[Incha] Samgyetang Broth Pack (3 Bags)


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[Incha] Samgyetang Broth Tea Bags

Deep-tasting broth, herbal aroma

[Incha] Samgyetang Broth Pack (3 Bags)

Incha's Samgyetang Broth Tea Bags produce a deeply fragrant, herbal broth.

As soon as you open the package, you'll smell a strong aroma of Korean medicine herbs.

(It actually reminds me of stepping into my uncle's herbal medicine shop in Jeonju.)

Each tea bag is stuffed with 7 different kinds of medicinal herbs (listed below) that are each grown here in Korea - not sourced from China!

These broth bags produce a richer, deeper flavor than other Samgyetang broth packs - best for adults!

The aroma of the medicinal herbs is also much more pronounced - which older people really enjoy. 

When boiling the broth packs, we recommend adding 6-8 cloves of fresh garlic and a few stalks of spring onion to the broth. The addition of fresh aromatics makes for an incredible taste.

If you've had Samgyetang before and prefer a strong herbal broth, this is the perfect product!

Note: 1 package includes 3 broth tea bags.

Customer Reviews

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MA (Ottawa, ON)
Love the taste

I've never had samgyetang because I don't eat meat, but I found a recipe for vegetarian dakjuk (using mushrooms instead of chicken), so I ordered these broth packs to make it. I loved the herbal taste! Thanks, Gochujar!

Damien (Tokyo, 13)
Incha Samgyetang herbal soup bags

These ingredients are the real deal. I cooked it with five hormone free Akikawa (秋川) chicken thighs and red dates from the western regions. After drinking the soup I felt an impulse to immediately stand up and sing Arirang. Did some research on the names of these herbs, not that I am about to forage for them on some slope of Paektu. They are all herbs that increase your circulation and rev up your energy. To my surprise this ginseng is not the usual Panax but only a close relative. No matter, now I will live to a hundred. I think pregnant ladies should probably wait until after they deliver before they take this soup.
▪️ 黄芪, 황기 hwang-gi,Mongolian milk vetch
▪️ 刺楸, 엄나무 eomnamu,prickly castor
▪️ 无梗五加, 오가피 나무 ogapinamu,Siberian ginseng
▪️ 当归, 당귀 danggwi,angelica
▪️ 川芎, 천궁 cheongung,lovage
▪️ 北枳椇, 헛개나무 heosgaenamu,raisin tree
▪️ 红枣, 대추 daechu,jujube

Sophia J.
Pure, clean taste with a hint of herbal essence

Samgyetang is one of my many favorite Korean dishes.. I really like the clean, refreshing broth created by the chicken and herbs. I have lived in places where it's difficult to get all the herbal ingredients needed, so I usually try to find pre-packaged broth bags. I've only tried two other brands besides this one, but this one (Incha) is by far the best. Personally, I really enjoy the herbal flavors in the broth and this broth bag provides a stronger herbal flavor than previous ones. For those who are sensitive to smells, this broth bag can give off a strong herbal fragrance, so it may be a good idea to crack a window open or run a fan while cooking this dish.

Product Highlights

  • Perfect for making strong, herbal Samgyetang at home!
  • 100% natural, high-quality herbal ingredients - all grown in Korea
  • Creates a deep-tasting, herbal broth in 20-30 minutes.
  • 1 package contains 3 tea bags
Product In Brief

Full Ingredient List

Siberian Ginseng (20g), Milkvetch Root (20g), Angelica Root (10g), Jujube (10g), Oriental Raisin Tree (10g)

    Storage Tips

    Expiration period: 3 years

    Before opening, store in a cool, dry area

    After opening, store in a cool, dry area

      About the Brand

      Incha is a Korean company that specializes in traditional Korean herbal teas & ingredients. They offer dried root teas, herbal teas, powders and other natural extracts.

         - How to make Samgyetang -

        (1) Fill a pot with 2L of water. Drop-in a Samgyetang broth bag. Boil for 20-30 mins.

        (2) Afterwards, place in a small chicken (cornish-hen). Boil for another 40-60 mins. 

        Note: Add fresh aromatics like Garlic, Jujube & Ginko Nuts for a deeper-tasting broth.

         Do you have a video recipe? 

        Product faq

        About The Brand

        Incha is a Korean company that specializes in procuring and selling traditional herbal ingredients grown locally here in Korea. They have a wide variety of herbal products - including dried roots, herbal teas, powders and extracts.

        That's it folks!