[Kyung-Ok-Chae] Premium Omija Tea


Strengthens Cardiovascular System, Body Detoxification 

[Kyung-Ok-Chae] Premium Omija Tea

Introducing Kyung-Ok-Chae, a new brand in oriental pharmaceutical science dedicated to bringing 2000 years of Traditional Korean Medicine (TKM) to the modern, fast-paced lifestyle.

For millennia, Korean culture has relied on traditional herbs and roots to combat fatigue, illness, and injury. In the days of the Joseon Dynasty, these remedies were reserved for royalty and nobility.

Kyung-Ok-Chae now revives these ancient herbal recipes, maintaining an unwavering commitment to top-quality production and premium herbal ingredients.

Unlike cheaper brands, Kyung-Ok-Chae is not made from herbal concentrate - it contains no artificial ingredients, coloring or preservatives.

Rather, natural Korean herbs are first ground into ultrafine particles via a micro-milling technique. The particles are milled 15 times finer than other brands.

As the particles become finer, the body is able to absorb the nutrients more efficiently (boasting a 2x absorption rate).

This is followed by a low-temperature decoction and ripening process, which yields a remarkably smooth-tasting liquid extract.

(For those who have grown up tasting Hanyak — you know how bitter it can taste! That's because many TKM doctors extracted at high temperatures over a short period— creating a lot of bitterness in the resulting liquid.)

Today, we present one of their best-selling items: Omija Tea

Omija Berries are a foundational ingredient in Korean Herbal Medicine and known to strengthen the cardiovascular system, detoxify the body, and rid it of free radicals.

It's a tea that can be consumed daily and recommended when...

✓ Craving something other than coffee - healthier option and packed with antioxidants

Feeling dehydrated after a long day outdoors or post-workout

✓ You've sweated a lot on a hot day and are feeling low on energy

Looking to treat guests to a healthy and unique beverage

✓ Want a healthy drink that can be enjoyed by the whole family - everyday!

This omija tea is made solely of 2 ingredients: Omija berries and Wild Honey.

No additives, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives — only herbal ingredients.

Note: This is a liquid extract, not a thick, viscous extract.

This store is very popular in Cheongdam-dong (Gangnam district) and has gained significant following through word-of-mouth.

All products have undergone and passed safety evaluations by Korea's Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and are manufactured in GMP-certified facilities.

Makes for an excellent gift for parents and grandparents!

- Optional: Korean Cloth Gift-Wrap Available.

- How To Take: Simply take 1 pouch (100ml) per day.

- Available in packs of 10 | Store at room temperature.

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Product Highlights

  •  Premium Omija Tea, expertly crafted by Korean Oriental Herbal Pharmacists - not overly sweet and packed with antioxidants!
  • Based on a traditional Korean remedy formula for for enhancing the cardiovascular system and detoxifying the body
  • Kyung Ok Chae was founded in 2017 by a dedicated team of licensed Korean Oriental Pharmacists
  • Offered in 100ml ready-to-drink packets | 10 packets

[Kyung-Ok-Chae] Premium Omija Tea


Kyung-Ok-Chae is a premium oriental pharmaceutical brand founded in 2017 by a group of Korean Oriental Pharmacists.

All herbal medicinal ingredients are meticulously hand-picked, and modern technology is employed to optimize the absorption rate of nutrients.

Located in Cheongdam-dong (청담동), Gangnam District, Seoul


Signature Omija Tea

These are ready-to-drink packs made with Korean omija berry & wild honey

Strengthens Cardiovascular System | Detoxification | Removes Free Radicals

Great for daily consumption

Available in 10 packs


Korea-Grown Omija Berries

These medicinal omija berries are harvested from the forests of Korea

Omija berries boasts a unique flavor - containing all five basic tastes in one bite: sweet, sour, slightly bitter, salty, and pungent

Our berries undergo a gentle 24-hour cold-water steeping process, preserving their nutritional value and rich antioxidants


Signature Omija Tea (100ml)

Made with a traditional Korean formula known for boosting heart health, removing harmful free radicals, and enhancing blood circulation

Made with only two ingredients: Omija Berry and Wild Honey


24-hour slow-extraction process

We steep our berries in cold water for 24 hours, allowing for a gradual extraction of their distinctive flavor and antioxidants.

(If steeped hastily or boiled, much of the nutrition can be lost, resulting in a bitter, heavy taste)


Our natural omija extract is subtly sweetened with natural honey

After steeping in cold water for 24 hours, the softened berries are carefully sifted out of the extract.

Then, a small amount of wild honey is added to impart a touch of sweetness.

(Note: Our Omija tea is not as sweet as Omija-cheong. It is primariy tart and tangy - with a hint of sweetness)

It's a more refined taste that appeals to older folks - parents and grandparents!


Made with 2 natural ingredients

1.  Omija Berries

Grown in Korea

2.  Wild Honey

Grown in Korea


Works great as a premium-quality Korean food gift

Available in 10 packs


Optionally, we provide gift-wrapping in traditional Korean cloth for an extra touch of aesthetics and elegance.


Omija Tea is a natural berry drink suitable for daily enjoyment or as a welcoming refreshment for guests!

It's rich in antioxidants and aids in strengthening the cardiovascular system and improving blood circulation.

Recommended for:

✓  Coffee alternative - healthier and packed with antioxidants

✓  When feeling dehydrated after a long day outdoors or post-workout

✓  When you've sweated a lot on a hot day and are feeling low on energy

✓  Looking to treat guests to a healthy and unique beverage

✓  Want a healthy drink that can be enjoyed by the whole family - everyday!


Our flagship store in Chungdam-dong, Gangnam


Many people in Korea who initially tried our products have remained our customers to this day!

Our business has grown through word-of-mouth

This serves as a testament to our dedication in providing traditional Hanyak formulas with premium-quality ingredients


Full Ingredients List:

Mixed Herbal Extract 100% [Purified water, omija berries, wild honey]

Each packet contains 100ml

How many packets can I take?

Take up to 3 packets (100ml) per day

If aged under 7, take only 1/2 packet per day

Storage Instructions

Store at room temperature

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