[Vonz] Korean Pottery Trays


Showcase the beauty of Korea

[Vonz] Korean Pottery Trays

From the kitchen to your living room...

How do you move food or coffee around? In Korean homes, there's always a "jaengban" (tray) lying around.

Today, we introduce a beautifully-designed jaengban that can be used for serving and home deco. Each tray features the mesmerizing patterns of traditional Korean pottery.

A close look at the ceramic bottles, and you'll see a butterfly or plant design: the butterfly signifies love (사랑), freedom (자유), & happiness (행복).

And the floral design depicts the Buddha's Hand Tree. It's a special tree which bears citrus fruits that resemble a small hand. Many say it is "buddha's hand" - symbolizing fortune (복).

The patterns are placed on 100% cotton fabric. Then individually laid and covered with fiberglass-reinforced plastic.

You'll notice its sturdy build when its your hands - it can hold heavy plates and withstand drops. The surface is also non-slip!

If you're interested in bringing a touch of Korean heritage into your kitchen, this is a great item for both deco/serving.

Note: These trays are not factory made - it's created by an artist in Korea named Kang Jeon Eun.

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Product Highlights

  • Use as decoration in your home or for serving food
  • Design is printed on fabric (100% cotton), then laid onto fiber-glass reinforced plastic
  • Tray is strong and sturdy - you can feel the quality in your hands
  • Choose from 3 traditional Korean pottery designs
  • Displays the beauty of traditional Korea - wherever the tray is placed

1. Butterfly on Bottle (Grey)

사랑 | 자유 | 행복

Symbolizes:  Love | Freedom | Happiness

2. Butterfly on Bottle (Jade)

사랑 | 자유 | 행복

Symbolizes: Love | Freedom | Happiness

3. Budda's Hand (Light Jade)

Symbolizes: Fortune

Detailed Look

Materials: Fabric (100% Cotton), Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic

Size: 38 x 19 x 1.2 cm

Origin: Handmade in Korea

When lifted against the light, you'll see the fabric that has been carefully laid.


The surface is coated with non-slip material.

Items will not slide when placed up to a 10 degree angle!

These products are HANDMADE - not factory made!

-On the rounded corners, you may see creases from the layered cotton

-The positioning of the pattern may be different between trays (± 2 cm)

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About The Brand

Vonz is a boutique brand created by Jeongeun Kang. She strives to deliver a sample of Korean traditional value and heritage through daily products. Her products display the beauty of Korea wherever they are placed!

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