[Modori] Two-Sided Cutting Board (Great for Cutting Kimchi)

[Modori] Double-Sided Cutting Board

Stainless Steel + Natural Wood

[Modori] Two-Sided Cutting Board

Wooden cutting boards are the unsung heroes of the kitchen.

Today, we introduce Modori’s New Two-Sided Cutting Board!

These are premium-quality, sturdy cutting boards that are handmade in Korea.

One side of the cutting board is natural Korean wood.

The other is Korean stainless steel (POSCO, grade 304).

Let’s start with the stainless steel side.

The stainless steel side has a raised edge which makes it great for cutting Kimchi - or any foods with liquids like seafood.

No staining or lingering odors.

To clean, simply place it under the faucet - rinses off with ease.

Plus, this stainless steel surface is anti-bacterial - no place for bacteria to grow.

[Note: The stainless steel will bear knife marks with usage - but it will remain anti-bacterial.]

For vegetables and fruits, use the natural wood side.

The wood is firm, solid and made from one continuous section of Korean wood.

It will inflict minimal damage to your kitchen’s knife blade.

The wood is also heat-treated at 120°C to increase its durability (not chemically treated).

It’s also coated in natural oil 4 times - to prevent liquid absorption and cracking.

But it’s also very aesthetic - use the wooden side to serve breads or charcuterie.

If you find it cumbersome to use multiple boards while prepping Korean food, this sturdy, two-sided cutting board will suit your needs.

Made in Korea.

(Editor note: Please prep both sides before first use - instructions listed below.)

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Bob B. (San Jose, CA)
Fantastic cutting board

Best cutting board I've found. Amazing quality.

Product Highlights

  • Korea's first two-sided cutting board
  • Use stainless steel side for cutting foods with juices - like Kimchi and seafood
  • Stainless steel is anti-bacterial - does not absorb food juices or odors
  • Use natural wood side for cutting vegetables and fruits
  • Sturdy, firm and aesthetic board - handmade in Korea!

[Modori] Two-Sided Cutting Board


Natural wood for cutting vegetables, fruits & plating

Stainless steel for cutting kimchi, meats & seafood


Made from a whole section of natural wood

Wood is firm - but not stiff - less strain on the wrist 

Inflicts minimal damage on a knife's blade

Aesthetic look - use the board as serving ware


Made with Posco Stainless Steel 304

Does not stain (or absorb) liquids - ideal for cutting Kimchi!

Does not absorb smells - great for cutting seafoods

Equal heat transfer - use to thaw frozen foods (simply place on top)

Each board is handmade in Korea!

The edge is masterfully cut to fit the the rim of the stainless steel side

The edges are rounded to prevent chaffing your arms while handling

The boards are repeatedly soaked in natural oil - 4 times

This oil coating prevents the wood from absorbing liquids and getting damaged 

This board is designed with quality in mind

✓ Minimal damage on knife's blade edge

✓ No warping. No cracking.

✓ Beautiful design

Korea's First Double-Sided Cutting Board

 ✓ Wooden board is made from one whole piece of wood

✓ Stainless steel side is anti-bacterial - no places to hide and grow

Note: The stainless steel side will bear knife marks over time!

However, the stainless steel surface remains anti-bacterial!

That's because the stainless steel is treated with protective oxide film

Knife strokes will not rupture this oxide film (reference image above)

No pockets where bacteria can fester and grow - will wash away

Made with 100% Korean POSCO Stainless Steel (304 grade)

Food-Friendly, Anti-Bacterial + Excellent Corrosion Resistance

24-Hour Bacteria Comparison Test

On Modori's Stainless Steel, sliced vegetables look the same after 24 hours

On Other Cutting Boards, sliced vegetables begin to wither after 24 hours

Lab tests show 99.9% reduction in bacteria on Modori's Stainless Steel

Why did Modori elect to use a whole piece of wood? 

✓  The wood's natural aesthetics (grains) are visible 

✓  No glue or chemical adhesive is needed to assemble - it's one piece

✓  The boards are heat-treated at 120°C to prevent cracking

The wood is heat-treated in 120°C heat - not chemical treated!

This heat treatment increases the board's durability and removes any fungi or bacteria from inside the wood

No chemicals are used

The edge of the stainless steel side is raised (and slanted at a 0.7 degree)

It prevent liquids from spilling over - life-saver when cutting Kimchi!

Even staining liquids wash-off easily - with just running water

No Staining, No Scrubbing, No Fuss!

Recommended for... 

For those who were looking for a Kimchi cutting board

For those who want a beautiful cutting board to double as a serving (charcuterie) board

For those who don't want to clutter their kitchen with multiple cutting boards

For those who are sick of re-purchasing cutting boards because of lingering stains/smells

For those who want a cutting board durable enough to take outdoors (camping)

For those who want to gift a beautiful kitchen item!

Do the following before first use!

From the manufacturing process, there may be residual black dust/debris on the stainless steel surface

Please wipe it off before first use

Dab a paper towel with cooking oil. Then wipe the oil on the surface of the stainless steel side.

Next, mix some baking soda & vinegar into water. Bring it up to boil, then carefully pour it onto the stainless steel side.

(When pouring out the water, avoid splashing the wood side)

After the water has cooled down, carefully drain into sink. Then give it another rinse under warm water.

Use the same cooking-oil dabbed paper towel and rub on the surface again. Check if black powder appears. Repeat as needed.

To properly care for your wooden cutting board, apply oil before first use!

Repeat oiling from time-to-time (~1x a month) to ensure a long life

Use any food-safe mineral oil* (or board cream). Pour on a ample amount and rub it around with a kitchen towel 

*Canola Oil, Flaxseed Oil or Grapeseed Oil can also work

Afterwards, let it sit for 1-2 minutes. Then wipe any excess off with a dry kitchen towel 

(Don't let the oil sit for too long - or else it may soak into the wood grains. Wipe off after 1-2 minutes!)

Why do I need to oil the surface of wooden cutting boards?

Wood is naturally porous - without a protective finish, it will absorb juices from your foods

When a layer of oil is applied, the surface is sealed - preventing moisture from building up inside the board

Note: Refrain from using oils with strong smells (like olive oil) or that have a thick viscosity (like soybean oil or corn oil)


After using, rinse-off in lukewarm water

Do not use in dishwasher!

Do not place in contact with flames or near hot objects

Do not soak in hot water - even for a short period of time


Oiling your board - about once a month - can greatly extend its lifespan.

If there are many knife marks, gently rub the area with sandpaper (grit of at least 220) for a smooth finish. Wipe it free of dust with a damp sponge, let it air-dry, then oil for your next usage.

After applying a layer of oil, don't let it sit for too long - wipe it off after 1-2 minutes!


Wipe-off of all moisture before storing

Best to store in a shady & well-ventilated area


As a natural item, there may be slight difference in the color and grain pattern of the wood

There may be minor scratches or other imperfections on the stainless steel surface from the manufacturing process

These do not qualify as "damaged items" for exchange or refund

Material: Stainless Steel (304), Heat-Treated Wood

Size & Weight: 1.3kg (35 x 25 x 25.99 cm)

Made in Korea

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