[Jook Jang Yeon] No Broth Required Doenjang Paste (500g)

[Jook Jang Yeon] No Broth Required Doenjang Paste (500g)

Skip Broth, Fast & Delicious Doenjang

[Jook Jang Yeon] No Broth Required Doenjang Paste

Jook Jang Yeon is a famous artisan brand for traditional-style doenjang and gochujang.

Their products are sold at department stores in Korea, as premium-grade.

Today, we offer Jook Jang Yeon’s No Broth Required Doenjang Paste.

To make Doenjang stew the traditional way, you need to first make anchovy-kelp broth.

But with this paste, you can skip making that broth!

Simply mix the paste into boiling water and… that’s it!

It's convenient, quick and very delicious.

So, where does the rich flavor come from?

This special doenjang mix is a blend of 3 different doenjangs:

Jook Jang Yeon’s Premium Doenjang + House Doenjang + Meju (Chunky) Doenjang.

With all that umami, salty-rich flavors combined - no broth is required!

In our house, we have a jar of this ready for weekday dinners.

Make a delicious, traditional doenjang-jjigae in under 5 minutes.

Available in 500g jar.

Customer Reviews

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Priscilla (Tucson, AZ)
A very nice doenjang!

Wow! I used this doenjang paste to make doenjangjjigae, and it did not disappoint! The flavor is a bit more salty seeming than other doenjangs, and even has small real bean pieces mixed in! Very nice, and would recommend to use if you want to impress people!

Product Highlights

  • This doenjang does not need stock broth - simply boil in water!
  • Made with 100% premium-grade soybeans, grown locally in Jookjang (Korea)
  • Great for when you want to add a simple soup to a Korean meal
  • Make delicious doenjang stew in 5 minutes
  • Available in 500g jar

[Jook Jang Yeon] No Broth Required Doenjang Paste

[Jook Jang Yeon] No Broth Required Doenjang Paste

Size: 500g

Country of Origin: Korea

After opening, please store in refrigerator

About Jook Jang Yeon

Jook Jang Yeon makes and ferments its pastes in the pristine valleys of Gyeongsanbuk-do (경산북도)

Their pastes are made using 100% locally-grown Korean soybeans

They use natural bedrock water from 200m underground (from Mt. Kuan, 구암산)

Every year, they yield 1000 Onggi pots of fermented pastes

How It's Made (Video)

Ingredients list:

Jook Jang Yeon Soybean Paste (19.9%), Soybean Paste (49.73%), Meju Soybean Paste (29.85%), Ethyl ρ-Hydroxybenzoate, Sodium 5′-inosinate, Sodium 5'-Guanylate

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