[Mcgguroom] Traditional Gochujang - Gluten Free (500g)

[Mcgguroom] Traditional Gochujang (500g)

Traditional Flavor, All-Natural Ingredients, Gluten-Free

[Mcgguroom] Traditional Gochujang

Introducing Mcgguroom’s Traditional Gochujang!

This artisan-made gochujang is carefully made using traditional Korean techniques.

While many gochujang recipes use malt barley (엿기름) to bind the ingredients, this one is made with glutinous rice powder (찹쌀가루) - which is a gluten-free ingredient.

In fact, every single ingredient in this artisan-made delight is gluten-free.

Full Ingredients List: Gochugaru (37%), Glutinous Rice Powder (36.5%), Meju Powder (Soybeans), Rice Syrup, and Sea Salt.

We're confident that this gochujang ranks among the finest in Korea in terms of flavor and quality.

This gochujang undergoes a 12-month fermentation process in large, traditional Jangdok vases.

No shortcuts, no additives, no preservatives, and definitely no MSG or sugar - rather, a lot of time!

Tell me about the artisan:

Founder Seong Myeong Rae embarked on this journey in 1989.

What began with a handful of Jangdok vases has now evolved into a production of over 4000+ vases worth of fermented Korean pastes & soy sauces.

Seong Myeong Rae was honored as a “Food Grand Master (No. 45)” by the Korean Government.

Whether you’re craving an authentic bibimbap sauce or testing new spicy Korean dishes, this gochujang will bring out that traditional Korean flavor.

Embrace the flavors that Gyeonsangbukdo (경상북도) province has to offer with Mcgguroom!

Available in 250 & 500g jars.

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Product Highlights

  • Traditional fermentation in 3000+ large Jangdok jars (장독대)
  • Made with 5 natural ingredients - no added sugar, preservatives or additives!  
  • Spicy, salty, earthy & deeply savory
  • Available in two sizes: 500g and 250g 

[Mcgguroom] Traditional Gochujang

[Mcgguroom] Traditional Gochujang

Size: 500g

Country of Origin: Korea

After opening, please store in refrigerator

Full Ingredients List: Gochugaru, Glutinous Rice Powder, Meju Powder (Soybeans), Rice Syrup, Sea Salt

500 gram size

250 gram size

About Mcgguroom

Since 1989, Food Master Seong Myeong Rae has been making fermented Korean pastes and sauces - following traditional techniques

The ingredients are fermented in 4000+ large Jangdok vases  (장독대) - for at least 12 months! 

Close-up view of Mcgguroom's Traditional Gochujang

Full Ingredients list:

Gochugaru (37%), Glutinous Rice Powder (36.5%), Meju Powder [Soybeans], Rice Syrup, Sea Salt

Nutritional Info: 

Every 100g has 214 calories | 1 jar contains 500g

Sodium 2300mg (115%), Carbohydrate 41g (13%), Sugar 8g (8%), Fat 3.3g (6%), Trans Fat 0g (0%), Saturated Fat 0.6g (4%), Cholesterol 0mg (0%), Protein 5.61g (10%)

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