[Kanggae Sangin] Korean Balloon Flower Root Extract (120g)


[Kanggae Sangin] Korean Balloon Flower Extract (120g)

100% Korea-Grown, Balloon Flower Roots

[Kanggae Sangin] Korean Balloon Flower Extract (120g)

Today, we offer Korean Balloon Flower Root in extract form - made from nothing else than 100% Korea-Grown Balloon Flower Root.

Balloon Flower Roots (known as 'Doraji') is popular in Korea for its medicinal properties. It’s served frequently as a banchan (doraji muchim) or as a topping for traditional bibimbap.

To make this extract, the flowers' roots are slowly soaked, boiled and pressed over days to produce a thick, powerful extract.

Doraji contains saponins - organic molecules found in certain plants that help to protect the human body against cancers and to lower cholesterol levels.

Studies have shown that saponins are particularly effective in decreasing blood lipids, lowering cancer risks and lowering blood glucose response (among other health benefits).

However - to see health benefits - one would need to eat these root regularly.

That's not easy - as it’s not readily accessible outside of Korea. Plus, peeling the roots and soaking them in water is very time-consuming.

That’s why in Korea, it's made in extract form - quick consumption that can fit into any lifestyle.

What does it taste like?

Contrary to appearance, Balloon Flower Roots do not taste as bitter and astringent as other medicinal herbs like ginseng. It has a milder taste.

Note: You can take this extract straight (without water). But if the taste is too strong for your palate, mix it with hot water and sip as a tea.

How frequently can I take it?

Consume daily (up to 3 servings per day).

Take 1g per serving (wooden spoon included - measures to 1g)

Eat straight or mix with hot water as tea.

Now, this extract is made by the famous Korean ginseng producer, Kangae Sanggin.

Kangae Sangin has been operating in Korea since 1997. They are famous for growing high-quality ginseng and other medicinal ingredients (like Balloon Flower Root) following traditional Korean cultivation techniques - that have been passed down over multiple generations.

With decades of commercial success, Kanggae Sangin is now vertically integrated - owning each part of the supply chain - from farming to packaging and distribution.

Expect a premium, high-quality product!

If you’re looking for a nice gift for parents (or elders), this is a thoughtful one.

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Product Highlights

  • Made with 100% Korea-grown, Balloon Flower Roots (Superior Quality)
  • Comes with a wooden spoon - to easily scoop single serving (1g)
  • Helps to decrease blood lipids, lower cancer risks and lower blood glucose (among other health benefits).
  • Eat straight or mix with hot water as tea
  • Available in 120g container

[Kanggae Sangin] Korean Balloon Flower Root Extract (120g)

Made with Korea-Grown, Balloon Flower Roots

This extract is made with 1 ingredient - Balloon Flower Roots (Korea-Grown)

Comes with a wooden spoon (equals 1 single serving)

Volume: 120g

Full ingredient list: 100% Balloon Flower Root

Take daily - up to 3x per day. Consume 1g (1 scoop) per serving.

Continuing traditions of ginseng & medicine herb farming

Kangae Sangin has been operating in Korea since 1997. They are famous for their high-quality ginseng and other medicinal herbs (like Balloon Flower Root) as they strictly follow traditional Korean cultivation techniques.

Designated as K-Brand in 2019 by the Korean Government

K-Brand is awarded to SME companies that offer superior products.

Kanggae Sangin has locations in department stores throughout Korea

Their products are popular among Koreans and sold in premium department stores.

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