[Osulloc] Master Blend Tea Box


[Osulloc] Master Blend Tea Box Set

Collection Curated By Korean Tea Sommeliers

[Osulloc] Master Blend Tea Box

Today, we are excited to offer Osulloc’s Master Blend Tea Box!

It’s a signature collection, curated by Osulloc’s Korean tea sommeliers.

Osulloc, for those unfamiliar with Korean tea, is a premium Korean tea producer based in Jeju Island.

In Jeju, the tea leaves grow openly in the natural environment, which is blessed with mild sunlight, winds that blow year-round, pristine water and rich volcanic soil.

In fact, it’s the only place in the world that has been awarded the “triple crown” from UESCO in the environmental field.

Osulloc’s Master Blend Box contains a mix of their best-selling Jeju Green Teas, Herbal Teas & Blended Teas

  • Korean Sejak Green Tea (4 bags)
  • Jeju Volcanic Rock Tea  (4 bags)
  • Moroccan Mint Tea (4 bags)
  • Rooibos Caramel Berry Tea (4 bags)
  • Wedding Green Tea (4 bags)
  • Samdayeon Jeju Tangerine (4 bags)
  • Camellia Flower Tea (4 bags)
  • Moon Walk (4 bags)

A total of 32 tea bags.

What we love… is that the teas are encased in a book-like box, which opens up for selection.

A fun experience to open up the “tea book” when guests are over.

Works as a beautiful gift to friends, family & colleagues.

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Product Highlights

  • A Master Blend Tea Set, curated by Ossulloc's Tea Masters
  • Contains Classic Korean Green Teas + Aromatic Herbal Teas + Unique Blended Teas 
  • Offered in a beautiful book-stsyle container, with herbal illustrations on front cover
  • Works perfect as a gift to friends, family or colleagues

[Ossulloc] Master Blend Tea Box

[Ossulloc] Master Blend Tea Box

A curated collection of Osulloc's Best-Selling Blended Teas

Perfect for gifting friends, family & colleagues

Key Points

01. A curated collection by Osulloc's Tea Masters 

02. Contains a mix of Osulloc's best-selling teas (by type) 

03. Encased in a beautiful gift box, with Korean art/illustrations

Korean Sejak Green Tea

Traditional Korean green tea made of young, tender tea leaves harvested from Osulloc's organic tea farm in Jeju Island

Base: Green Tea

Type: Pure tea

Tasting Notes: Nut, Sweet Flavor

Jeju Volcanic Rock Tea

Semi-fermented tea with a savory flavor, grown by Jeju volcanic rock formations

Base: Semi-fermented tea

Fermentation: By wind

Tasting Notes: Roasted Grain flavor

Moroccan Mint Tea

A traditional tea from the Greater Maghreb (Morocco) region - contains the perfect ratio of peppermint, sweetly-aromatic spearmint and natural stevia leaf

Base: Herb tea

Tasting Notes: Mint, Cinnamon, Honey

Rooibos Caramel Berry Tea

Antioxidant-rich rooibos herb is layered with fresh berry & sweet caramel. A smooth and delicious cup of tea.

Base: Herb tea

Tea Farm: South Africa 

Tasting Notes: Caramel, Barley, Raspberry

Wedding Green Tea

Special green tea - embodying an aromatic floral & sweet muscat scent

Base: Green tea

Ingredients: Rose, Marigold

Tasting Notes: Floral Aroma, Sweet Muscat

Samdayeon Jeju Tangerine

Young tangerines from Jeju - bright zingy, citrus flavor with a pleasant floral aftertaste

Base: Post-Fermented tea

Ingredients: Young Tangerine, Tanerine Peel

Tasting Notes: Fresh tangerine flavor

Camellia Flower Tea

Jeju Camellia flower tea is blended with tropical fruit for a captivating blended tea - floral, tangy & sweet

Base: Black Tea, Post-Fermented tea

Ingredients: Camellia Flower, Pineapple

Tasting Notes: Floral Aroma, Tangy & Sweet Tropical Fruit

Moon Walk

Moon Walk combines the sweetness of asian pear with the slight tartness of Korean pear for a smooth, balanced flavor.

Base: Post-fermented tea

Ingredients: Korean Wild Pear

Tasting Notes: Sweet Korean Pear, Honey

Brewing Instructions

For Osulloc Green Teas: Korean Sejak (Green) Tea + Wedding Green Tea

1 Tea Bag | 150ml of water | 70°C | Brew for 1.5 minutes

For All Other Teas

1 Tea Bag | 150ml of water | 90°C | Brew for 2 minutes

Plastic-Free Tea Bags

Tea bags are made of non-GMO, natural sugarcane fibers (organic plant material)

Tea bags are pyramid shape - which allows the tea leaves to float around more freely

 Perfect for getting maximum flavor out of the tea

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