[Kang Dae In] Organic 5-Type Mixed Rice

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[Kang Dae In] 5-Type Mixed Rice

Jeollanam-do's Best Rice Grower 

[Kang Dae In] Organic 5-Type Mixed Rice

Kang Dae In is one of the most famous organic rice growers in Korea.

Since 1977, Kang Dae In has been cultivating rice the 'old' way - with no herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Instead, he uses natural compost from rice husks, fruits, vegetables, garlic and other herbs to create a nutrient-packed fertilizer for his soil. Kang has been on a personal mission to create a sustainable way of organic rice farming. And over the last 30 years, his rice has become regarded as one of the best rice from the Jeollanam-do province.

Today, we present you with Kang Dae In's Organic 5-Type Mixed Rice. This mixture is made with 5 different types of rice: Black Rice, Green Rice, Red Rice, Glutinous Brown Rice and Glutinous White Rice. Each of these rice has better nutrition than plain white rice. For example, the black rice is rich in anthocyanin - a natural antioxidant. While the red rice has properties that help to reduce cholesterol level and skin troubles. And the green rice contains lysine - which helps to reduce blood sugar.

Koreans like to mix-in a handful of this mixed rice when cooking white rice. It adds nutrition, chewing texture and flavor while also making the rice look beautiful. A win-win!

If you eat rice regularly, consider adding-in some mixed rice!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Salma A.
Very nice

Bought this mix a while ago with plain white rice. Mixing it really gives the rice a lift. Highly recommended.

Shameeka J. (Newark, DE)
Hands down best mixed rice

I LOVE this rice!! It's totally worth the wait. Its nutty and earthy and just down right delicious. Prior to finding this I had to mix my own mixed rice (taking white, black, barley etc.) those days are now over. This is the only multi-rice I will eat going forward!!

Product Highlights

  • 100% Organic Multi-Rice  (Grown in Jeollnam-do Province)
  • A mixture of Black Rice, Green Rice, Red Rice, Glutinous Brown Rice and Glutinous White Rice 
  • Mix-in with white rice to increase the nutrition, flavor and color
  • Available in 500g and 1kg 
Product In Brief

Ingredient list

Black Rice (흑향미) - 20%, Green Rice (녹미) - 20%, Red Rice (적미) - 20%

Glutinous Brown Rice (찰현미) - 20%, Glutinous White Rice (찹쌀) - 20%

    Storage Tips

    Expiration period: 1 year

    Store in a cool, dry area

    After opening, store in cool, dry area or in refrigerator

      How to use

      Mix with white rice

        About the Brand

        Woori Won is one of the pioneers of organic rice farming in Korea. Since 1977, the head farmer - Kang Dae In - has been innovating methods on how to grow premium rice strains without herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

          Our Organic Rice Cultivation

          On the left is a panoramic shot of our organic rice farm. On the right, you'll see a close-up of the rice stalks. Look closely and you'll see a red object. Those are newly-laid eggs of river snails. It's a good sign that the farm and water conditions are healthy. Instead of using chemical pesticides, we rely on river snails to eliminate the weeds in our rice patch. To keep these snails alive, we adjust the water level multiples times throughout the day. It's a cumbersome process - but an essential step for organic rice farming.

          Look at the stalks and leaves. They have a deep purple color and they have sprouted into a 3-prong spear shape. This tell me that the rice stalks are getting good nutrition. Of course, it starts with nutrient-rich soil. At our farm, we create natural compost from leftover rice husks, fruits, vegetables and leftover pieces of root herbs - and absolutely no chemical fertilizers! 

          This is another section of our farm. Take a look at the Onggi Pots. We use them to ferment products like Maesil and Rice Vinegar. These large, earthen pots help the organic ingredients dry out in the open sun and in the natural wind without any external contaminants or bugs. Afterwards, the pots are brought indoors to continue fermenting at a controlled temperature and humidity. 

          Finally, here is where we package the rice. We prefer packaging small batches over bulk-packaging a whole yield at once. Each bag is sealed by hand and thoroughly inspected before final shipment. Doing it by hand reduces our efficiency but it ensures that our customers are getting the best!

          Product faq

          Q: What's the best way to use this?

          A: We recommend mixing in a handful of the mixed rice when you cook regular white rice. It adds more nutrition and texture to white rice. 

          Q: How much should I add?
          Q: How should I store this?
          Q: What country is this made in?

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          About The Brand

          Woori Won is one of the pioneers of organic rice farming in Korea. Since 1977, the head farmer - Kang Dae In - has been innovating methods on how to grow premium rice strains without herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. This rice has become one of the most premium rice brands in Jeollanam-do region. 

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