[Punggi Insam Store] Premium 6 Year Old Red Ginseng Cheong


[Punggi Insam Store] Premium Red Ginseng Cheong

Best of the Best!

[Punggi Insam Store] Premium Red Ginseng Cheong

This is a Gochujar Special!

Today, we present a Premium 6-Year-Old Red Ginseng Cheong.

Wait, what is 'Cheong' (청)?

Cheong is the Korean term for any sweetened syrup, marmalades or fruit preserves.

Typically, a few scoops of cheong is used as a base to make hot tea or to make refreshing iced drinks in the summer.

This Red Ginseng Cheong is made exclusively with two ingredients: 6-Year-Old Red Ginseng + Wild Honey.

That’s it!

No preservatives. No sugar. No artificial ingredients.

To fill each bottle, a large amount of natural red ginseng is boiled and squeezed.

(Typically, other ginseng shops will mix-in other herbal ingredients to get additional volume in each batch)

But not here. They take great pride in their premium-grade red ginseng. They believe it's natural flavor speaks for itself!

This red ginseng is grown for 6 years in Mt. Sobaeksan, near Punggi province (South Korea).

This province is home to many of Korea's top ginseng products.

Think about it like Napa Valley for ginseng.

And among the many ginseng shops there, Punggi Insam Store has been in business for the longest!

Since 1946, they have been growing and harvesting ginseng the traditional Korean way!

This 6-Year-Old Red Ginseng Cheong makes an exceptional Korean food gift for yourself or loved ones.

Use it to make a soothing glass of hot herbal tea or a refreshing iced beverage (a great alternative to sugary drinks).

We can confidently say it's the best-tasting ginseng cheong we've ever had!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
helen s. (Mississauga, ON)

This is a high quality product that I bought for my eighty year old plus parents. They were happy with the packaging and the taste. Loved the fact that there were only a few ingredients and no fillers. I thought the bottle would be bigger since it was so expensive, especially in US dollars for us Canadians, but I believe the quality is unsurpassed.

E. (Oslo, 03)

Excellent product. Highest quality Ginseng I have ever tried. Love the Ginseng flavour and the subtle Sweetness.

Karis K.
On my second bottle

This product is excellent! This is my second time buying this ginseng, and it's a staple in my life now; I'll just rebuy it whenever I finish this bottle. I also appreciated the excellent communication about my most recent order, as Daniel was going to ship it later, and let me know exactly what was happening.

Risto R.
Amazing Taste! Addictively good.

I bought this after watching the Youtube review. I have to say I'm amazed by how good it tastes. It sit in my office now and I take a few shots of it with colleagues when we close a sale! Ginseng health shots!

Jane C.
Delicious, with premium packaging

I've been eager to incorporate more red ginseng into my diet after hearing about its many benefits. The only trouble is that the market is saturated with a lot of fakes and filler-stuffed brands. I'm glad Dan and Katie have done some of the research for us to find this premium, trustworthy brand! The packaging was stunning, to the point where I briefly considered saving it and giving it as a gift to my in-laws. The taste is - in a phrase - out of this world. Anyone who's had pure ginseng knows that the taste is one that grows on you, but the mixture of pure honey makes this a blend that I could very well drink out of the bottle. In fact, my only complaint that it's just a little too sweet to have on its own. I prefer to drink my ginseng almost medicinally, meaning on a tablespoon and glurped down like a tonic. This brand is sweet enough to be added to an iced coffee or hot tea; the ginseng flavor is hardly discernible. But I trust that it's there nonetheless, and this is a fantastic way to introduce your palate to this healthful ingredient!

Product Highlights

  • Made with premium 6-year-old Red Ginseng & Wild Honey
  • Effective in boosting overall vitality and treating issues like diabetes, high cholesterol, low libido and fatigue
  • Has fresh, deep ginseng taste with a slightly sweet aftertaste
  • Available in large glass bottle: 500 ml
  • Excellent gift for friends or family!

[Punggi Insam Store] Premium 6 Year Old Red Ginseng Cheong

Punggi town (풍기읍) is renowned in Korea for producing the country's finest ginseng!

It's home to many of Korea's top ginseng producers - often considered the Napa Valley of Korean Ginseng

Founded in 1946, Punggi Insam Store holds the distinction of being the longest-running gjnseng producer in Punggi!

For over 55 years, Punggi Insam Store has been diligently cultivating premium-grade ginseng at the base of Mt. Sobaeksan!

Premium 6-Year-Old Red Ginseng Cheong (Syrup) 

Made with exclusively two natural ingredients!

6-Year-Old Red Ginseng Roots + Wild Honey

Both ingredients are grown in Korea

What's included? 

✓ 500ml Cheong

✓ Wooden Scooper

Presented in a beautiful cylindrical container - perfect for gifting!

How should I consume this? 

Cheong is a general term in Korean for any type of sweeented syrup, fruit preserve or marmalade 

Use this cheong as a base for hot tea or an iced beverage

Or you can also take it straight without water (take 1-2 Tablespoons/day)

Hot Ginseng Milk-Tea!

Mix 1-2 Tablespoons of Cheong with 1 Cup of warm milk (adjust to taste)

Iced Red Ginseng Tea 

Mix 1-2 Tablespoons of Cheong with 1 Cup of Sparkling Water (adjust to taste)

Red Ginseng Ice-Cream

Drizzle the extract over a scoop of vanilla ice-cream!

Wooden Korean scooper is included in each order!

Perfect as a premium Korean food gift to friends & family!

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