[Ssanghwa Tea Room] Korean Cinnamon Tea (Sujeonggwa)


[Ssanghwa Tea Room] Cinnamon Tea - Sujeonggwa

Traditional Korean Tea

[Ssanghwa Tea Room] Korea Cinnamon Tea - Sujeonggwa

One of Korea’s unique drinks is Sujeonggwa (Cinnamon Tea).

(At Korean restaurants, it’s often served at the end of your meal).

The gently sweet, warming and rejuvenating Sujeonggwa is made from natural cinnamon & ginger.

It can be served hot as tea or served cold with crushed ice – traditionally consumed after meals to aid in digestion.

The combination of cinnamon and ginger gives this drink a slightly spicy flavor – it’ll taste quite different to modern day teas.

Today, we introduce an artisan-made Sujeonggwa from Ssanghwa Tea Room!

We selected this brand as it tastes absolutely delicious and it's locally made in Yangpyeong county (not mass-produced in a factory).

The blend is not overly-spicy, as the cinnamon is balanced with granules of natural honey.

A great choice for first-timers, experimenting with traditional Korea teas!

The tea mixture is made up of granules (as opposed to powder or tea leaves) – the granules dissolve instantly into hot water and release a deep flavor.

How are the granules made?

Natural cinnamon sticks, ginger and honey are each boiled into an essence (or extract). The liquid extracts are then completely dehydrated – into solid form - then grated into small granular droplets.

To make Sujeonggwa tea, simply pour-in 1 spoonful (measuring cup provided) into a mug. Then pour-in roughly 3/4 cup of hot water (add more if tastes strong).

Personally, we like to add in a drizzle of organic honey as well (but that’s up to you).

If you’re looking for a drink after meals, consider a cup of soothing Korean Sujeonggwa!

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Product Highlights

  • High-Quality, Korean Traditional Cinnamon Punch (Sujeonggwa)
  • Traditional tea is produced by tea artisans in Yangpyeong - not mass produced in a factory!
  • All ingredients in tea are Korea-grown
  • Available in 340g bottle

[Ssanghwa Tea Room]
Korean Cinnamon Tea (Sujeonggwa)

 Tea mixture comes in small-sized, granular droplets - dissolves instantly in water!

How are the droplets made?

Premium-grade, natural cinnamon, honey and ginger are first boiled into an essence  - then completely dehydrated and finely grated into granular droplets. 

These droplets release a deeper flavor (than powder) when dissolved.

To make traditional Sujeonggwa Tea, simply mix a spoonful with hot water.

To make Iced Sujeonggwa Punch, mix with cold water + crushed ice.

This Sujeonggwa tea has a balanced flavor - as the mixture includes granules of natural honey!

This tea is not overly spicy - delicious for new-timers!

Who makes the tea?

Produced in Yangpyeong County (Gyeonggi Province)

This premium tea is produced by a husband & wife team in Yangyang County (not mass produced in a factory). The duo are specialists in sourcing premium-grade Hanyak (Herbal Medicine) ingredients and making traditional tea with them (video below). 

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