[Yeogi Damki] Breakfast Plate & Mug Combo (2-Person Set, 4 Pieces)

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[Yeogi Damki] Breakfast Plate & Mug Combo (2-Person Set, 4 Pieces) - A: Soomin Plate x 2 + Galmaegi Mug x 2 (15% OFF) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

[Yeogi Damki] Breakfast Plate Set

Start Your Mornings with A Smile

[Yeogi Damki] Breakfast Plate & Mug Combo (2 Person Set, 4 Pieces)

Today, we are very excited to bring you Yeogi Damki!

Yeogi Damki is a boutique ceramic shop located in Icheon, Korea. The shop owner and skilled artisan Kyungran Yeo has a passion for doodling - combined with decades of experience in making Korean ceramics. 

We've been personally using these plates for breakfast and simply love them. It brings us small joy to look at the expression of the ladies drawn on the plates.

The artisan explained to us that the ladies are purposely drawn with "blank expressions" (무표정 in Korean). 

But when we look at them, they look slightly angry/confused... as if they're annoyed that we're looking at them! 

On some mornings, their faces look slightly sad to us - as if they're thinking "is the day over?"

Perhaps... it's a reflection of our state-of-mind! 

Nonetheless, these beautiful plates have been making us smirk in the mornings - which is way we have fallen in love with them. 

The plates are perfectly sized for a piece of toast, hardboiled egg and/or pieces of fruit.

We introduce 2-Person Breakfast Plate & Mug Combo Sets (total of 4 pieces):  

Select from 5 combinations:

- Option A: Soomin Plate x 2 + Galmaegi Mug x 2
- Option B: Soomin Plate x 2 + Goyangi Mug x 2
- Option C: Hyunji Plate x 2 + Galmaegi Mug x 2
- Option D: Hyunji Plate x 2 + Goyangi Mug x 2
- Option E: Soomin Plate x 1 + Hyunji Plate x 1 + Galmaegi Mug x 1 + Goyangi Mug x 1

(Galmaegi means seagull in Korean. Goyangi is cat)

Each of the ceramic pieces are handmade using premium Korean white clay, and directly made by Kyungran in small batches (not bulk-made in an industrial factory).

If you're looking for unique Korean ceramic pieces to personalize your kitchen, Yeogi Damki's Breakfast Set are great!

To buy plates separately (here) or mugs (here).

Customer Reviews

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Isaivani M.
Simply beautiful

These plates and mug are simply stunning in person. I love all the details, perfect size and wish there were more products from this company that could be purchased. Fully recommend!!!

Product Highlights

  • 100% handmade using premium Korean white clay
  • Unique ceramic pieces from Korea - simple yet minimal & entertaining!
  • Perfectly sized for breakfast foods - slices of toast, hard-boiled egg and pieces of fruit
  • Set includes a beautiful coffee mug (handle fits comfortably around finger).
  • 2-Person Set available in 5 different combinations! (Choose what you like!)

- [Yeogi Damki] Breakfast with Neighbors - 

Soomin Breakfast Plate

Hyunji's Breakfast Plate

Goyangi Mug

Galmaegi Mug

Choose from the following:

Soomin Breakfast Plate

Diameter: 18 cm

Height: 2 cm

Hyunji Breakfast Plate

Diameter: 18 cm

Height: 2 cm

Black Goyangi Mug

Diameter: 7 cm | Incl. Handle (11.5)

Height: 9 cm | Volume (250ml)

Morning Galmaegi Mug

Diameter: 7 cm | Incl. Handle (11.5)

Height: 9 cm | Volume (250ml)

 [Meet Yeogi Damki]

Yeogi Damki is a designer ceramic boutique in Icheon, Korea. The artist-owner is Ms. Kyeongran Yeo. She has decades of experience in making Korean white-clay ceramics. Her pieces have featured in 30+ premier exhibitions/galleries throughout Korea. 

Kyeongran applies her deep expertise in Korean ceramics with her childhood passion for doodling. Many of her signature pieces feature a minimal and expressionless illustration of people & animals. 

Product Notice

Each piece is 100% handmade.

As a result, there may be subtle difference in size, color, shape and illustration positioning.

There may instances where the glaze looks noticeable in spots

Mini brown dots will be visible on the cup - this is intended to be part of the design (image above).
It occurs when the iron in the clay melt as its being baked in the oven.

None of the reasons above (or similar) qualify a product as being "damaged" for exchange/refund.

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