[Sea Together] Dried Dashima Pieces (For Broth)


[Sea Together] Dashima Pieces

Quick, Easy-To-Make Broth

[Sea Together] Dried Dashima Pieces (For Broth)

If you're learning Korean homecooking, dashima is a must!

With a few pieces and a handful of dried anchovies, you can make a deep-tasting Korean Stock Broth! Now, use that broth as a base for a variety of Korean soups and stews.

You can also use a few dashima squares when cooking white rice. The dashima will cook in the steam and release its umami flavor into the rice - giving it an extra moist texture as well.

Sea Together harvests its dashima off the southern tip of Korea's coast - on Sinjido Island. There, the waters are undisturbed and the kelp is left to grow free in pristine conditions.

Buy a bag, keep it in the freezer and use it whenever you craving some Korean stew!

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Amazing stuff

Product Highlights

  • Premium-grade dashima (kelp), harvested off the southern coast of Korea (Shinjido Island)
  • Pre-cut into squares, makes it easy to use (no cutting necessary)
  • Use it to make your favorite Korean soups and stews! 
  • Available in a large bag (200 grams)
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100% Dashima Pieces

Use it to make deep-tasting Korean Stock Broth 

Make your favorite Korean Soups & Stews

Use it to cook white rice!

Where is it grown?

Sea Together's dashima (kelp) is grown off the island of Shinjido - where the waters are undisturbed and the kelp is left to grow in pristine conditions.

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