[Shin Se Ho] Korean Yuja Tea (from Goheung)

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[Shin Se Ho] Korean Yuja Tea (from Goheung)

Made with Yuja Grown in Goheung (고흥)

[Shin Se Ho] Korean Yuja Tea

As winter sets in, the craving for a comforting cup of Yuja (citron) tea hits every year.

In Korean supermarkets, the shelves prominently display Yuja marmalade jars when the first snow arrives.

However, a closer look at the labels might disappoint you.

Many budget-friendly brands sold at Korean supermarkets use Yuja preserve - which contains lots of preservatives and artificial sweeteners, offering less real fruit.

Today, we introduce an artisan-made Yuja marmalade by farmer Shin Se Ho.

He cultivates Yuja in Goheung Province (고흥), renowned in Korea for yielding thick-peeled, highly aromatic yuja.

The ingredient list for this marmalade is simple: 50% Goheung-Grown Yuja + 50% Sugar.

No preservatives. No artificial sweeteners.

To make Korean Yuja tea, just spoon a few dollops of this marmalade into a cup, pour in hot water, and stir. Add another spoonful for a bolder taste.

As with most food products, once you try artisan made, it’s hard to go back to the supermarket brands!

Choose from 1kg or 2kg jars.

Remember to store in the refrigerator after opening.

Customer Reviews

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Catrin H. (Innsbruck, 7)
Shin Se Ho - Korean Yuja Tea

I came to fall in love with Yuja tea while on holiday in South Korea and here in the west of Austria you don't easily get it. This Yuja Tea has a very intense citrus flavor with a hint of tartness which makes it very pleasant to drink. It's not too sweet and for me it's the perfect coffee or tea alternative. Right now I drink it hot and it feels like a remedy against cold or bad weather - my 'comfort food/drink'. Can't wait to try it cold in summer.

Product Highlights

  • Delicious Yuja Tea Marmalade - made with whole Yuja grown in Goheung Province (고흥)
  • Pure simplicity in every jar: 50% Korea-Grown Yuja + 50% Sugar
  • Tea marmalade contains no additives, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners.
  • Yuja (citron) contains over 3x the amount of Vitamin C compared to a lemon
  • Available in 1kg or 2kg 

[Shin Se Ho] Korean Yuja Tea (from Goheung)


Made exclusively with Korean Yuja grown in the lush fields of Goheung Province (고흥)


This is Citrus Farmer Shin Se-Ho (신세호)

Hi there! I'm Shin Se-ho, growing yuzu in Goheung, Jeollanam-do.

Our yuzu is grown with utmost care in the open, natural environment.

Every yuzu is meticulously chosen, cultivated with dedication and hard work.

We hope you enjoy the premium quality of yuzu from Goheung!


Goheung province is renowned for its Yuja fruit!

Goheung yuzu sets itself apart with its plump and juicy flesh, a result of the region's organic soil and abundant sunlight, distinguishing it from yuzu in other areas

It is characterized by a distinct, rich aroma


Unlike many other fruits, yuja is typically used to make marmalade and is not commonly eaten fresh

Goheung Yuja has a strong citrus aroma and thicker peel, making it an ideal choice for marmalade


The marmalade is crafted using the whole fruit, not from extracts

This Yuja Marmalade is crafted without the use of extracts

Instead, the entire yuja fruit is combined with sugar and left to ferment, resulting in a much more robust and natural flavor!


Traditional Yuja Tea Flavor

This marmalade is crafted using just two ingredients: 50% Yuja Fruit and 50% Sugar

No preservatives, citron extract, or other additives are included

It will evoke memories of the soothing yuja tea from your childhood


Cheaper Yuja Marmalades found at supermarkets are made with citrus preserves 

For cost efficiency, cheaper supermarket yuja marmalades consists of: 25% Yuja fruit, 25% sugar, and 50% preserves along with added sweeteners

Contrastingly, our Yuja marmalades proudly contains much higher percentage of real fruit: 50% Yuja fruit and 50% sugar


50% Korea-Grown Yuja + 50% Sugar

Our Yuja marmalades are free from additional preservatives, additives, or sweeteners!


Yuja contains over 3x the amount of Vitamin C compared to a lemon

It also includes Vitamin B1, B2, carotene, potassium, and citric acid


How do I enjoy Yuja Marmalade? 

On chilly days, just scoop a few spoonfuls of the marmalade into a cup, and mix it with hot water

It can also serve as a delicious topping for Greek yogurt

Or spread it as marmalde over morning toast

You can also incorporate it into cocktail recipes!


Available Sizes

1kg & 2kg

Full Ingredients List

50% Korea-Grown Yuja, 50% Sugar

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