[Sung Gyung] Seasoned Laver Flakes (Kimjaban)


Sung Gyung Seasoned Laver Flakes

Salty, Natural & Addictive

[Sung Gyung] Seasoned Laver Flakes (Kimjaban)

Sung Gyung has been our go-to brand for Korean Laver.

It's no surprise that their Seasoned Laver Flakes (known as Kimjaban in Korean) tastes incredible as well! It remind us of that classic gim flavor from our childhood dosiraks. Sung Gyung harvests all of its laver during Korea's cold winter, when seaweed turns ripe and tastes its best. The seaweed are chopped into smaller strands and roasted at a high heat. The flakes come out with a crispy, extra-crunchy texture. It's then lightly seasoned with salt, sesame oil and a touch of sugar. 

We love this Kimjaban because it doesn't taste too salty or sweet. Many brands put too much sugar or add too many other seasonings. Sung Gyung nailed the ratio between salty, sweet and the natural seaweed flavor.

When you're hungry, sprinkle a handful of these flakes over a bowl of steaming rice. Add-in a fried egg too if you like!

Customer Reviews

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Carlene D. (New York, NY)
Delicious! No close second to this product!

Have done taste tests of dozens of similar products and this is the best out there! Can be hard to find but this seller has it and gets it to you quickly.

Brenda G. (El Cajon, CA)
Tasty laver!

I’ve ordered this product more than once so I like it quite a lot, actually it’s my favorite roasted seaweed as of yet! Of course like Gochujar says it’s great on top of rice with a fried egg and kimchi on the side for a quick and tasty meal and I also like to sprinkle on tuna mayo rice balls! (Oh dang, I’m getting hungry now!) Anyways, it’s great, give it a try!

Mya K.

Tasty rice topping - it's a bit sweeter than some others that I've tried before. Ate mine simply, over rice with egg and kimchi.


Products came to NY quick, and were delicious. I use both the gochucaro and sung gyung all the time now

Kien H.
best seasoned seaweed flakes I have tasted thus far

I love the flavor of roasted seaweed, especially accompanying it with rice. When I came across this product on Gochujar, it was a no brainer to order this and give it a try. I am so glad that I did! The seasoning isn't overly sweet, like other seasoned seaweed flakes or Furikake I had bought in the past. I'm not a fan of sweet and savory flavors, so this product works out perfectly for me. I will definitely be repurchasing this in the future and will make sure I order plenty for the whole family. I can see my nieces and nephews devouring this with their rice balls and 1 bag is not enough for them. Before I end my review, I would like to express my appreciation of Gochujar. My order came package very well in bubble wrap, not a ding to any of the products. International customers can be assure products will arrive safely and securely to your doorstep because I can attest to that! =) Also, the handwritten note from Daniel and Katie was a very nice touch and I can feel their sincerity. Gochujar will be my go-to place to shop for Korean pantry staples and I'm excited to see more new products being added. It is well worth the 2 weeks wait for international shipping.