[Nature Holic] Mungyeong Omija Cheong Extract (1L)

Nature Holic - Omija Cheong Extract

Real Taste of Mungyeong Omija Berries

[Nature Holic] Mungyeong Omija Cheong Extract (1L)

If you’ve visited Korea in the summer, you may have tried iced omija tea at a cafe.

It’s one of the most refreshing (and unique) drinks of Korea.

Omija berries are unique in that they contain all five flavors in one bite: sweet, sour (tart), salty, bitter & spicy!

Today, we offer naturally-fermented, omija cheong (syrup) - which is the preferred way by Korean cafes to make Omija Tea.

Simply mix a 7:3 ratio of sparkling (carbonated) water to omija cheong, along with a few ice cubes!

Then find a place in your house to sit back, sip and relax.

There are two main ways to make 'cheong' in Korea.

The more economical way is to simply squeeze/pressing the berries, then sweetening the extract.

The (preferred) traditional way is to add the berries whole into large fermentation jars. Then allowing them to naturally sit & ferment in sugar for an extended period.

(Nature Holic ferments its berries for 1 year to makes its cheong!)

During this fermentation period, the natural extract seeps out of the berries and sweetens with the sugar.

This produces a deep-tasting extract, while retaining the berries' rich vitamins & minerals.

Nature Holic’s Mungyeong Omija Cheong Extract is made via this traditional, fermentation method.

Now, where are the berries from?

Nature Holic uses Omija Berries from the famous area of Mungyeong. The region is surrounded by large mountains, providing the ideal climate for omija berries.

Over 45% of all domestic omija berry production in Korea takes place in Mungyeong province.

If you're craving a refreshing cup of Iced Omija Tea, this cheong is just for you!

Size: 1L

Store in refrigerator - after receiving.

Customer Reviews

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SP (Irvine, CA)
Just like Seoul!

I put a little bit of the Omija syrup in a cup and add insta-hot water for a delicious hot tea. It’s just like the one we had in Seoul, Korea.

Product Highlights

  • Made with 100% Korea-grown Omija Berries (from famous Mungyeong Province)
  • Packed with minerals & vitamins: Vitamin B1, Schizandrin, Riboflavin, Beta-Carotene
  • Omija berries contains 5 flavors in one bite - sweetness, sourness, bitterness, spiciness & saltiness! 
  • Nature Holic ferments it's cheong for 1 year - for a deeper, pronounced flavor! 
  • Mix with carbonated water for a delicious, cool drink in the summer, or as hot tea in the winter
  • Size is 1L

[Nature Holic] Mungyeong Omija Cheong Extract (1L)

Premium Omija Cheong (Fruit Syrup Extract)

Made with omija berries from Mungyeong province (Korea)

Over 45% of all omija berry production in Korea takes place in Mungyeong!

The berries are washed, dried, then fermented in sugar - for months - to produce this extract

Nature Holic's Omija Extract is made with only 2 ingredients!

✓ No preservatives

✓ No coloring agent

✓ No flavoring agent

Made with 2 ingredients - omija berries & sugar

Premium-Grade Omija Berries

Nature Holic's omija berries are grown 300 - 700m above sea level (in Mungyeong)

The berries are rated 'premium' - plump, deep-red, packed with vitamins & nutrients

Omija is packed with Vitamin B1, B1, B3, Iron, Riboflavin, Schizandrin

Omija Berry Lifecycle

Spring (Flowering) > Summer (Fruit Formation) > Fall (Ripening)

Note: Nature Holic also offers whole, dried omija berries from Mungyeong

Premium-Grade, 100% Mungyeong Omija Berries

Whole-fruit fermentation to preserve natural minerals & vitamins!

To minimize loss of vitamins, Nature Holic's Omija Cheong is made via natural, whole-fruit fermentation (explained below)

What is whole-fruit fermentation? 

There are two major ways to produce cheong (Korean syrup extract).

The first way is to press the berries into an extract. Then sugar and other ingredients are added to the extract to sweeten & preserve

The second way is add the berries whole into fermentation jars. Then, they sit & ferment in sugar for 1 year! 

Over 1 year, natural extract slowly seeps out of the berries

This produces a much deeper-tasting extract, while retaining the fruit's original vitamins & nutrition!

What's the most popular way to use Omija Cheong?

Pour a 7:3 ratio of cold, sparkling (carbonated) water and omija cheong

Don't forget to top it off with a few ice cubes!

Other ways to use Omija Cheong: 

Drink it hot as tea - mix a 7:3 ratio of hot water to cheong

Drink it as a smoothie - mix ice cubes, omija cheong & vanilla ice cream 

Make popsicles - mix yogurt & omija cheong together and freeze

Mix it with olive oil to make a fresh, vinaigrette salad dressing

Full Ingredients List

Korean Omija Berries (50%), Sugar (50%)

How to Store

Please store in refrigerator

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