[Modori] Handmade Pebble Magnets

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Pebble Look, Natural Design

[Modori] Handmade Pebble Magnets

Today, we are offering Modori's Handmade Pebble Magnets.

This is an accessory item for those who have purchased Modori's Cutting Board Set

These are ceramic magnets that are hand-made and coated with a sandy finish to resemble natural pebbles.

The ceramic magnets complement the pastel colors of the cutting boards and make for an aesthetic look!

You can use the ceramic magnets for your refrigerator as well.

Snap-on this week's to-do recipe, grocery list and your favorite pictures. It's great way to personalize your cooking space!

Each package contains 5 ceramic magnets.

Customer Reviews

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May (Toronto, ON)
So Cute!

Got these because they were cute. They really are cute and look like real pebbles.

Product Highlights

  • Handmade Pebble Magnets - to use on Modori Cutting Board Holder
  • Each ceramic piece is handmade - coated with a sandy finish to feel like a pebble
  • Great for kitchen styling and personalizing your kitchen setup
  • Includes 5 pebble magnets

- [Modori] Handmade Pebble Magnets -

Handmade Pebble Magnetics

Made with Korean Clay 

Coated with a sandy finish - feels like a pebble in your hands

Stick-on photos, grocery lists, and recipes to your magnetic cutting board!

Decorate with your favorite pictures, grocery lists and to-do recipes

You can also use the magnets on your refrigerator

Product Information

Handmade Pebble Magnets

5 magnetic pieces

Material: Ceramic, Magnet

Size: 15 * 20 * 15mm

Made in Korea

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