[Jook Jang Yeon] Premium Traditional Doenjang (500g)


[Jook Jang Yeon] Premium Traditional Doenjang Paste (500g)

Traditional Flavor, Premium Doenjang 

[Jook Jang Yeon] Premium Traditional Doenjang

Jook Jang Yeon is a famous artisan brand for traditional doenjang and gochujang.

Their products are sold at department stores in Korea, as premium-grade pastes.

Today, we offer Jook Jang Yeon’s Premium Traditional Doenjang Paste.

This Doenjang is made the traditional way - using only two natural ingredients.

Soybean (96%) and Sea Salt (4%) - that’s it!

Unlike store-bought brands, there are no added preservatives, MSG, sugar, etc.

With high-quality ingredients and slow-fermentation, doenjang doesn’t need anything added to produce deep, savory flavor.

Where are the ingredients sourced from?

The soybeans are grown locally here in Korea (near Pohang).

The sea salt is harvested off the eastern coastline of Korea.

Even the salt is dry-aged for 3 years before use - this aging process removes the slight bitterness in the salt crystals and deepens its taste.

How’s it made?

The Korean soybeans are thoroughly washed, then boiled and mashed into meju bricks. The bricks are left to dry under rice straw for an extended period - so the fermentation process can begin.

Afterwards, the bricks are transferred to large earthenware pots, where they will sit outdoors and slowly age for up to 1000 days.

The result is a deeply-savory & traditional tasting doenjang.

If you never tried artisan-made doenjang, look no further!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Vickie S. (Chantilly, VA)
Vickie from Chantilly VA

Mine came in excellent condition, well wrapped. I love it very much with rice, and noodles. When finished with this jar I will purchase another one.
I just love it!! yum!!

LorraineQ (Singapore)
Item well wrapped & packed.

The item arrive faster than expected & well protected by bubble wrap!
Use it to make tasty bean soup! Will buy again once I used up!

Margaret (Glendale, CA)

The best!

Product Highlights

  • Deeply savory, traditional Doenjang flavor
  • Made with 100% premium-grade soybeans (grown locally in Korea)
  • Made with only two natural ingredients - no MSG, preservatives or additives
  • Sold in Korean Department Stores - popular food gift
  • Available in 500g jar

[Jook Jang Yeon] Premium Traditional Doenjang

[Jook Jang Yeon] Premium Traditional Doenjang

Size: 500g

Country of Origin: Korea

After opening, please store in refrigerator

About Jook Jang Yeon

Jook Jang Yeon makes and ferments its pastes in the pristine valleys of Gyeongsanbuk-do (경산북도)

Their pastes are made using 100% locally-grown Korean soybeans

They use natural bedrock water from 200m underground (from Mt. Kuan, 구암산)

Every year, they yield 1000 Onggi pots of fermented pastes

How It's Made (Video)

Ingredients list:

Soybeans (96%), Sea Salt (4%)

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