Cacao is imported directly from Spain 
  • All of the other grains are locally grown in Korea
  • No caffeine! Misugaru is high in vitamins, proteins, folates and calcium - great as on-the-go breakfast
  • Cacao is rich in minerals - especially polyphenols (good antioxidants)

Bangyudang is a Korea seed roaster based in Gwangju, South Korea.

They've been roasting grains since 1976. This is a picture from the old days.

After 40 years, the owner (show above) has become a grain roasting master!

They specialize in traditional Korean grains.

Cacao Misugaru Details

Full Ingredients list

Barley (50%), Cacao (20%), Soybean (15%), Brown Rice (15%)

    Storage Tips

    Expiration period: Listed on Package

    Before opening, keep in a cool, dry area

    After opening, store in refrigerator

      How to enjoy

      Misugaru Shake (shown above) 

      Misugaru Milkshake

      Patbingsu/Pancake Topping

        About the Brand

        Bangyudang is a Korea seed roaster based in Gwangju that specializes in roasting grains and pressing seed oils.

          How to ENJOY CACAO misugaru

          1. Pour 1 cup of milk (~200 ml) 

          2. Mix-in 4 Tbsp of Cacao Misugaru

          3. Add 1/2 Tbsp of Honey (or sugar)

          4. Stir thoroughly and enjoy!

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          About The Brand

          Bangyudang is a Korea seed roaster based in Gwangju that specializes in roasting grains and pressing sesame and perilla oil. They've been in business since 1976 and built a solid reputation for premium seed oils & grain powders. 

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