[Ole Jib] Korean Bellflower & Pear Extract (50 packets)

[Ole Jib] Korean Bellflower & Pear Extract

Super Food, Natural Saponins, Easy-To-Eat

[Ole Jib] Korean Bellflower & Pear Extract (50 packets)

Bellflower Root is one of Korea’s super foods.

The Bellflower plant grows native to East Asia, specifically in Korea, Japan & China.

It’s roots are packed with saponins (which have an anti-tumor effect on cancer cells), betulic acid, phytosterol, inulin and glucose.

In Korean Traditional Medicine, Bellflower roots are used to treat hypertension and diabetes, relieve severe cough and phlegm, and lower blood sugar & cholesterol levels.

However, it’s not easy to eat bellflower roots regularly…

So many Koreans like to consume it in extract form.

Today, we present Ole Jib’s Korean Bellflower Root & Pear Extract Packets!

Typically, bellflower root extract is mixed with something sweet for easier consumption.

However, Ole Jib does not use any sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Instead, it mixes in Korean Pears, Jujubes & Quince.

Nothing else is added. No preservatives, food coloring or additives - only 4 natural ingredients!

The health packets taste great and are easy to take - it doesn’t have an overpowering herbal medicine taste!

Pack a few extract sticks in your bag and take them daily to boost health/energy levels.

You’ll also appreciate that each container contains a large quantity - 50 packets!

Can be enjoyed by the entire family.

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Product Highlights

  • Made with 100% Korea-Grown Bellflower Roots - not imported from China!
  • Extract sweetened with Korean Pear, Jujubes & Quince 
  • Simple ingredient list -  has only 4 natural ingredients (no artificial flavoring) 
  • Easy to consume - take anytime, anywhere
  • 1 container contains 50 packets!

[Ole Jib] Korean Bellflower & Pear Extract Sticks

Korean Bellflower Root & Pear Sticks

Natural extract that offers energy to your everyday life

Bellflower Root is difficult to eat on a regular basis!

First, the branching roots need to be thoroughly washed to remove lingering dirt

Then, the roots need to be individually peeled & sliced

Then, they need to be boiled before being ready to cook with

Now, you can consume bellflower roots in easy-to-eat packets!

To make a premium-grade extract, we use only high-quality Korean Bellflower Roots

Our Bellflower Roots are grown locally in Korea - not imported from China

 Korea Pear, Jujubes & Quince are added!

(These are also grown locally in Korea)

The natural sweetness from these fruits help to balance out the bitterness of Bellflower Root

Product Checklist

 ✓ 100% Korea-Grown Bellflower Roots

✓ Naturally sweetened with Korean Pear, Jujubes & Quince

✓ Easy to eat - anytime, anywhere!

Bellflower Root is a super-food, packed with nutrition

Amino acids, Luteolin, Inulin, Calcium, Saponin, Dietary Fiber, Carotene, Protein, Iron

Consume daily, up to 2-3 packets per day

Safe for the whole family

Take a packet at work, gym, on-the-go

Ingredient list:

Bellflower Root Extract (59%), Korean Pear Extract (38%), Jujube Extract (2%), Quince (1%)

 All ingredients are grown in Korea

Nutrition Info:

Serving size is 1 packet | 1 packet contains 24 calories

Sodium 5mg (0%), Carbohydrates 6g (2%), Sugar 5g (5%), Fat 0g (0%), Trans Fat 0g (0%), Saturated Fats 0g (0%), Cholesterol 0mg (0%), Protein 0g (0%)

Storage tip:

Store at room temperature. Can store in the refrigerator for longer keeping.

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