[Master Kim Ku Won] Traditional Doenjang (500g)

[Master Kim Ku Won] Traditional Doenjang

Made with Premium Paju Soybeans

[Master Kim Ku Won] Traditional Doenjang (500g)

Today, we offer Master Kim Ku Won’s Traditional Deonjang!

This doenjang is made with Jangdan Soybeans, which are grown locally here in Paju, Korea.

What’s special about Jangdan Soybeans?

Jangdan Soybeans are regarded as one of the most premium soybeans in Korea - it’s highly regarded for its deep taste and outstanding nutritional value.

In fact, in the early 20th century, Jangdan Soybeans were designated by the Royal Court as the most superior soybeans in Korea. And it was used to make dishes for the King & Royal Court.

This artisan-made doenjang is earthy, salty and packed with deep-flavor!

Much more flavor than the mass-produced (MSG-added), cheaper doenjang brands you see on the shelves at Korean markets.

Best of all, it contains NO MSG, preservatives or additives.

The ingredient list contains only 3 items: soybeans, salt & water. That’s it!

This doenjang paste has a chunky texture, so you’ll taste bits of whole Jangdan soybeans in your jjigae (stew) - delicious!

Note: Kim Ku Won is a food master that’s built a brand of fresh, artisan-made tofu.

Their signature tofu is also made with the same Jangdan Soybeans.

1 jar contains 500 grams.

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Product Highlights

  • Made with premium Paju Jangdan Soybeans!
  • 100% non-gmo, Korean-grown soybeans (pesticide-free)
  • Ingredient list contains only 3 natural ingredients - no MSG, preservatives, additives or food coloring
  • Made following traditional Korean techniques - get that homecooked flavor!
  • 1 Jar contains 500 grams

[Master Kim Ku Won] Traditional Doenjang

Made with Paju Jangdan Soybeans

During the Dynasty Days,  Jangdan Soybeans were designated as the most premium by Korea's Royal Court

Till this day, Paju continues to host the annual Jangdan Soybean Festival to showcase the excellence of their soybeans

Deep-tasting, strong & savory

This Doenjang has a deep-tasting earthy & salty flavor, and is packed with natural umami

It has a chunky texture, with bits of premium Jangdan soybeans

Use it to make Korean stews, soups & namul!

Use this traditional doenjang to make Korean soups, stews & to season namul banchans

It's healthy & delicious - and made with only 3 natural Korean ingredients!

Made from 100% NON-GMO, Korea-grown soybeans

Doenjang is made following traditional Korean techniques

Our production facility is HACCP-certified

Received official label as "Traditional Korean Food"

Pesticide-free certification

Ingredient list:

Soybean (88%), Water (7%), Salt (5%) - all ingredients are Korea-grown

Storage tip:

Please store in the refrigerator

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