[Nongbu Chanko] 100% Korea-Grown Sesame Seeds (Original & Black)


[Nongbu Chanko] 100% Korea-Grown Sesame Seeds (Original & Black)

Grown in Yecheon County, Premium-Grade

[Nongbu Chanko] 100% Korea-Grown Sesame Seeds (From Yecheon County)

Introducing Nongbu Chanko's 100% Korea-Grown Sesame Seeds!

These sesame seeds are locally cultivated in Yecheon County, a renowned region in Korea known for producing the highest quality sesame seeds.

Take a close look and you will notice the remarkable characteristics of these seeds.

They are plump, full-bodied, and unblemished, making them far superior to the cheaper Korean market brands that import sesame seeds in bulk from neighboring countries such as India or China.

Nongbu Chanko prides itself on quality!

The sesame seeds undergo a meticulous two-step washing process before being toasted at the perfect temperature. The result is sesame seeds that are perfect for garnishing your homemade Korean dishes!

Toasty, rich, with aromatic flavor.

We offer 2 types of sesame seeds in three sizes - select one:

  • Toasted Sesame Seeds | 80g, 150g & 300g
  • Toasted Black Sesame Seeds | 80g, 150g & 300g

Note: Our black sesame seeds are great for dishes that have lighter (or white) color, such as 콩국수 (kongguksu), as they provide a visually appealing contrast.

Furthermore, Nongbu Chanko's seeds undergo a single roasting process to maintain their nutritional content and rich taste.

If you're in search of premium-grade sesame seeds, look no further!

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Product Highlights

  • 100% Korea-grown sesame seeds - not imported!
  • Sesame seeds are grown in Yecheon County (North Gyeongsang) - a region renowned in Korea for its sesame seeds
  • Yecheon County has become one of the main production regions of domestically-made sesame seeds & oil
  • Sesame seeds are rich in  healthy fats (beneficial for heart health), dietary fiber & minerals 
  • Available in 3 sizes: 80g, 150g & 300g

[Nongbu Chanko] 100% Korea-Grown Sesame Seeds

This is Korean Sesame Seeds from Yecheon County (North Gyeongsang)

📍 경상북도 예천군 보문면

Our sesame seeds are exclusively grown in Yecheon, Korea - not imported!

Nongbu Chanko is operated by three sisters - who have since become mothers...

"Our mission is to create food products that we would proudly serve to our own children"

Select from 2 Types of Sesame Seeds:

✓  Toasted Sesame Seeds

✓  Toasted Black Sesame Seeds

Toasted Sesame Seed




Toasted Black Sesame Seed




Our sesame seeds are thoroughly washed in a 2-step process & expertly-roasted in house

2-Stage Washing Process for Clean Seeds

Expertly roasted for a delicious taste and nutty flavor

Experience the deliciousness of Yechon's celebrated sesame seeds!

Nongbu Chanko's Sesame Oil is also available (here)

100% Korea-Grown Certification

Our sesame seeds have been certified to ensure that they were grown in Korea

Our sesame seeds are grown in the famous Yecheon County (North Gyeongsang)

Yecheon County (예천군) is a renowned region for its production of high-quality sesame seeds in Korea

The region has well-drained and aerated soil and receives abundant sunshine, which allows sesame plants to thrive

Yecheon County has become one of the main production regions of domestic sesame oil

Healthy sesame plants produce abundant flowers! They are tall and have ample leaf coverage

Worry-Free Oil, Benzopyrene-Free!

When seeds are toasted at high temperatures (or for too long), a harmful substance called benzopyrene can be released

That's why we roast at a low temperature. Additionally, we send sample batches for testing each month!

Certified lab results indicate NO Benzoyprene or other harmful substances in our sesame seeds

Our facilities are HAACP-Certified - commited to food safety and meet regulatory requirements

Safe, Clean and Protective Packaging

Our 80g and 150g products are packaged in glass containers with an induction seal liner.

Our larger 300g is sealed tight in a zipper package

Sprinkle sesame seeds over vegetable banchans, bibimbap and other Korean dishes

Our 100% Korean Sesame Seeds have a toasty, deep flavor & packed with nutrients

Full Ingredients list:

Sesame Seeds (Korea Grown) 100%


After opening, please store in refrigerator to preserve taste and natural oils

Made in Korea

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