[Modori] Goodle Korean Cookware - Cream White Edition


[Modori] Goodle Collection - Cream White

Superior Non-Stick & White Aesthetic 

[Modori] Goodle Korean Cookware - Cream White Edition

This is the Cream White Edition of Modori’s Goodle Cookware.

Since launch, Modori’s Goodle Cookware has garnered the attention of Korean homecooks and food stylists - with one being sold every 5 seconds!

Many customers have asked Modori for a white-colored edition of Goodle Cookware.

At last, Modori has launched this Cream White Edition for select Goodle Cookware:

- Goodle Frying Pan (24cm) - Cream White
- Goodle Wok (28cm) - Cream White

What we love about Goodle Cookware is its excellent (long-lasting) non-stick surface.

This cream white edition is finished with a 7th-generation ceramic coating - which has a 50% improvement in non-stick performance over its predecessor.

It's Modori's most advanced non-stick surface!

You can easily fry an egg without it sticking to the pan - no nudging needed! (see video below).

Furthermore, the aesthetic cream white color makes it perfect as serving ware - take it directly from the cooking stove to the dinner table!

If you enjoy cooking at home, try cooking your favorite recipes in beautiful cream-white cookware!


Editor Note: The non-stick coating on any cookware (regardless of brand) has a finite life. Lifespan will depend on usage frequency and how it's used.

Goodle Cookware is prone to minor scratches, especially at the rim or underside. Modori states that minor scratches are to be expected. The scratches do NOT affect the performance of the cooking ware.

To maximize lifespan, avoid drastic changes in temperature to the pan/pot - do NOT wash hot pans/pots immediately under the faucet. Let the pans fully cool down before rinsing.

Please review the section “Precautions When Using” for more tips.

Goodle cookware can be use on any stovetop: gas, electric, ceramic, induction.

Customer Reviews

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Deb (New York, NY)
White pan

I am thrilled overjoyed with the gorgeousness of this pan and its incredible non stick capability. A joy to cook with and cleans in a snap.

Product Highlights

  • Goodle Cookware - now available in cream white!
  • Excellent & long-lasting non-stick surface - 7th generation ceramic coating
  • Long-lasting coating - can be used for very long time (PFOA-free)
  • Burn stains are easily removed -  very simple to clean
  • Works on all stove tops: induction, gas, electric, heating plate

Goodle Cookware

- Cream White Edition - 

Now available in Cream White!

Goodle Cookware - over $180 million worth sold

Customer satisfaction - 4.7/5

The following are available in cream white!

✓ Goodle Wok (28cm)

✓ Goodle Frying Pan (24cm)

7th Generation - Upgraded Performance!

Excellent Non-Stick Coating

(video below)

7th Generation - 50% Upgraded Performance

Superior Non-Stick Coating

Longer lifespan

Higher durability!

(results below)

Non-stick coating lifespan test

6th generation ceramic coating: 100,000 uses

7th generation ceramic coating: 300,000 uses

Salt-spray durability test

6th generation ceramic coating: 300+ hours

7th generation ceramic coating: 500+ hours


Goodle cookware has excellent thermal conductivity...

We recommend using no higher than medium-low heat

Non-toxic, safe ceramic coating!

(PFOA FREE - safe cookware, no toxic substances)

Upgraded non-stick surface!

(Eggs easily slide off, without any sticking)

Experience 7th-gen ceramic coating technology!

Beautiful aesthetic

Beautiful cream white - use it as serving ware!

Transfer it directly from stove-top to dinner table

Goodle Wok (28cm)

Diameter - 28cm

Height - 8cm

Great for fried rice, stir-fries & braised foods

Goodle Frying Pan (24cm)

Diameter - 24cm

Height - 5cm

Perfect for pan-frying eggs, steak, spaghetti, fish, etc.

Goodle Wok (28cm) - Detailed Info

Pan Handle: Wood (Somei Cherry Tree)

Pan: Aluminium (Ceramic Coating)

Made in Korea

Goodle Frying Pan (24cm) - Detailed Info

Pan Handle: Wood (Somei Cherry Tree)

Pan: Aluminium (Ceramic Coating)

Made in Korea

Precautions when using:

1. These ceramic-coated pans have very high thermal conductivity - we recommend using no higher than medium-low heat

2. When cooking on gas stove, check that flames are not extending over the bottom, as it may scorch the wooden handle

3. Before first use, gently rinse the cookware with a soft sponge & dish soap

4. Please handwash, using the soft-side of a dish sponge & dish soap. Do NOT place in dishwasher!

5. Do NOT heat cooking pans without anything inside

6. Compatible with all stove tops: gas, induction, electric, hot plates

7. Do NOT use in microwave or dishwasher

8. When cooking, please use wooden or silicon utensils to prevent scratching

9. Place a kitchen towel or Modori Cookware Protective Pads when storing/stacking on top of each other - to prevent scratching surface

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