[Yecha Won] Gamasot Deep Broth Tablets


[Yecha Won] Gamasot Deep Broth Tablets (40 tablets)

Deep Cauldron Broth Flavor, NO MSG!

[Yecha Won] Gamasot Deep Broth Tablets

How many times have you tried sampling a stew or soup, only to think… “something” is missing?

You add salt… but it still feels flat!

Well, today we have just the remedy for you.

Today, we introduce Gamasot Deep Broth Tablets!

[Note: Gamasot is the Korean word for a heavy pot or large cauldron. In the old days, Korean families cooked rice - as well as jjigae (stew) - in these large steel cauldrons. The high heat and pressure that builds in the cauldrons help to extract the natural flavors out of ingredients and produce a deep broth]

These Gamasot Deep Broth Tablets are meant just for that - to help you make a deep-tasting broth quickly.

Skip the process of gutting dried anchovies, chopping vegetables and boiling for 30+ minutes.

Instead, drop in a tablet into cold water - and bring it up to boil.

Within 3 minutes, you’ll taste a deep-tasting, cauldron broth flavor.

That’s it - then proceed on with the next steps of the recipe.

You can use these tablets to make a variety of Korean dishes: Gyeran Jim (Steamed Eggs), Doenjang Jjigae (Soybean Stew), Mandu-guk (Dumpling Soup), Tteok-guk (Rice Cake Soup), Janchi Guksu (Korean Banquet Noodles), Eomuk-Tang (Fish Cake Soup)

This sounds great… but does it contain MSG?

These tablets are made with 100% natural ingredients - all sourced in Korea.

No MSG, No synthetic flavoring or coloring, No preservatives!

The tablets start with locally-harvested anchovies & kelp in Korea - they are fully dried-out, then ground into powder.

The two ingredients are then mixed with 10 other vegetables that have also been ground-up (Garlic, Onion, Radish, Burdock Root, Lotus Root, Cabbage, Mushroom, Celery, Carrot, Spring Onion).

Take a look at the ingredients list (in product page below) - and you can confirm the natural ingredients!

Next time you’re craving Korean soup (or stew), simply drop an Gamasot Broth Tablet into water - and quickly proceed to the next step in the recipe!

One container contains 40 Tablets.

These tablets produce a deep-tasting anchovy-kelp stock broth.

When a recipe calls for “Korean stock broth” or “anchovy-kelp broth” or “anchovy-dashima broth”, try using these tablets!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
M.E. (Las Vegas, NV)
So wonderful to get that deep taste

I haven`t had luck making yukgaejang, I got the tablets added so I can make yukgajang. It turned out much better than previous attempts with the tablets.

Debora M.
great product

I have not been able to find a Korean stock powder or tablet this good in Europe, especially without MSG. So glad to have found this product!

Product Highlights

  • Get  deep flavor, cauldron stock broth.... with one tablet!
  • Made with natural ingredients - each grown or sourced in Korea
  • Contains no MSG, preservatives, flavor enhances or synthetic coloring
  • Use to make a deep-tasting broth for your favorite Korean soup/stew/braised dishes
  • 1 container has 40 broth tablets
[Yecha Won] Gamasot Deep Broth Tablets

Slowly Boiled, Cauldron (Gamasot) Broth Flavor

The secret to any great tasting Korean Soup or Stew is the broth

Made with All-Natural, 100% Korean Ingredients!

Contains NO MSG, preservatives or artificial flavoring

Includes Anchovies (caught in Korea, dried-out & ground)

Includes Kelp (harvested in Korea, dried-out & ground)

All you need is ONE tablet

(Avoid the hassle of gutting anchovies or chopping ingredients to make Korean Stock Broth)

Tablets contain NO artificial additives (like MSG)!

Use them on-the-go to quickly make a satisfying Korean soup or stew

Use them to make a variety of Korean recipes

- Usage Instructions -

Use 3-4 tablets for every 1L of water 

...or 1 tablet for every ~200-300ml of water

Then gently boil for 3 minutes - broth is ready!

Drop the tablets from the start (into cold water) - then bring to a boil  for a deeper flavor!

(As opposed to dropping into boiling water)

Use it to make broth for Korean breakfast dishes likes gyeran jjim

Use it when you're cooking outdoors - Make Korean food during camping!

Use it to make Janchi Guksu (잔치국수), Korean Dumpling Soup (만두국), Fish Cake Soup (오뎅탕)

Made with All-Natural Ingredients

Does NOT include any MSG, flavor enhancers, synthetic flavoring,  emulsifiers or preservatives!

Made with 100% Korean-Grown Ingredients

Make a variety of Korean dishes

Soups, Stews, Braised Dishes, Stir-fries, Noodles & Fast-Food Dishes

Full Ingredients list: 

Original Broth Powder {Anchovy Powder, Fermented Bean Powder, Sugar, Fermented Soybean Extract Powder, Fermented Soybean Extract}, Kelp Powder {Kelp}, Spring Onion Extract Powder, Dried Garlic Powder, Sea Salt, Kelp Extract Powder {Dashima Extract, Dextrin}, Dried Vegetable Powder Mix {Garlic, Onion, Radish, Burdock Root, Lotus Root, Cabbage, Mushroom, Celery, Carrot, Spring Onion}

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