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Premium Korean Cast Iron Cookware

[Moosse] Premium Cast Iron Gamasot

Today, we are excited to introduce Moosse!

Think premium-quality cast iron cookware designed for Korean cuisine.

Moosse is a Korean company with 46+ years of experience in metal crafting expertise. Over the years, they have developed state-of-the-art technology for high precision, ultra-thin casting for iron.

It’s actually one of a few foundries in the world that has this capability.

Ultra-thin wall casting translates to cast-iron cookware that is much lighter than traditional cast iron (30% less weight) - without comprising on heat retention or durability!

Furthermore, no seasoning is required.

Moosse applies a durable, multi-layer coating on both the interior and exterior of each cast-iron piece - preventing foods from sticking to it and protecting it from acidic foods and rusting.

Moosse's Cast Iron Cooking Ware will heat on all types of stovetops: gas stove, ceramic cooktop, electric, coil and even induction.

They can also be cooked in the oven - safe up to 500°F.

Today, we present Moosse's Signature Gamasot Pots:

First, what is a Gamasot (가마솥)?

Gamasots are large heavy, iron cauldrons that were used to cook rice, soups and stews in Ancient Korea (since the Goguryeo Dynasty).

A small fire was lit under the cauldron - building-up an intense heat and large amounts of pressure in the pot. Any ingredients placed inside would cook evenly, imparting a deep and rich flavor.

The gamasot has become an iconic piece of Korean cooking culture that evokes memories of "Old Korea" to many in the older generation.

In modern times, the gamasot has become smaller to match the shrinking family size and kitchen.

Today, we present 3 different sizes for the modern kitchen:

  • Gamasot 16cm (Small): Mini-sized gamasot for 1-person serving

  • Gamasot 17cm (Medium): For cooking 2-3 person servings (recommend for couples, newlyweds or family of 3)

  • Gamasot 19cm (Large): For cooking 4-5 person servings (recommended for the whole family)


If you're having trouble deciding - we recommend the 19cm size. It's big enough to cook ANY dish (including rice, soups, braised dishes or fried foods).

Further details on each Gamasot are listed in the product page.

So what should I cook in this Gamasot? 

Traditionally, it's been used to cook rice.

The gamasot cooks rice amazingly well - due to the high pressure that builds up in the pot.

However, it can also be used for cooking Korean stews or soups like Doenjang Jjigae, Kimchi Jjigae, etc.

Or use it to bring out deep flavor in dishes like curry, rice porridge (jook), braised ribs or even for frying foods.

The lid on the Gamasot is also specially designed.

The ridge on the outer perimeter will help to prevent liquid from overflowing.

This is a lifesaver when cooking rice in a pot - no more of the gooey spillover.

It's also functions as a self-basting lid.

The circular ridges catch the steam as it builds in the pot. Then the steam condenses into water droplets along the lid, and drips back onto the cooking food.

This minimizes moisture loss - meaning your food stays juicy as it cooks!

With proper care, Moosse Gamasot will last a lifetime - it’s made from premium-quality iron from POSCO (South Korea’s leading iron & steel producer).

Rest assured, the cast-iron cookware contain NO arsenic, lead, quicksilver, antimony, cadmium PTFE, PFOA, PFPA or other environmental hormones.

If you’re a fan of cast-iron cookware, consider investing into Korean cast-iron!

Customer Reviews

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ÖD (Leiden, ZH)
Beautiful pot

I am in love with this pot and so glad i ordered it. I store it on my stove as it is so beautiful. I’ve cooked rice ( also pilafs) curries, stews and am very happy with the results. For Global gochujar: very professional and friendly service. I received my order ( live in the Netherlands) within two weeks just as promised. Will definitely order more of their beautiful products!

Product Highlights

  • Premium Cast-Iron Gamasot  - made specifically for Korean cuisine!
  • Weighs up to 30% less than traditional cast iron - enabled by world's most advanced casting technology!
  • Durable multi-layer coating on both the interior and exterior - prevents food from sticking (works well!)
  • No pre-seasoning required. Can cook on any type of stovetop (including induction)
  • Cast Iron Gamasot available in 16, 17 and 19cm size


Korea-Made Premium Cast Iron Cookware

Made in Korea using premium-quality iron from POSCO

POSCO is a Korean iron & steel producer that is regarded as one of the best in the world

MOOSSE Cookware is free from regulated heavy metals and substances

(Contains NO arsenic, lead, quicksilver, antimony, cadmium PTFE, PFOA, PFPA or other environmental hormones)

Third-party testing is regularly conducted to ensure that MOOSSE cookware is safe for the kitchen

MOOSSE Cookware is made in Korea using a state-of-the-art production system 

Only a handful of foundries in the world can perform high-precision, ultra-thin casting

Each cookware is casted individually and hand-polished by a casting master!

MOOSSE design and aesthetics draws inspiration from Ancient Korea

Simple, natural beauty in craftsmanship - our cast iron pieces will last a lifetime!



Available in 3 Sizes: 16, 17 & 19cm

16cm Gamasot Pot (Small)

 1-Person Size

Great for serving 1-person portion of rice, soup or stews

Inner DiameterHeight (w lid)VolumeWeightInduction Stove?
16 cm19.4 cm1000 ml1.75 kgYes

17cm Gamasot Pot (Medium)

2-3 Person Size

Perfect size for couples, newlyweds or a family of 3 

Use for cooking rice, stews, soups or even fry foods

Inner DiameterHeight (w. lid)VolumeWeightInduction Stove?
17 cm13 cm1500 ml2.2 kgYes

19cm Gamasot Pot (Large)

4-5 Person Size

Cook for the entire family!

Use for cooking rice, stews, soups or even frying foods

Inner DiameterHeight (w. lid)VolumeWeightInduction Stove?
19.5 cm15.2 cm2100 ml2.95 kgYes

From start to finish, these Gamasot pots are made 100% in Korea 

The Gamasot is built using golden ratio measurements - it's well balanced with a beautiful exterior design

The pot lid is specially designed to prevent over-flowing

Great when cooking rice on the stovetop!

 Self-Basting Lid

The circular ridges catch steam as it builds and condense into water droplets - which drip back onto the food

This process keeps food moist - no drying out!

How to: Cook Rice Using Gamasot

How to cook short-grain rice with Moosse Gamasot 17cm

(Turn on English Subtitles on video controls)

Customer Reviews from Korea

Rated 4.8 out of 5 (342 reviews) on Korean E-Commerce Site


Yes,  the Ttukbaegi pot can be cooked on any stovetop*

(*Ttukbaegi 13cm does not work on induction stove - the others sizes are induction-friendly)






Shown below are marks from the production process (image below).

Undergoing a labor-intensive manufacturing process, minor grooves, scratches, dents or other imperfections may be visible.

Moosse does NOT qualify them as 'damaged' criteria - as it does not affect cooking performance or functionality. 

These imperfections can not be used as basis for product return or exchange.

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