[KwangJuyo] Korean Bell Cups - Soju Ware (2p)

[KwangJuyo] Korean Bell Cups - Soju Ware

Korean Ceramics, Sip Slowly

[KwangJuyo] Korean Bell Cups - Soju Ware (2p)

Yes, every household has a few cheap shot glasses sitting idly in a cupboard.

But today, we present Korean ceramic ware for serving soju or other traditional liquors like bokbunja (복분자) or baekseju (백세주) - great for ambiance, a touch of Korea!

These are handmade pieces from Kwangjuyo.

Founded in 1963, Kawngjuyo was the first to successfully commercialize traditional-style Korean ceramics and bring it to the masses.

During Japanese Occupation, Korea was in a recession and many porcelain artisans & operations disbanded. After Liberation, Kwangjuyo’s founder - Master Cho Sosu - pursued his vision to re-gather the nation’s best ceramic artisans. They would setup operations in Gwangju to revive traditional-style Korean porcelain making.

The group was successful and became the first to commercialize traditional-style Korean ceramics.

Kwangjuyo uses its own proprietary clay, made from a blend of premium sentiments from across Korea. The clay is aged for months to prevent cracking during the glazing process (more info in the video).

Today we introduce their Signature Bell Soju Cups.

These serving cups are masterfully made - with a beautiful glaze in Korean colors!

But what makes these cups special is their jingle!

There is a trinket that is locked at the base of the cup - which makes a small tinkering sound when the cup is moved.

A little something that only adds to a lively soju-filled night!

Note: These cups can hold more volume than a soju shot glass (about 1.5x more liquid). Great for serving other types of Korean liquors like bokbunja or baekseju.

Each box includes 2 pieces.

Available in 4 colors: Joseon Green, Creamy Ivory, Snow White, Smoky Chestnut

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Larina H. (Minneapolis, MN)
Very Pretty

These cups are beautiful! When I'm not drinking from them I put them on my buffet because I like to look at them :). The sound of the bell is also very pleasing.

Product Highlights

  • KwangJuyo is one of Korea's premium ceramic ware brands
  • Beautiful glaze finish - with traditional Korean ceramic colors
  • The cups have a small trinket in its base - gives off a jingle when cup is moved
  • Great for serving soju or other traditional Korean liquors like bokbunja & baekseju 
  • Available in 4 colors 

[KwangJuyo] Korean Bell Cups - Soju Ware (2P)

· Joseon Green (2P) ·

· Creamy Ivory (2P) ·

· Snow White (2P) ·

· Smoky Chestnut (2P) ·

- Dimensions & Details - 

2 Cups in each set

Width: 8.5 cm | Height: 8cm 

Material: Korean Clay

Made in Korea


As handmade ceramics, there may be fine scratches, dings or imperfections (shown below)

These imperfections do NOT qualify as "damaged items" - not valid for refund/exchange

In the case of Smoky Chestnut (as it is dark colored) - scratches or dings will be more visible (be careful not to scratch)

For cleaning, it's best to hand-wash - use the soft-side of a dish sponge


Founded in 1963, KwangJuyo is responsible for bringing premium-quality traditional ceramics to the masses in Korea.

All pieces are made by master craftsman with 20+ years of experience. 

KwangJuyo creates its own proprietary clay - made with a unique ratio of Korean clays

This brand is widely recognized as one of Korea's premium tableware!

(For more details, please watch the video below)

Kwangjuyo's History - Since 1963

How Kangjuyo makes its ceramics (Eater)


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About The Brand

Founded in 1963, KwangJuyo is responsible for bringing premium-quality traditional ceramics to the masses in Korea. Kwangjuyo is widely recognized as one of Korea's premium tableware.

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