[Momos Coffee] Busan Drip Coffee Sampler Box (15 bags)


 [Momos Coffee] Busan Coffee Drip Bags

2019 World Barista Champion

[Momos Coffee] Busan Drip Coffee Sampler Box (15 bags)

Momos Coffee is the gold standard for coffee in Busan.

It's also home to Jooyeon Jeon, who was crowned the winner of the 2019 World Barista Champion! It's the biggest event in the global coffee industry. 60 countries elect one person from their country to compete with other baristas in making the best cup of coffee.

She was the first Korean (ever) to win this prestigious title. Jooyeon spent the last 11 years working as a barista at Momos Coffee. Throughout the year, she helps procure high-quality beans from local farms from across the world. Then masterfully roasts them to just the right level. From there, she experiments with different combinations of beans to create award-winning flavors.

Today, we offer Momos signature sampler box that includes 2 of her best-selling blends: Es Chocolate and Fruity Bong Bong. As well as 3 different kinds of their single-origin beans.

If you've only been sipping on coffee from Starbucks, take a jump and try speciality coffee. Chances are you won't look back!

One box contains 15 drip bags (3 bags x 5 different flavors)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jon (Calgary, AB)
Coffee that is delicious, but a bit tricky to make

Great coffee, very different. Make sure you let it almost steep like tea. If you just let it drip the flavor can be a little watery

Priscilla (Tucson, AZ)
Fruity flavors

Recommend for those who love fruity coffees. Strong coffee flavors with very nice aromas!

Kelly Y. (Central, HCW)
Good coffee

Good coffee with nice packaging. It would be even better if more delivery choices such as SF express for Hong Kong customers.

Product Highlights

  • Momo's Coffee is home to Jooyeon Jeon - the 2019 World Barista Champion!
  • Sampler includes 5 flavors: 2 blended types & 3 single-origin types
  • Use them to get a quick start in the mornings or for lazy Sunday afternoons
  • Sampler box includes a total of 15 drip bags - individually wrapped and sealed

- World Barista Champion, Joo-Yeon Jeon! - 

Momos Coffee Sampler Box (15 Bags)
What's included in the box? 

A. Es Chocolate (3 bags)

Type: Blended

This is a blend of premium coffee beans from Guatemala (25%), Brazil (25%), El Salvador (15%), Costa Rica (15%), Costa Rica (10%),  Honduras (10%).

Smooth sweet taste like cocoa. Creamy texture with a light hazelnut aftertaste.

2. Fruity Bong Bong (3 bags)

Type: Blended

This is a blend of premium coffee beans from Ethiopia (65%), Honduras (20%) and Guatemala (15%)

Sweet and tart aftertaste - like citrus fruit candy. Smooth texture that make you want to sip over and over.

3. Ethiopia Bukusasha (3 bag)

Type: Single-origin

These beans are from Ethiopia (Buku, Hambela). Grown at 2350m and processed naturally.

Touch of berry and mango-like aroma. When you sip and swallow it, it has a rich viscosity like dark chocolate.

4. Lugmapata Natural Ecuador (3 bags)

Type: Single Origin

These beans are from Ecuador (Chimborazo). Grown at 1650m and processed naturally.

Deep acidic notes like a dried cranberry, followed with a cinnamon aroma and a slight note of caramel sweetness. 

5. Sitio da Torre Brazil (3 bags)

Type: Single Origin

These beans are from Brazil (Mantiqueira de Minas). Grown at 1100m and processed via pulped natural method.

Has a rich, nutty aroma like roasted nuts. Overall balanced with a touch of sweetness at the end.

(The exact mix may be slightly different depending on availability and season)

How do I use a drip bag?

1Use your hands or scissors to cut the top of the vacuum-sealed package

2Then cut cut along the dotted line of the tea bag. Stretch-out the handles of the tea bag and cling it to your cup. Then pour hot water (92-95°C / 198-203°F)  into the bag.

3Wait for the coffee to drip through. Once you get 180~200 ml (3/4 cup) of coffee, discard the drip bag. Now, enjoy your coffee... and your afternoon!

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About The Cafe

Momos Coffee is home to the newly crowned 2019 World Barista Champion Jooyeon Jeon! She has worked and trained there for years to claim the title. Momos Coffee has now become the gold standard for coffee in Busan, Korea.

That's it folks!