[Tackaon] Korean Ttukbaegi Pot (2 colors)


[Tackaon] Korean Ttukbaegi Pot

Beautiful Design, No Absorption

[Tackaon] Korean Ttukbaegi Pot

Ttukbaegi pots are the 'workhorse' cooking ware in a Korean kitchen.

They're used daily to cook and serve staple stews like Doenjang Jjigae or Kimchi Jjigae. When buying a Ttukbaegi, it's important to check that it is durable, retains heat and easy to clean!

Today, we introduce you to Tackaon's Ttukbaegi Pot - which meets all three. What stands out first is its beautiful design. The lid has a pointy top that mimics the lid of Korean Iron Black Cauldrons called Gamasot (가마솥) which were used in the old days to cook large batches of rice or stew.

These Ttukbaegi pots are made with Korean clay that are mixed with a special material called Petalite and fired twice at a very high temperature (1250° Celsius). This material and high-temp blazing produces a pot that can heat-up quickly without cracking. Furthermore, the material is very dense so it does not soak in any liquids when cooking. This is important as cheaper Ttukbaegi pots tend to absorb residual liquids or soap detergent and release them during the next boil - no good!

Tackaon's pots are handmade with effort and pride by local ceramic artisans. If you're looking to cook Korean meals on a regular basis, consider this premium Ttukbaegi pot.

Note: The pot is available in 3 sizes and 2 colors (details below).

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Chua M. (Singapore)
A Beauty

I really love the medium blue size Ttukbaegi Claypot that I bought. I know the pots are not cheap but after cooking my kimchi in my own pot, I transfered some over to my new Blue Ttukbaegi pot and my table setting never look so good. Even my kids were admiring it. 😀😍

Kristina C. (Mannheim, BW)
Great quality and service !

Packaging was excellent! I bought the bigger size and for me it serves 3 generously. Material and product finish are obviously high quality. Was able to cook a nice stew on my electric hob, no problem. Cleaning is also very easy.

Cindy N. (Chicago, IL)
Tackeon pot

Received my pot well wrapped and protected. Have not used it yet but will soon. Quality is good.

Karen M. (Newton, KS)

Love these little pots! I purchased small and large.....They are working out perfectly for two AND for when company is over. Super high quality, color (Navy) adds a punch of color that I love! Perfect for soups, stews and make lovely serving dish ❤️

Zauca P.

They are beautiful today I will use them, excellent quality thank you very much

Product Highlights

  • Beautiful design, durable and easy-to-clean
  • Very dense material - clay does not absorb any liquids cooked in the pot
  • High retention of heat - keeps food very hot for the entirety of the meal
  • Safe to use in gas, electric and coil stovetops. As well as microwave and ovens.
  • Available in 2 colors: black & navy | 3 Sizes: small, medium, large
Available Color & Sizes




Small: 1-person

Width: 15 cm | Height: 7.5 cm 
Capacity: 2 cups
Mini-size for single-livers

Medium: 2 people

Width: 17 cm | Height: 8.2 cm
Capacity: 3 cups
Perfect for sharing between couples

Large: 3-4 people

Width: 19 cm | Height: 8.8 cm 
Capacity: 4 cups
Share a group pot among family members

*Width measurement does not include the handle bars

*Height measurement does not include the lid (only the pot)

What should I cook in it? 







Does this work for my stove?

This pot can be used on gas stoves or electric stoves.

It can also be used in ovens and microwaves.

However, it will NOT work on induction stove tops (no magnetic material)

How's it made?

Note: These pots are hand-made - there may be imperfections like dots or glaze marks


1. Before first time use, fill the pot with some water - along with a few shakes of flour - and let it simmer away for 20 minutes on a low heat (this will clean and season the pot).

2. Do not heat without liquid or both in the pot.

3. Do not place a hot pot directly under cold water when washing (let the pot cool down first!)

4. Wash the pot with water and for harder stains, use the smooth-side of a dishwasher sponge.

5. Avoid storing food in the pot for long periods of time - the liquid can soak into the clay if left for long periods of time

6. Avoid using metal utensils with this pot - use wooden utensils! If there are scratches on the pot, remove them with a dab of toothpaste and rub it out with a wet tissue. 

Product faq

Q: Do I need to season this? Or do any pre-steps before cooking with it?
Q: How do I wash this?
Q: Can I place this in the microwave?
Q: Can I place this in the oven?
Q: I have an induction stovetop - is that ok?
Q: Is there anything I should be careful with?
Q: Where is this made?

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About The Brand

Tackaon is a Korean ceramics company that designs simplistic, modern kitchenware. They use earthy tones with minimal shapes and patterns. Their product list includes dishes, bowls, traditional Ttukbaegi and more.

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