[Osulloc] Sejak Green Tea (Award-Winning)

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[Osulloc] Sejak Green Tea (Award-Winning)

Young Green Tea Leaves, Award Winning

[Osulloc] Sejak Green Tea

Introducing Osulloc, the renowned tea brand from Korea, celebrated for its exceptional green tea leaves sourced exclusively from Jeju Island.

Established in 1979 as a tea plantation on the picturesque Jeju Island, Osulloc benefits from its pristine environment, ideal climate, and volcanic soil—a perfect combination for cultivating tea.

Derived from "O" (meaning "five" in Korean) and "sulloc" (meaning "rock" in the Jeju dialect), the name Osulloc signifies the five rock formations found on Jeju Island. These unique geological features contribute to the tea's distinct flavor and exceptional quality.

While initially focused on supplying raw tea leaves to other companies, Osulloc expanded its operations in 1991 to establish its own brand. Embracing strict quality control and innovative tea-making techniques, Osulloc began processing and packaging its tea leaves, gaining recognition for its commitment to excellence.

In 2015, Osulloc made waves in the tea industry by triumphing at the North American Tea Championship, the world's largest tea show.

Out of an astounding 2,500 entries in the roasted division, Osulloc's Sejak Tea claimed the coveted first place.

Notably, Osulloc's teas have also been honored with the Gold Award at Japan's esteemed World Tea Contest in Shizuoka, in 2009, 2011, 2014, and 2021.

So today, we're excited to offer this Osulloc's award-winning Korean Sejak Green Tea!

This tea is made solely from young green tea leaves, organically grown in the volcanic soil of Jeju Island.

It offers a refreshing aroma and a deep savory flavor, with delightful notes of nuttiness and subtle sweetness.

Use it to kick-start your mornings or to rejuvenate mid-day after a satisfying lunch - a delightful way to awaken your senses and invigorate your body.

Whether you've yet to experience the wonders of Jeju Island or savor premium Korean green tea, now is the time to try one of Osulloc's signature green teas.

Available in both tea bags and loose-leaf - go with what you like.

Editor note: We make sure that you will receive the latest batch of tea directly from Osulloc. By avoiding bulk-importing, we prevent the tea from sitting in warehouses for months, ensuring its freshness.

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Product Highlights

  • Osulloc is Korea's #1 Premium Tea Brand
  • Placed #1 Grand Prize Winner in World Tea Championship (2013 & 2015)
  • Gold Award Winner in World Tea Contest in Shizuoka, Japan (2009, 2011, 2014, & 2021)
  • Sejak Green tea is exclusively made from young tea leaves cultivated in Jeju's volcanic soil (Korea)
  • Available in either tea bag or loose-leaf form

In 1979, Osulloc began cultivating its fields on Jeju Island in Korea, a natural setting ideal for growing tea. The founder of Amorepacific Group, Jangwon Suh Sung-Whan, embarked on this journey with a strong commitment to revive Korean tea culture.

Our award-winning green teas are grown in the volcanic environment of Jeju Island in Korea

In 2015, Osulloc made a significant impact on the tea industry by dominating the North American Tea Championship, the world's largest tea show. Out of an astonishing 2,500 entries in the roasted division, Sejac Green Tea claimed first place. Similarly, Ujeon Green Tea secured second place, while Illohyang achieved a respectable third place

Osulloc's Award-Winning Sejak Green Tea

Traditional Young Green Tea

Sejak Green Tea

This award-winning green tea is exclusively made from young tea leaves cultivated in Jeju Island, Korea

Sejak Green Tea has won multiple international tea awards

2009: World Tea Contest in Shizuoka - Gold Award (Japan World Green Tea Association)

2011: World Tea Contest in Shizuoka - Grand Prize (Japan World Green Tea Association)

2013: World Tea Champion - #1 Top Winner (USA World Tea Expo)

2014: World Tea Contest in Shizuoka - Gold Award (Japan World Green Tea Association)

2015: World Tea Champion - #1 Top Winner (USA World Tea Expo)

2021: World Tea Contest in Shizuoka - Gold Award (Japan World Green Tea Association)

Key Points

01. This tea is made with 100% Jeju organic green tea leaves, specifically young tea leaves

02. Jeju's volcanic black soil is rich in organic matter, which enhances the amino acid content of young tea trees and results in a tea with a deeper taste

03. Jeju's Halla Mountain produces heavy clouds and fog, which create a natural shading effect that makes the green tea leaves appear darker in color

04. This green tea is well-suited for the Korean palate, as it is harvested and produced using traditional Korean techniques

Tasting Profile

Refreshing Aroma: 5/5

Floral, Fruity Aroma: 0.5/5

Bitterness: 1/5

Savory Flavor: 5/5

Nutty Flavor: 3/5

Base: Young Green Tea Leaves

Farm to Cup

We own and operate the entire value chain, spanning from tea leaf cultivation to harvesting to packaging

We are dedicated to providing the best green tea experience

Traditional Korean Tea Techniques + Organic Farming

We preserve and perpetuate Korean traditional tea techniques, while also pioneering advancements in organic farming through technological innovation

Nutrient-Dense Volcanic Jeju Soil

Our tea leaves are organically grown in the volcanic environment of Korea's Jeju Island

Osulloc owns three large organic tea farms in Jeju, covering 3.3 million square meters

Organic Certification

All three tea fields are certified organic in Korea, and have USDA, FSC, Carbon Footprint certifications depending on the product

Tea Bag Brewing Instructions

Brew 1 tea bag in 150ml of hot water (70°C) for 1.5 mins

Loose Leaf Brewing Instructions

Brew 2T (3g) in 300ml of hot water (70°C) for 1.5 mins

Available in 2 sizes & types:

Tea Bags

Available in 10 & 20 tea bags


Available in 40g & 80g sizes

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