[Nature & Health] Puffed Crispy Grains (10 Types)

[Nature & Health] Korean Crispy Grains (10 Types)

Natural taste, no additives, crispy!

[Nature & Health] Puffed Crispy Grains (10 Types)

Whole grains are healthy ingredients for your diet - packed with fiber, key vitamins and minerals.

But in our busy lives, it’s difficult to eat whole grains. Most products are made with grains that have been stripped of their outer layers - removing most of its nutrition.

Today, we offer whole, natural grains that have been puffed & crisped at high temperatures. 

Grab a handful of these crisped grains and spread them over your morning yogurt. Or sprinkle over your daily salad for crispy texture.

Or use them as a healthy snack at work!

What we love about these crisped grains is its simplicity.

The grains are washed, then cooked for only 2 seconds - using a blazing-hot temperature of 320°C (608°F). That’s it...

No sugar, no artificial flavoring or additives!

With the near instant cooking, the whole grains retain their nutrition, along with a crispy crunch.

Choose from 10 different types:

Job’s Tear (Adlay) Crispy, Black Soybean Crispy, Oats Crispy, Lentil Flakes, Black Rice Crispy, Black Small Soybean Crispy, Chickpea Crispy, Brown Rice Crispy, Peeled Chickpea Crispy, Roasted Konjac Rice.

Customer Reviews

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H.O. (Dallas, TX)
Burnt Taste

These are definitely crunchy, but they taste very burnt, stale, and definitely aren't worth the very high cost. I could have not burnt them in my own kitchen using my stove for way less money. Highly not recommended, unless you like a strong charred taste.

Product Highlights

  • Enjoy the natural taste of crisped whole grains - without sugar, additive or preservatives!
  • Grains are puffed at an extreme temperature (300°C) using high pressure - for only 2 seconds!
  • Use as a topping over yogurt or salad - or eat straight
  • Choose from 10 different types of crisped grains

[Nature & Health] Puffed Crisped Grains (10 Types)

How are the grains puffed?

Washed → Soaked → Cooked* → Sifted → Packaged

*Grains are cooked for 2 seconds with extra-high temperature (above 300°C) &  pressure!

What is the size?

Choose from 10 Crispy Grains

1. Job's Tear (Adlay) Crispy (100g)

Puffed round shape,  subtle sweet & savory aroma

Ingredients list: 100% Job's Tears

Grown locally in Korea 

2. Black Soybean Crispy (100g)

Smooth rounded taste, with a subtle sweetness. Crispy & crunchy texture!

Ingredients list: 100% Black Soybean

Grown locally in Korea 

3. Oats Crispy (150g)

Dried long & slender - crunchy, natural taste of oats!

Ingredients list: 100% Oats

Grown in Canada 

4. Lentil Flake (150g)

Dried into thin flakes - crunchy, mild & natural taste!

Ingredients list: 100% Lentils

Grown in Canada/Myanmar/UAE/Australia 

5. Black Rice Crispy (100g)

Has the crunchiest texture among all types - fun to munch on... with a subtle natural sweetness!

Ingredient list: 100% Black Rice

Grown in Korea 

6. Black Small Soybean Crispy (100g)

Smaller in size than Black Soybeans. Simple, clean taste!

Ingredients list: 100% Black Small Soybean 

Grown locally in Korea 

7. Chickpea Crispy (150g)

Enjoy the natural chicken pea flavor! Plus, it's fun to crunch and chew on - perfect snack!

Ingredient list: 100% Chickpeas

Grown in USA/Canada 

8. Brown Rice Crispy (100g)

Perfectly puffed brown rice - you'll love the deep rice flavor - great on yogurt!

Ingredient list: 100% Brown Rice

Grown locally in Korea

9. Peeled Chickpea Crispy (150g)

The skin is peeled off for a smoother, cleaner taste. Nice, light & crunchy!

Ingredient list: 100% Chickpeas

Grown in Myanmar/India/Australia

10. Roasted Konjac Rice (100g)

Place in hot water (like oatmeal) and let them soften up slightly - similar to noroongji (nutty & crunchy)

Ingredient list: Konjac powder 25%, Barley powder 55%, Tapioca powder 20%

Grown in Vietnam

- Gochujar Tip -

Storage tip:

After opening, store your leftovers in a Zip-loc bag. Seal and store at room-temperature - away from sunlight

Where to use: 

Sprinkle over milk or yogurt. Great as a breakfast option!

Add texture to salads by adding puffed grains. Makes for a delicious contrast in texture!

Or place it on your work desk - and eat when you get hungry!

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