[Kanggae Sangin] Korean Ginseng Root Tonic (20 Capsules)

[Kanggae Sangin] Korean Ginseng Root Tonic (20 Capsules) - Closeup

Wild Ginseng Roots, Black Red Ginseng Extract

[Kanggae Sangin] Korean Ginseng Root Tonic (20 Capsules)

Today, we offer a wonderful health food gift - that’s great for gifting parents or elder family members.

Ginseng is widely regarded as one of the top health food products in Korea.

Ginseng roots are packed with saponins (ginseonsides), potent antioxidants that fight inflammation in the body and also exhibit anti-cancerous properties.

It's also consumed to combat body fatigue and increase one's overall energy levels.

Today, we offer Kanggae Sangin’s Wild Ginseng Root Tonic Capsules.

There are different types of ginseng offered in Korea - the most premium being Black Red Ginseng.

The higher the saponin content, the more premium it is.

Each one of these capsule is filled with the most premium - Black Red Ginseng Extract.

What is Black Red Ginseng (흑홍삼)?

It’s ginseng that has been steamed and dehydrated slowly over a 9-stage process to retain as much of the original saponin found in the root (the repeated drying process results in a dark, black-colored root).

For comparison, Black Red Ginseng Extract has 4-6x more saponins that normal ginseng.

(It can also be compared to Red Ginseng - which is steamed and dried only once. Red Ginseng contains less saponins that Black Red Ginseng.)

The capsules also contains wild ginseng roots! After you finish drinking the extract, you can munch and eat the roots too!

(Don’t throw out the roots! These wild roots are packed with nutrition and meant to be eaten.)

If you’re looking for a premium, Korean health food item - this is an excellent choice!

Tip: The vial tops can be opened with a popper - which is included in the box.

This tonic does NOT contain alcohol - it is a health drink!

Each box contains 20 root tonic vials | Take one per day.

Customer Reviews

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Anonymous (Phoenix, AZ)
Great Service & Product!

The recipient loved the gift and was impressed by the ginseng. Also, Daniel was quick to ship & respond to my questions. I will purchase with Gochujar again!

Product Highlights

  • Each capsule contains wild ginseng roots grown in Korea
  • The roots are submerged in black red ginseng extract - which contains 4-6 more saponins than regular ginseng! 
  • Helps to decrease blood lipids, lower cancer risks and lower blood glucose (among other health benefits).
  • Works great as a premium health gift for parents & elderly
  • 1 Box contains 20 capsules | Take 1 capsule per day

[Kanggae Sangin] Wild Ginseng Root Tonic (20 Capsules)

Korean Wild Ginseng Root Tonic 

Wild ginseng roots, in a black red ginseng tonic

(Sip on tonic first, then munch on wild roots afterwards)

Black Red Ginseng contains 4-6x more saponins that fresh ginseng.

Black Red Ginseng (흑삼) is red ginseng that has been steamed and dried up to 9x

This repetitive process locks-in more saponins - more saponins, better results!

Usage Directions

Take 1-2 vials per day

Use the peg opener (which is included in the box) to pop open the vials.

Note: The wild roots are meant to be eaten (don't throw it away - it's the most nutritious part!)

Ingredient List:

Black Red Ginseng Extract 75%, Honey,  Wild Ginseng Roots (5%), Taurine, Herbal Flavoring Agent, Vitamin C

(This tonic does NOT contain any alcohol - it's a health drink)

Expiration date: 24 months from packaging

Box contains 20 bottles | Each bottle is 20ml

Nutrition Info

1 vial (20ml) contains 20 calories

Carbohydrate 2g (1%), Sugar 2g (1%), Protein 1g (2%), Fat 0g (0%), Sodium 0mg (0%)

Continuing traditions of ginseng & medicine herb farming

Kangae Sangin has been operating in Korea since 1997. They are famous for their high-quality ginseng and other medicinal herbs (like Balloon Flower Root) as they strictly follow traditional Korean cultivation techniques.

Designated as K-Brand in 2019 by the Korean Government

K-Brand is awarded to SME companies that offer superior products.

Kanggae Sangin has locations in department stores throughout Korea

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