[Tamburins] Nude H. AND Cream


[Tamburins] Nude H. AND Cream

Korean fashion meets skincare

[Tamburins] Nude H. AND Cream

Today, we’re excited to introduce TAMBURINS!

Tamburins is a new Korean cosmetics brand by Gentle Monster.

(Gentle Monster is the stylish Korean sunglass brand, that pushes the boundaries of design and retail experience.)

If you’ve visited Korea before, you may have shopped in the trendy district of Sinsa, Seoul.

There, Tamburins flagship store attracts thousands of visitors a day.

What separates Tamburins is its retail experience, which goes much further than the sale of product.

The entire retail space combines striking visual merchandising - including large art installations - with conceptual themes to keep customers combing back to see how the brand evolves.

It’s more like an art exhibition, where the products change, along with the environments in which they are presented.

Today, we offer their signature Nude H. AND Cream.

While it's a hand cream, it's dressed as a clutch.

It's Korean fashion meets skincare.

The Nude H. AND Cream is offered in 4 unique, elegant scents:

  • Nude H. AND Cream 000 (Sandalwood | Patchouli | Soil) 
  • Nude H. AND Cream 7 (Rosewood | Coconut | Elegant )
  • Nude H. AND Cream 712 (Patchouli | Bitter Grass | Smoky)
  • Nude H. AND Cream 421 (Vanilla Wood | Nutty)

Apply the hand cream after washing to make your skin feel as soft as velvet.

Size is 30ml.

Perfect as a Korean gift to friends or colleagues!

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Product Highlights

  • Nude H. AND Cream - select from 4 elegant scents 
  • Hand lotion includes chain link 
  • Available in 30ml (Made in Korea)
  • Perfect as a Korean gift to friends or colleagues!


[Tamburins] Nude H. AND Cream

01. Nude H. AND Cream 000

02. Nude H. AND Cream 7

03. Nude H. AND Cream 712

04. Nude H. AND Cream 421

Size: 30ml

(Details listed below)

Nude H. AND Cream 000


Scent: Sandalwood | Patchouli | Soil 

Description: The smell of the outdoors, holding an armful of wild flowers

Nude H. AND Cream 7


Scent: Rosewood | Coconut | Elegant 

Description: Unrefined, natural rosewood & lavandin + sweet coconut. An elegant impression.

Nude H. AND Cream 712


Scent: Patchouli | Bitter Grass | Smoky

Description: Uniquely sweet, light aroma of Osmanthus Leaves. Plus earthy musk. A two-sided aroma.

Nude H. AND Cream 421


Scent: Vanilla Wood | Nutty

Description: A base scent of wood resin, then vanilla & cedarwood for comfort. Smelling vanilla between grains of wood


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