[King's Seal] Royal Grade Icheon Rice - 4kg


[King's Seal] Royal Icheon Rice

Korea's Best, Royal-Grade Korean Rice

[King's Seal] Royal Grade Icheon Rice - 4kg

Today, we introduce a royal grade rice cultivated in Icheon.

Icheon 이천 (not to be confused with Incheon 인천) is famous for producing the best rice in Korea.

In fact, Icheon rice is so good that it was used to serve the Kings of Korea during the Dynasty Days.

What makes Icheon rice taste so good?

The region's climate and geography make it ideal for rice cultivation.

Icheon receives large amounts of sunshine throughout the year, while also benefiting from a cooler temperature than other areas.

The soil in Icheon is also nutrient dense, with a high amount of natural minerals.

Farmers in Icheon also water their crops with mineral water extracted from deep underground. This natural water (as opposed to municipal water) contains higher amounts of Mg, which makes for a better-tasting rice.

Among Icheon rice brands, King’s Seal is the most reputable!

Today, we offer their signature short-grain, white rice in 4kg bags.

The rice grains are are extra clean, with a transparent and glossy color. They have no cracks and have a uniform, short oval shape - all features of a high-quality rice.

In fact, this rice received a grade of “특” - which is Korea's highest-quality mark for rice.

[The grade for rice starts from the highest “특” (special/royal) to “상” (premium) to “보통” (normal).]

When cooked, this special rice has just the right amount of softness, chewiness and glutinous (sticky) texture - it's simply perfect for everyday Korean meals!

Tip: Use this white rice as a base, then add-in a small handful of brown rice, black rice, black beans or sorghum for more nutrition!

Note: For long-term storage, we recommend transferring the rice to a large kitchen container and storing it in the refrigerator (prevents the rice from losing moisture).

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Product Highlights

  • Royal grade Korean white rice - grown in Icheon!
  • Icheon is famous for producing the best rice in Korea - this regional rice was served to the King during the Royal Days
  • Has a delicious, deep flavor - rice grains are the highest quality that Korea offers
  • Available in a large 4kg bag (9lbs) - perfect size if you cook Korean food regularly!

[King's Seal] Royal Icheon Rice - 4kg

What makes Icheon Rice so special? 

Icheon has climate, soil and sunlight conditions that are ideal for rice cultivation

Icheon benefits from a lower temperature throughout the year + larger amount of sunlight

These variables contribute to a high-quality rice!

Icheon soil has a moderately coarse texture - with a great ratio of clay & sand

This creates a nutrient-dense soil for cultivating rice

Rice farmers in Icheon use mineral-dense, underground water to grow rice crops

This bedrock water contains natural Mg, which improves the taste of rice!

How is it advertised in Korea?

What does the label say?

Rice grade: Royal (highest-grade)

Rice strain: Chucheong (추청)

Weight: 4 kg

Producer Name: Icheon Nonghyup Cooperative

Rice Origin: Icheon

Storage Tips

Store in a cool, dry area of your pantry.

For extended keep, store in your refrigerator.

Avoid storing in humid or sunny areas!

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