[Yugi Ssam] Almond & Date Palm (Original)


[Yugi Ssam] Almond & Date Palm (Original)

Natural, healthy snack - serve with coffee!

[Yugi Ssam] Almond & Date Palm (Original)

Today, we introduce a delicious and healthy snack to munch on.

This is the definition of a “raw” snack. No additives, artificial coloring - just a few ingredients that complement each other’s natural flavors.

Tunisian date palms are first pitted, then stuffed with a California-grown almond.

The stuffed date palm is then coated with a thin layer of natural Jujube Extract.

The combination tastes wonderful.

You’ll enjoy the natural sweetness of the date palms, with the crunchy texture of the almond.

Note: This snack is very tasty - try your best not to finish the whole container in one sitting!

Perfect as a small treat - while sipping on your daily coffee!

One container has 140g.

Note: Please store in refrigerator after receiving.

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Product Highlights

  • A unique, delicious sweet to serve with tea or coffee!
  • Healthy & tasty - slightly sweet with a pleasant chew
  • Premium ingredients - sourced directly from select countries
  • Available in 140g

[Yugi Ssam] Almond & Date Palm Snack (Original)

Almonds wrapped in Date Palm

California Almonds + Tunisian Date Palms


✓ Tunisian Date Palms (76%)

✓ California Almond (23%)

Hows it made?

- Seeds are removed form the date palms

- Almonds are placed inside the pitted date palms

- They are coated with a thin layer of jujube extract

- Then partially dried for a chewy texture 

- Finally cut into bite-sized pieces and packaged

Offered in 140g

Note: Store in refrigerator after receiving

Ingredient list

Dried Date Palms (from Tunisia) 76%, Roasted Almonds (from USA) 23%, Jujube Extract 1% (from Korea)

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