[Manjun Seaweed] Crispy Seaweed Garnish


[Manjun Seaweed] Seaweed Garnish

Perfect for garnish

[Manjun Seaweed] Crispy Seaweed Garnish

These crispy seaweed flakes are perfect for garnishing Korean dishes.

Unlike Kimjaban, this product is not mixed with any sugar or other flavors.

It's simply seaweed, oil and touch of salt.

It works perfectly as a topping for Korean rice dishes like Kimchi fried rice. Or for making Jumokbap (Korean rice balls), bibimbap or noodle dishes.

What we love the most is that it's packed to the brim with seaweed flakes - not like a bag of potato chips, half-filled with air.

Plus it's not oily like other brands.

With this product, you get your money's worth!

Manjun Seaweed is an organic grower of Seaweed. They cultivate their laver off the southern coast of Korea and maintain very strict quality standards.

As such, they have received local certification as an organic grower by the Korean government. As well as international certifications like USDA Organic, MUI Halal-friendly and KMF Halal-friendly.

This is a great buy for homecooks - use it to garnish dishes quickly!

Store in a cool dry area like your pantry. For longer-term storage, store in the freezer (to maintain crispy texture).

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Product Highlights

  • Ideal for garnishing Korean dishes - such as kimchi fried rice, rice balls and dumpling soup
  • Seaweed is grown organically in the southern seas of Korea
  • A straightforward ingredient list with no added sugar or preservatives. Baked twice to achieve a crispy texture
  • Each bag contains a generous 150g, packed to the brim!

[Manjun Seaweed] Crispy Korean Seaweed Garnish


Crispy Seaweed Garnish (150g)

Our ingredient list is simple: Korean seaweed, corn oil, sesame oil, and salt

Top-off popular Korean dishes - adding an extra layer of umami to dishes


Garnish your favorite Korean recipes

✓  Korean Rice Balls (Jumeok-Bap)

✓  Noodle dishes (Janchi-Guksu)

✓  Korean Soups (Dumpling Soup - Mandu Guk)

✓  Kimchi Fried Rice / Bibimbap


Check Point

Add a touch of savory, umami flavor to your dishes by using it as a garnish

When hunger strikes and you're in the mood for a quick rice bowl, simply fold the seaweed flakes into hot, white rice for an easy and satisfying meal

Featuring a zipper lid, conveniently press the seal to lock in freshness, ensuring your product stays at its best

Seaweed garnish complements a variety of Korean dishes, including fried rice, soups, noodles, and rice bowls


Ingredient list:

Korean seaweed, Corn Oil, Sesame Oil, Salt

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