[Jaim] Premium Korean Marmalade Teas - 3 Flavors (580g)

[Jaim] Korean Premium Marmalades Teas - 3 Flavors

Premium Fruit Marmalades

[Jaim] Premium Korean Marmalade Teas - 3 Flavors (580g)

Jaim makes one of the best marmalades teas in Korea!

Scoop our a few spoonfuls of the sweet, thick and pulpy marmalade. Drop it into a cup and mix it with hot water.

Give it a stir, and you've made yourself a delicious, healing tea. 

In Korea, these marmalades are known as "Cheong". Various type of Cheong are popular during the Winter - as they are believed to help your body recover from the common colds - especially with symptoms like sore throats, cough and fatigue.

Today, we present to you 3 different types of cheong (marmalades):  

Hanrabong Cheong is made with locally-grown Hanrabong. Hanrabong is an iconic orange that originates from Jeju Island. It's mixed with equal part sugar (no water is added) and left to ferment for 100+ days - or until the natural juices of the fruit seep out. The peel and fruit is packed with large amounts of vitamin C, folate, and vitamin A.

Yuja Cheong is Korea's most famous type. It's made with local Yuja (aka Yuzu) - grown along the southern coastline of Korea, in the city of Goheung, Jeollanam-do Province. The land there is pristine and swept over by the ocean breeze - producing extra sweet, tart and juicy Yuja.

Pear & Doraji Cheong is made from three locally-grown ingredients. The first is Korean Pear. And the second is Doraji (aka bellflower root). Korean Pear & Doraji are mixed together to alleviate sore throats and other common cold symptoms. To balance the flavor, quince fruit (which tastes like a mix between apple & pear) is also added, along with a touch of wild honey. This cheong has a delicate, well-balanced flavor!

Jaim's Cheongs are all about simplicity.

Check the ingredient list - absolutely no additives, preservatives or artificial flavoring.

Simple Ingredients. Natural Flavor. Happy Body!

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Product Highlights

  • Sweet, soothing & pulpy Korean Tea Marmalades - use as a base for tea!
  • All-natural, simple ingredients - all  grown locally in Korea
  • Contains absolutely no preservatives, additives or synthetic ingredients!
  • Perfect tea to sip on during the winter - helps to alleviate cold symptoms & re-energize your body
  • Large jar (580g) - will last a longtime
01. Hanrabong (Orange)

Volume: 580 g

Origin: Hanrabong, grown in Korea

Full Ingredient List: Hanrabong (50%), White Sugar (50%)

02. Yuja (Citron)

Volume: 580 g

Origin: Yuja, grown in Korea (Goheung)

Full Ingredient List: Yuja (50%), White Sugar (50%)

03. Pear & Doraji

Volume: 580 g

Origin: All ingredients grown in Korea (Goheung)

Full Ingredient List: Quince Fruit (45%), Bellflower Root (35%), White Sugar, Korean Pear (3%), Wild Honey (3%)


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