[Lock & Lock] DosiLock Lunch Box (Professional Edition)

[LocknLock] DosiLock Professional Edition

Mix & Match Korean Meals

[Lock & Lock]聽DosiLock Lunch Box (Professional Edition)聽

Today, we're excited to聽bring you Lock & Lock's聽new...聽DosiLock Lunch Box (Professional Edition).聽

This is聽the聽best Korean dosirak lunchbox聽out on the market.聽

It comes with 3 stackable food containers - one for rice, one for main dish and another for utensils.聽

What makes it special?

One of the lids has an "air-tight" seal - making it leak-proof! Use it to pack liquids like聽soups, jjigae or curry - without worry.

What's great is that the lids are interchangeable - you can聽swap the air-tight lid onto the bigger food container if the main menu聽is say... curry or jjigae.聽

The airtight lid is also made聽with Tritan material - which is strong and impact-resistant. It will not stain from strong foods either - making it hygienic, clean and long-lasting (BPA-free).

The lunchbox set also comes with a 1/3-sized banchan container - which you can use to separate wet sauces from dry foods. Perfect for storing salad dressing, dipping sauces or saucy banchans!

This Professional Set also includes a pair of stainless-steel Korean chopsticks & spoon. It's聽firmly held聽in place with a silicon band - which makes it noise-free!聽

No more聽sound of聽clanking utensils when walking with your lunch-pack!聽

Finally, it also includes a durable, elastic band - which holds all three聽stacked containers firmly in place.

Lock & Lock has聽internalized customer feedback over the years - and聽introduced a professional dosirak lunch box that checks all the boxes!

Available in 1 color combination: Yellow & Gray

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
S.C. (Belmont, MA)

I have used other lock n lock products - This one has a good quality feel to it and the colour is nice, shape is compact for carrying in a backpack. The main concern is that the seal on the yellow plastic lid is not very secure but I have yet to use it with liquid. It is very expensive, but I was unable to get it from a website outside Korea.

Tammy N. (Brooklyn, NY)
Love it!!

I鈥檝e been seeing a few Korean vloggers use this lunch box and it started making me want it too. The quality feels great, it鈥檚 got a good weight to it. The lunch box is exactly as described and really is airtight. I love the addition of the separate, removable container for banchan. I wish I could get more of them. I think they鈥檇 be great to ensure that your banchan dishes don鈥檛 mix during your commute. And the box for the utensils is so nice, it has room to put any other utensils you may have and the silicone band does keep the utensils it comes with in place so you鈥檙e not jingling.

Product Highlights

  • LocknLock's latest dosirak lunchbox (professional edition)
  • Comes with a separate banchan container - separate wet & dry foods
  • Includes an airtight lid - no spilling or leakage!
  • Lunchbox lids are interchangeable - mix & match!
  • Even includes stainless-steel chopsticks & spoon
  • Comes with an elastic band - to keep stacked containers in place
[LocknLock] DosiLock
Professional Edition

Dimensions & Weight

Size: 19.5 cm x 8.6 cm x 13.7 cm

Weight: 380g

This DosiLock Professional includes: 

Large Food Container x 1

 Small-Food Container x 1

Utensil Container (includes chopsticks & spoon) x 1

Small 1/3 Banchan Container x 1

Air-Tight Lid x 1 (fits on any container)

 Snap-on Lids x 2 (fits on any container)

 Flexible Band

Safe for microwave

Safe for freezer

Safe for dishwasher

BPA Free!

Stores Easily

The lunchbox lids are interchangeable! 

Each lid - including the air-tight lid - fits on any food container!

Pack any type of food - without worry of spilling or leakage.

The air-tight lid is made with Tritan

Yes, the airtight lid is leak-proof!

It's made with strong (impact-resistant) Tritan, which does not stain - it's hygienic, clean and long-lasting!

Tritan material is BPA-free - also does NOT contain BPS or any other bisphenols

Easy to wash & clean!

Even the inner seal is removable - so you can thoroughly clean (if any sauces get stuck in the gap)

1/3 Sized Banchan Container

A banchan container that fits inside any of the food containers

Use it for salad dressing, sauces or banchans - keeps food from mixing

Noise-Free Utensils!

The spoon and chopsticks are held firmly with a silicone band - makes no noise when walking!

Carry your lunchbox around without the noise of loose utensils. 

Elastic Band

A durable, elastic band is included to keep all 3 containers stacked on top of each other.

Band it, then place it into your bag!

Functional Packaging

The lunchbox comes packaged in a "functional" cardboard sleeve.

Don't toss it out - it can be folded into a make-shift handphone stand.

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About The Brand

Lock & Lock is South Korea's leading food container maker. They have a wide range of products - containers, cookware, tumbler and water bottles. They also produce Korean specific items like Kimchi containers and Dosirak Boxes.

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