[Pelicana] Korean Fried Chicken - Yangnyeom Sauce (3 Types)


Pelicana Chicken - Yangnyeom Sauce

Signature Yangnyeom Sauce

[Pelicana] Korean Fried Chicken - Yangnyeom Sauce

Today we are excited to share… Pelicana’s Korea Fried Chicken - Yangnyeom Sauce!

Pelicana Chicken is one of Korea’s oldest chicken franchise chains. It actually introduced Yangnyeom Fried Chicken to the masses during the early 1980s.

Till then, fried chicken (aka Tongdak) was simply battered and fried and served with salt & black pepper.

Pelicana introduced their Original Yangnyeom Sauce - a flavor-packed sauce made with gochujang, garlic, soy sauce, sugar and other spices.

Initially, customers were wary to change.

However, Pelicana gave free food samples to customers as part of their marketing campaigns - and it didn’t take long for Yangnyeom Chicken to become a main-stay.

The rest is history - nowadays, Yangnyeom Chicken is representative of Korean-Style Fried Chicken!

This year (partly in response to the pandemic), Pelicana has made in-store Original Yangnyeom Sauce available for sale to the general public.

No need to visit their shops to get that finger-licking-good taste.

Enjoy that restaurant flavor from home.

So how do I make it?

Pour some of the Yangnyeom Sauce into a wok or frying pan. Turn on the heat and once it begins to sizzle, add in fried chicken pieces. Give it a nice toss until everything is well coated.

Tip: If you’re feeling too hungry, no need to deep-fry chicken at home. Simply grab a tub of ready fried chicken from your local mart, and toss with the sauce in a frying pan as instructed above.

The Yangnyeom Sauce is available in three types - Original, Spicy & Sweet, Spicy!

We recommend starting with the Original flavor.

After opening, please store the sauce in the refrigerator.

Customer Reviews

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Steve S. (Duluth, GA)
The real deal

I love that Pelicana Chicken, and have often tried to make my own version of the yangnyeom sauce. Always close, never right, but this is THE REAL DEAL. It is a bit costly to have it sent from Korea, but it comes quickly and well packaged.

Product Highlights

  • Pelicana Chicken is one of Korea's original chicken franchise shops!
  • They introduced "Yangnyeom Chicken" to the masses in the early 80s - mega hit!
  • Sauce is made with traditional Korean spices like gochujang, soy sauce, garlic and onion
  • Available in 3 flavors: Original, Spicy & Sweet, Spicy

[Pelicana] Korean Fried Chicken Sauce

01. Yangnyeom Sauce - Original (300g)

This is Pelicana's signature Yangnyeom Sauce

Salty, savory, slightly spicy & packed with flavor - that sauce that started it all!

02. Yangnyeom Sauce - Spicy & Sweet  (300g)

This is spicier than the original - balanced with a touch of sweetness

03. Yangnyeom Sauce - Spicy  (300g)

This is much more spicier than the original - for those who want a nice kick!

(Close-up of the Yangnyeom Sauce - Original)

How is Pelicana advertised in Korea?

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About The Brand

Pelicana is a Korean fried chicken chain. It has over 2,000 locations throughout Korea. They introduced "Yangnyeom Chicken" in the 80s and since then, it has become representative of  "Korean-Style" Fried Chicken.

That's it folks!