[Kamome Kitchen] Stackable Double Glass Mug (300ml)

[Kamome Kitchen] Stackable Double Glass Mug

Double Wall, Stackable, For Daily Use

[Kamome Kitchen] Stackable Double Glass Mug (300ml)

Today, we offer a beautiful glass cup for your morning coffee or juice.

First, the cups are made with heat-resistant glass (borosilicate glass), which makes it safe for pouring in coffee or tea.

Take a close look and you’ll also notice the double walls.

The double-wall help to retain heat for coffee.

But it’s also nice for iced drinks - as water droplets will not appear on the side of the cups.

No need for drink coasters.

The cups easily stack on top of each other - making it easy to store in tight cabinets.

Each glass cup is handmade (via mouth-blowing).

It will hold 300ml of liquid, it’s a perfect size for 1-person serving of juice.

If you want a daily glass cup that is simple, lightweight and safe for hot beverages - this is perfect!

Designed in Korea. Made in China.

Available in 3 colors: Amber, Grey & Clear

(If you’re having trouble deciding, go with the clear!)

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Product Highlights

  • Heat resistant glass - fine for drinking coffee or tea
  • Double-wall glass - makes it comfortable to drink coffee or tea 
  • Stackable design - easy to store in small cabinets
  • Each cup is handmade (mouth-blown)
  • Holds 300ml of liquid - great for 1-person cup of juice or coffee

[Kamome Kitchen] Stackable Double Glass Mug (300ml)

- Heat-Resistant Glass -

Made with heat-resistant, borosilicate glass

It can withstand temperatures from -20 ~100°C 

Safe for drinking coffee or tea

- Double Wall Glass -

This cup has double-walls, which makes it great for retaining heat

Furthermore, with iced drinks, water droplets will not appear on the side of the cup

- Handmade -

Each cup is handmade -  created one-by-one via mouth blowing technique

(As a handmade good, there can be minor difference in size or subtle scratches/blemishes)

- Stackable Design -

These cups can be stacked on top of each other

Makes for easy storage in small cabinets

- 3 Beautiful Colors -

Made in 3 simple, modern colors: clear, grey or amber

Use it daily for water, juice or coffee

- Standard 300ml size -

This cup holds 300ml of liquid - perfect for 1-person serving

- Product Details - 

Material: Heat-Resistant Glass

Dimensions: Top Diameter: 8.3cm, Bottom Diameter: 6.8cm, Height: 9.5cm

Volume: 300ml

Made in China | Designed in Korea

- Product Notice - 

- Do not use in microwave or dishwasher (handwash please)

- When handwashing, use the smooth-side of your sponge

- As a handmade items, there may be minor imperfections in size, scratches. etc. (does not qualify as damaged)

- Avoid applying strong pressure/trauma to the cup or drastic changes in temperature

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